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22 Jan 2013
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British Columbia plans to introduce new rules to cover the 20,000 Temporary Foreign Workers who intend to work in the province.
7 Jan 2019
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Every day we hear more on the fight for intellectual property protection within the world's emerging economies. While a show is often made of enforcement of such laws, the grim truth is that intellectual property is not protected. Things may be improving, but it's slow progress. Companies simply must take measures to protect themselves. What can your company do? Emerging market specialists Stephen Philips, Chief Executive, China-Britain Business Council, Ian Coleman, Partner, Head of emerging markets, PricewaterhouseCoopers UK, Frederique Schillern, COO Asia Pacific, Equity Trust, and Chris Runckel President, Runckel and Associates, appear in this upcoming show to discuss the IP challenges that every company must consider before doing business in an emerging economy. See the full length show soon at *******www.yourbusinesschannel****
6 Jun 2008
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Create a homemade laser interferometer for as little as $20. Great for testing surface stability when creating holograms at home. In 1907, the first optical interferometer proved that the speed of light was constant and you can also take measurements in micrometers with it. A red laser can be used.
29 Jun 2008
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Flooding İstanbul Turkey October 2009 Istanbul. The pouring rains and floods in Istanbul and Eastern Turkey are the front-burned topic in today’s headlines in Turkish press. Hurriyet newspaper writes that the rain that have seized the region of the Sea of Marmara and claimed so many victims will reach other parts of the country over the next days. Meteorologists warn that more rain storms are expected for the next days and advised people to take measures against possible floods. Milliyet daily focuses on the reasons for the severe consequences of the flood and writes that the illegal and improper construction along the valley of the overflowing Ayamama River has started during the office of Recep Tayyip Erdogan as mayor of Istanbul. At that time, the town map of Istanbul has been changed. Radikal daily published an article titled “Turkey to face disaster today”, writing there is a risk of natural disaster in Istanbul and several other regions in the Western part of the country. Zaman newspaper comments that the truth about the damage emerges on the surface after the water goes out. The reconstruction of the valley of the overflowed Ayamama River was part of the project for construction of an Olympic route, which has not been realized. The construction of the roads, planned on the river valley, delay the construction of secured dams. Another reason for the floods is the small diameter of the sewerage pipes, which hampers the water draining, the newspaper remarks.
24 Sep 2009
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******* Click The Link Above To DOWNLOAD - BEFORE IT'S GONE! NaturePainter Digital Canvas is a realistic painting software program that makes it easy to learn and practice oil painting. You can take measurements in geographic coordinates, import industry standard SHAPE and GeoTIFF files into unlimited numbers of automatically aligned overlapping layers and choose... CANVAS 11 is the only cross-platform, technical drawing program that seamlessly integrates professional-level image editing, page layout, web graphics and presentation... CANVAS 11 Professional Edition is the high-performance drawing environment for professionals in business, science, and engineering. You can take measurements in geographic coordinates, import industry standard SHAPE and GeoTIFF files into unlimited numbers of automatically aligned overlapping layers and choose among...
