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9/11 targeted grass-roots organizer The targeting program being carried out against whistle blowers, activist and civilians is just an extension of the WWII NAZI program of experimentation, torture and mind control used on civilians ran by Josef Mengele. This is probably a result of Operation Paperclip and the integration of these NAZI scientist into the American Government and NASA. It is apparent that members of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies are involved in this criminal activity. One must wonder if these groups have been infiltrated by terrorist agencies like ISIS or Al-Qa’ida which have formed Terrorist Cells within the USA government itself, the widespread knowledge that HLS, FBI, DOJ, Fusion Centers, Police, Neighborhood Watch, citizen corps, freedom corps, etc are taking part in this as well as many corporations that activity participate in this program or censor information about it in order to maintain its secrecy.
That targeting system works like a charm, it's so precise, and the shit they throw on that little red dot, thank god i'm not near there.
10 Apr 2006
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have you ever ran through target like this????
28 Feb 2007
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5:44 Hong Kong Action Movie
31 Jul 2007
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Teaching a fearful dog a recall can be difficult.This video shows you how I used targeting to get my dog Sunny to come to me.
10 Sep 2007
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in the movie u will find someone save the target of cheetah
16 Sep 2007
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Chris Gaddis AKA Longbowace, shoots his homemade primitive longbow at self thrown targets. Awesome aerial archery trick shots!
29 Sep 2007
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"Longbowace" Chris Gaddis throws his target and shoots his bow behind his back his arrow hitting it in mid air! Awesome impossible trick
3 Oct 2007
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"Longbowace" Chris Gaddis throws his target and shoots his bow behind his back his arrow hitting it in mid air! videoed again for the unbelievers skeptics and haters who say it is fake . . .
14 Oct 2007
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(10-25-07) Lindsay's take on this retail giant is right on Target. Target Corporation (TGT).
26 Oct 2007
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Target and win $$$$$$$$$$$
17 Nov 2007
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Presentación del Moving Target System de GAMO en televisión, programa El Rincón del Cazador de Telecinco Sport (Viernes 22.40h). El nuevo sistem de objetivo móvil de GAMO para entrenamiento y diversión.
6 Nov 2007
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Gamo Moving Target System presentation video. New and funny electronic game moving target system from Gamo, to improve your precision! motorized target with 4 speeds! hit the target and it automatically resets! / Nuevo y novedoso juego electrónico de diana móvil de Gamo, para mejorar tu puntería! carro motorizado de 4 velocidades! Dispara al objetivo! se vuelve a levantar automáticamente!
6 Nov 2007
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