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[ *******www.ankaka****/bladeless-and-smooth-air-multiplier-table-fan220v_p46838.html ] Smooth Air Multiplier Table Fan Without Blades To check out the 110V version of this product: B78 [ *******www.ankaka****/bladeless-and-smooth-air-multiplier-table-fan110v_p46839.html ] To check out the 110V version of this product: B78 [ *******www.ankaka****/bladeless-and-smooth-air-multiplier-table-fan110v_p46839.html ] Manufacturer Specifications • Airspeed: 35 km/hr • Moves 400 liters of air per second • Color: white (matte paint) • Power Source: AC • Default Voltage: 220v • Size: 10 inches Package List • 1X Air Multiplier Table Fan • 1X English Operating Manual Note from Ankaka Customer Service • This fan is not just safe, it is fun. [ *******www.ankaka****/bladeless-and-smooth-air-multiplier-table-fan220v_p46838.html ]
28 Aug 2010
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Someone used his/her ingenious idea and created a sweet setup with the table fan. Now whenever the table fan is on, Hitler hails.
12 Jun 2018
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Can't even begin to explain how someone thought a table fan is boring and spent a bunch of time doing this. Pretty cool, not going to lie.
3 Aug 2019
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We can provide OEM, ODM service, as we have 5 experienced engineer. We are specialize in the electric fan field from 2008, and set up our own factory from 2013. With & Industrial Design and motor design
1 Sep 2017
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The front net of the fan was off and the fan was a fun voice modulator. But without the guard, it is also a pain machine that can deliver a lethal wound.
29 Oct 2018
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Smart Boy Amazing Tricks to Solve Two Friend Fight Table Fan
17 Jul 2019
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10 Aug 2011
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This guy might be bored but the idea is lit as sh*t. I never thought a table fan can be turned into a ‘Hail Hitler’ moving figure, you ever did?
30 Mar 2018
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This makeover of the plain old table fan looks really good. The robo-fan is a good idea for boring household, you won’t feel alone.
6 Oct 2018
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"It's too damn hot outside." "It's fine, I'll just carry my table fan in my bag." "What!?" "What?" That's some next-level genius though.
20 Aug 2019
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This steam-powered table fan is way back from the 1800s when the British were the rulers of India. Still runs like a charm.
4 Oct 2019
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Fold a napkin like a professional and impress your date/partner.
2 Oct 2007
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