12 Mar 2010
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Http://Letstransform.ComHow Meditating Can Ease Anxiety! How Meditating Can Ease Anxiety The fast-Paced, hectic world we live in is fraught with situations that can cause us to feel an unhealthy amount of stress. This stress sometimes develops into, or manifests itself as, worries and fears, leading to feelings of anxiety. Have you fallen into this frustrating path? If so, it's comforting to know that you can ease feelings of anxiety by understanding your worries and fears and taking action to get to the root of them. One of the prime natural methods to easing anxiety is the use of meditation. Meditation is a basic self-Help technique that can get you in better touch with yourself. It also relieves stress, relaxes your body, and calms your mind. Getting to the Root of Your Anxiety Anxiety is a scary thing because it's your body's reaction to a fearful situation, except anxiety can form when there's no perceived threat. You may even fall into a pattern where you're afraid of the fear itself, so you avoid situations that have brought out anxiety in the past. However, you'll soon find that avoiding life does nothing to help you solve your challenges. You can enjoy much better results by figuring out the real causes of your feelings of anxiety. Participating in counseling or group therapy situations may help you understand these feelings. Another way to get to the root of your feelings is by practicing meditation. Starting Out With Meditation There are different ways you can approach a meditative practice. You can start by just picking a time everyday when you can calmly be alone without distractions. Begin your meditation by taking deep breaths and focusing only on each breath as it goes in and out. On a particularly stressful day, you might have more difficulty focusing on your breath. The thoughts of whatever is stressing you may keep getting in the way. When this happens, acknowledge the thought and then go back to concentrating on your breath. Eventually, you'll feel your mind grow calm. As you calm your mind, begin purposefully taking notice of your thoughts. All you must do is notice them, and then return your attention to your breath again. If any thoughts make you uncomfortable or tense, relax your muscles and then focus on your breath again. Try not to stress yourself out further by getting frustrated with the meditation process. As you continue to practice, it will get easier, and you'll look forward to your relaxation sessions. Maintaining Your Practice Meditating will help you become fully aware of the present moment. Remind yourself to spend a portion of every day in the present so you're not burdened by past and future stress. With regular practice, you'll be able to expand the amounts of time that you stay in the present. By continuing to meditate on a consistent basis, you'll begin to notice your true self. You can discover a lot about your life by maintaining awareness of the present moment. You'll also notice the way your body reacts to stress and anxiety and can take measures to counteract it. When Meditation Isn't Enough Although meditating can go a long way toward easing your feelings of anxiety, sometimes meditation practice alone may not be your complete solution. In these situations, don't hesitate to ask for help. There are many treatment options that include other natural methods, counseling services, and even medications. With meditation and other methods, if necessary, you can make your feelings of anxiety become a faint memory of the past. Be proactive about creating a life free from fears or worries, and start meditating today so you can look forward to a bright future!
21 May 2010
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2 Jul 2010
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BY CHRISTIE NICKS You're watching multisource politics video news analysis from Newsy The battle over illegal immigration is heating up and has some Arizona lawmakers calling 911. Arizona state senator Russell Pearce has proposed legislation which would require hospitals to report any illegal immigrants to federal immigration authorities. The bill is Arizona’s latest effort to control the flood of immigrants crossing the border illegally. In a recent interview with FOX News Arizona governor Jan Brewer explains- the federal government isn’t doing enough- so Arizona is taking measures into its own hands. “…failure for not protecting the public safety and welfare of our citizens, and failure for not upholding the 10th Amendment and preempting the people of Arizona to protect our own borders.” Senator Russell Pearce says Arizona hospitals are losing tens of millions of dollars treating illegal immigrants. But on KSAZ critics wonder- will screening for illegal immigrants actually save money? “Banner Health told us they didn’t believe that was true, they told us if they had to hire a whole lot more people to actually process people as they came into the emergency room determining their immigration status that would actually cost them more money in the end.” And for doctors...another concern. “Our purpose is to take care of patients, not to determine the citizenship of those patients. We have a non profit mission at Banner Health and we will take care of patients when they turn to us.” And taking care of patients might get harder if those patients don’t want to come in to the hospital at all. A blogger for wok3 writes- the new rules won’t stop illegal immigrants from coming into the country—it will just scare them away from hospitals. “Sure, we can all pretend that whatever disease they might have won’t bother to be spread to the legal (and by ‘legal’ the SB 1405 drafters mean caucasian) residents of Arizona, but for some strange reason diseases that are easily spread do not seem to know the difference between who is here legally and who is not.” Finally- a contributor to the Tucson Sentinel says- health trumps citizenship. At least, it should. “The rationale offered by the proponents of this bill appears to be that undocumented people really don't deserve medical care—or perhaps they do but only if they are willing to accept deportation as the cost.” The bill is off the table for now- but proponents say it is likely to reappear later in the year. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter. Transcript by Newsy.
