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El Talmud las Enseñanzas Judias del Odio y del Rencor contra los hombres
30 Sep 2018
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La pedofilia en el TALMUD JUDÍO
16 Apr 2019
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25 Jun 2019
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Une viticultrice décide de faire appel à deux rabbins pour faire du vin kascher.
12 Dec 2009
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Une religion de haine.
28 Dec 2010
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¿Sabía que la cifra de seis millones de judíos es anterior al Holocausto, y a la segunda guerra mundial? Hay fuentes que afirman que se trata de un número cabalístico que está presente en el Talmud. Este video sugiere algunas teorías para explicar racionalmente este fenómeno, pero no pretende tener la verdad absoluta. Hasta donde he podido confirmar la información presentada es correcta. Al menos los almanaques y periódicos realmente se imprimieron con las cifras que muestra el video y las cartas y libros son auténticos. Como información adicional a la presentada en el video, os comento que el historiador alemán Martin Broszat (1926-1989) que fué testigo experto de la fiscalía en los juicios de Frankfurt-Auschwitz, de 1963 a 1965, declaró que la cifra de los seis millones de judíos muertos en el Holocausto, en realidad es "simbólica", lo que pone en tela de juicio la autencididad del Informe Korherr y causó la ira del comité de los aliados que lo había designado. Broszat fué uno de los expertos que demostró que no habían cámaras de gas en el territorio alemán, sino solo en Polonia. Hecho que es ahora aceptado por todos los historiadores oficiales, pero que en aquel entonces se desconocía. Para informarse sobre este tema, os recomiendo la siguiente web: blog revisionista de Holowiz *******holowiz.blogspot****
8 Aug 2008
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According to Talmudic law and the shita of Rambam (Maimonides) and his son R' Abraham. NOTE: Not EVERYTHING done in the clip is obligatory. I made this clear in the annotations. If someone is confused or mislead because he did not read, that is not my fault. READ. ------------------------- TRANSLATION OF HEBREW ON BOWING our days there are not many Jews who still kneel and bow during regular daily prayer. A noticable number of Orthodox Ashkenazi Jews do bow to the ground during Yom haKipurim and Rosh haShana. Most Jews are not even aware that such is the historical practice of the Jewish people to kneel and prostrate during regular daily prayer. Therefore, be prepared that if you kneel or prostrate in most synagogues, you are sure to get reactions of surprise. They may or may not be encouraging reactions. Nonetheless, so long as you are still able to concentrate properly while praying and are willing to endure the possible consequences of bowing and prostrating in public, I only encourage you to do so. It is a shame to fear men more than the Most High. How can bowing or prostrating be a sign of arrogance, especially when you know people may look upon you negatively for doing so? Rather, it is an expression of humility and submission to the Almighty. The following text of formal Jewish prayer and instruction on how it is done is according to Talmudic law as codified in the Mishneh Torah of Rambam (Maimonides). References to halakha are given in abbreviated form. For example, HT5:4 means "Hilkhoth Tefilah" chapter 5, the fourth halakha. Hilkhoth Tefilah is found in Sefer Ahavah in the Mishneh Torah: "The mention of bending-down {k'reya} in every place is on the knees.." (HT5:13) There are 5 places where one "bends-down" during this prayer (HT5:10). Each time one "bends-down," he should arch his back bending over until his backbone pokes out slightly (HT5:12). One need not bow in this manner if he is unable because it causes him pain (HT5:12). There are some additional reasons why a person may not need to fully bow, usually either because of stress of the situation or stress of the body (HT5:1). I will elaborate upon these later. The 5 places where one "bends-down" are highlighted in the text of prayer found in the link below. In the text of prayer found on that link, upon reading a word highlighted in bold letters, "bend-down" and make your body like an arch (qeshet). Afterwards, straighten back up into a standing position upon reading a word that is underlined. The content of this prayer were established by the Court established under Moses, at the time at which it was headed by Ezra, Nehemiah, Daniel, Zechariah, etc... with the exception of a few small portions that were added by a later generation of that same Great Court. This prayer is called the Amidah (standing) because the majority of it is prayed in standing position (HT5:2); It's also called the Shemoneh Esreh (eight-teen) because, though now it consists of 19 blessings, it originally consisted of 18 blessings to the Almighty When beginning any of the 3 daily prayers, start from a standing position facing toward the Temple in Israel, with feet side by side, eyes lowered, and ones right hand clasped over his left hand over his heart, with his heart turned to "Above" in fear, awe, and dread, as a servant before his master, (HT5:4). The text for the regular weekday prayer can be found
2 Sep 2008
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Quel être humain reste insensible aux honneurs qui lui sont faits ou aux compliments qui le mettent en valeur ? Lorsque l’on en recherche un peu, on en veut beaucoup. Et là est tout le piège ! L’histoire tirée du Talmud nous révèle à quel point cette dépendance est dangereuse… *******
30 Dec 2009
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D’après le Talmud, en vieillissant, les sages deviennent encore plus sages et les ignares encore plus sots. Petite histoire vécue qui en témoigne... *******
31 Jan 2010
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Talmud Jmmanuel From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Talmud Jmmanuel (TJ) is a purported ancient text in Aramaic that the Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier, along with an ex-Greek Orthodox priest named Isa Rashid, claimed to have discovered south of the Old City of Jerusalem in 1963. According to Meier, Isa Rashid kept the manuscript and sent him the translation in 1974. The first edition in German came out in 1978. It is described by its promoters as the source text (often termed the Logia, or the Q document) of the Gospel of Matthew, which is claimed to demonstrate extraterrestrial origins for the Bible. The spelling Jmmanuel was allegedly commanded to Meier by extraterrestrials. Prayer (page 32:12-18) My spirit (cosciousness), you exist within almightiness. May your name be holy. May your world incarnate itself within me. May your power unfold itself within me, On Earth and in the skies. Give me today my daily bread, That I may recognize my wrongdoings and the truth. And lead me not into temptation and confusion, but deliver me from error. For yours is the world within me And the power and the knowledge forever. Amen
4 Apr 2010
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Berachot 30B includes the statement -"Where there is much rejoicing, there should also be much trembling." Rabbi Yochanan Bejarano delivers an introduction to Talmudic sayings in less than a minute. This is passage serves as a reminder to all of us to be mindful of the balance we must maintain before G-d.
24 Apr 2012
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He tells the Teacher he wants to finsh his sandwich (his two last bites) and the teacher agrees.
23 Jul 2008
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*******www.puretorah****/ AN OVERVIEW OF PURE TORAH.COM PURE TORAH: STRAIGHT FROM "THE SOURCE" Distributed by Tubemogul.
2 Jan 2009
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I came across rare footage from Yentl. Barbra Streisand tries to buy a book but is refused because she is a woman.I love how she is still directing and yet still in character at the same time...I LOVE YOU BARBRA! To purchase the all new 2 disk directors cut visit ; *******yentl.yoozur****/track/clickthru/text
22 Dec 2009
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I love Barbra, and I love this movie! It is so touching and real, but funny at the same time. I can't believe I found this, hopefully other Yentl lovers will appreciate this...DVD comes out soon, can't wait!! To purchace the all new 2 disk directors cut visit *******yentl.yoozur****/track/clickthru/text
1 Jul 2009
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