19 Feb 2011
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BY STEPHANIE STOUFFER ANCHOR ALEX HOLLEY You're watching multisource science video news analysis from Newsy. Ever heard a bear snore? It ain’t pretty. (Video from PBS) And you thought your snoring was bad. Smokey the Bear has taught us about camping safety for years... but what can real bears teach us? The one thing bears do best -- how to hibernate. After years of avoiding the dangers of waking a sleeping bear, scientists in Alaska have finally tracked a group of black bears through hibernation. They electronically monitored their body changes in a secluded, protected environment, taking measurements on body temperature and metabolism. (Video from Daily Motion) Scientists have known for years that bears decrease their metabolism while hibernating, but it was assumed they also significantly drop their body temperature like other smaller mammals. As National Geographic explains - a new study from the University of Alaska says that isn’t so. “A black bear in Alaska can lower its only about 9 to 11 degrees Fahrenheit... yet bring its metabolism almost to a grinding halt, at 25 percent of the normal rate.” Now many in the media are asking: what does this mean for humans? Well TIME Magazine says -- some medical miracles and even easier space travel. “That might mean learning how to induce a healthy hibernation state in a gravely ill person who is awaiting a transplant … It could also have much later implications for long-distance space travel, during which the ability to sleep for months at a time could make the tedium of the journey a lot more tolerable.” Co-author of the study Brian Barnes tells Scientific American, the medical possibilities are endless if scientists can adapt the bear’s behavior to humans. “There is the possibility that we could derive new therapies and medicines to use on humans to prevent osteoporosis, disuse atrophy of muscle, or even … [extend] the golden hour to a golden day or a golden week.” (Video from Animal Planet) So do you think humans can learn the bear necessities? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos for your video news throughout the day. Get more multisource science video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
22 Feb 2011
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Thermal energy loss is one of the largest drains on and expenses for a steel or metal building owner. By taking measures to increase the energy efficiency of a building through installing appropriate energy saving insulation products, owners and constructors can immediately realize the long-term financial and environmental paybacks of such actions.
6 Apr 2011
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BY ALANA YOUNG ANCHOR JIM FLINK You're watching multisource politics video news analysis from Newsy. Vice-President Joe Biden led a round of bipartisan budget talks in Washington Monday with leading Republicans. If Congress does not increase the debt limit by May 16, the Treasury says it will take measures into its own hands to keep servicing Americas debt without default. Biden and others say meeting went well, but Fox New’s Russell Pearlman says compromise will be difficult to achieve. The ideological differences are just too vast. RUSSELL PEARLMAN: “They’re serious that they want to cut the debt, but they’re not so serious that they’re willing to do it before the 2012 election. It’s somewhat unfortunate. At least the issue seems to be a legitimate point of negotiation. Which it hasn’t been essentially been for forever, since we’ve essentially had a debt. So that’s at least a good step. But, not addressing Medicare and Medicaid and social security, and any sort of tax reform when you wanna cut the deficit is kinda like deciding you want to go on a diet but you’re not going to change what you eat for lunch or dinner.” Pressures continue to mount for leaders to find an agreement after recent backlash over house republican Paul Ryan’s budget plan. The Washington Post reports House majority leader Eric Cantor felt the heat from President Obama’s criticisms on proposed Medicare and Medicaid changes. “On the eve of debt-reduction talks... Cantor (Va.) said Republicans remain convinced that reining in federal retirement programs is the key to stabilizing the nation’s finances over the long term. But he said Republicans recognize they may need to look elsewhere to achieve consensus after President Obama ‘excoriated us’ for a proposal to privatize Medicare.” Not to mention, a key Republican platform---the repeal of the Affordable Care Act--isn’t going anywhere in the Senate. Michigan Rep. Dave Camp tells the Huffington Post it’s time to move on: “Is the repeal dead? I don’t think the Senate is going to do it, so I guess, yes...I think we have to see where this [health care] lawsuit that is working its way through the courts goes. ... I'd rather have the committee working with the Senate and the president, focusing on savings and reforms that can be signed into law. I don’t think we can afford to wait. I think we needed to make progress now.” Although Republicans may have lost on one key front -- a writer for The New York Times says the Democrats aren’t out of the line of fire just yet -- 2012 is around the corner. “Many Democrats were cheered by the evidence of Republicans’ disarray on Medicare... But Democrats have tensions, too. Many, sensing a political opening going into the 2012 elections, suspect that President Obama and Mr. Biden, in their zeal for a deal, will compromise too much on Medicare and Social Security.” If the limit is not raised by August 2, the country would be forced to stop borrowing altogether and default on its debt. The next scheduled meeting is set for May 10. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos for updates in your stream. Get more multisource politics video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
7 May 2011
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