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We are foodies . we love to eat and shoot street food recipes .
Cute Pet or Tasty Food
7 Feb 2008
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Get and explore the best and tasty food of Amritsar visit, one of the best places to eat . We serve all kind of veg and non-veg food. Check out our menu to know more.
20 Feb 2018
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Tasty Food which makes you really hungry
13 May 2017
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Indian Restaurant Style Chicken Masala very tasty food Chicken masala Indian chicken masala Chicken tikka masala Tikka masala style Indian chicken Food recipe curry Recipes gravy spicy restaurant
26 Dec 2017
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When it comes to offering nutritious food at the fastest speed and low prices, Oye24 is the best. There are no delivery charges and no minimum order policy when you order food from this app.
20 Nov 2018
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I ate some tasty food at Duomo on Strahinjica Bana, then stopped by a small boat party with my friend Marko before we went to Ambis. Jeez!!, we should have been at Ambis all night!
30 Jan 2008
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A short music video about making pancakes I live in Scotland, these are British pancakes which are like Crepes, to clear up the confusion. Lemon and Sugar is very popular on pacakes here. It took over a week to make this, it's the most heavily editied project I have done yet, and it was not easy at all, but I have created something that I'm very proud of Song written, performed and produced by me, video written, edited and filmed by me. MP3 available on my website! James Provan.
27 Jul 2007
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My friend Wendy sent me some Vegemite from Australia, and i made a video of me trying it, it must say it was very bad tasting
27 Jan 2008
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4 Feb 2009
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*******www.ALHABASHARESTAURANT**** Welcome to Al Habasha Restaurant - first Ethiopian Restaurant in Dubai You will indeed love Africa proclaimed an Ethiopian Airlines poster on the yellow-washed wall at Ethio al Habasha. Beside it another poster, flushed with the heart-warming image of a rich, dark Ethipian stew, read "Eat today, diet tomorrow". All wise words, i though, as I tore off a billowing flap of injera bread, plunged it into the meaty brown gravy of the alitcha menchet and lashed it greedily into mouth. Tomorrow never comes, after all. Once our eyes had adjusted to the muted light in this modestly proportioned Ethiopian restaurant, we were able to focus on a calamity of color. A patriotic assembly of red, gold and green cushions was laid out neatly along the back all beyond a row of mesob, or traditional basket tables, surrounded by bamboo seats. Opposite, there were low stools of carved dark wood with plump leather cushions resting on animal pelt floor coverings. For the conventionally inclined, there were also four glass-top tables and chairs in the window corner. Everything basket radiantly under a ceiling painted light blue and white like a cloud-skimmed sky. It was an extraordinary place to eat extraordinary food. A broad round tray was brought to our table laden with injera, a large sourdough flat bread made with teff flour, which is traditionally eaten throughout Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, and parts of Sudan. The spongy, grey pancake-like blanket folded and crumpled upon itself in soft waves like surface of some undiscovered planet, and the rest of the food was served in bowls upon it. The injera was tablecloth, place mat, plate and - in the absence of any spoons or forks - cutlery, all in one. So we ripped it into handy scoop-like shreds and got stuck in. The alitcha menchet was a mild and meaty sauce with delicate nuggets of ground beef, which swamped a huge hard-boiled egg. The slowly simmered sauce had a mild, peppery taste with hints of garlic and ginger, and suggestion of sweetness that offset the slightly sour flavor of injera. Alongside it was the yebeg key wot, a spicer stew, studded with tender lamb pieces in an oily sauce. The derak tibs followed, which was a dry dish featuring morsels of sauteed lamb, onion and punchy green chillies next to saucer of pepper and mustard dip. But it was the ominously sound-ing siq sickoosh that stole the show with its rich, pepper sauce and jutting leg of lamb, which yielded soft, flavorsome meat and sumptuous marrow that just had to be sucked out of the bone. In the midst of all this great food, tomorrow was place far, far away. In need of a caffeine-kick to stave off an apres-lunch lull we ordered coffee. Called buna, the thick hot liquid was poured into thimble-stile cups via a jabana, or traditional clay coffee pot. It is then savoured strong, black and with sugar. Never mind about dieting tomorrow - with this stuff racing around our veins, we probably wouldn't sleep for a decade. But even with eyes as wide as Great Rift Valley itself, we were still able to make sketchy plans for a return visit - how about say in 24 hours? You might well already love Africa and if you have a penchant for good, traditional and homely food, thick meaty stews with a spicy kick and dining environment that's totally out of the ordinary, you will indeed love Al Habasha Restaurant. James Brennan explores the flavours of Ethiopia and enjoys spicy stews at Ethio Al Habasha Restaurant. The National arts&life.
25 Sep 2010
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ADARSH DINING HALL IN UDAIPUR RAJASTHAN INDIA The very name of Udaipur transports one's mind to a terrain of forts, palaces, and lakes. Yes this is the aura that the historic city carries along. And there are a particular section of travelers who visit the city not only for the grandeur associated but to enjoy staying in the palace hotels; such is the majesty of palace hotels in Udaipur. All classes of tourists can book their accommodation as per their budget and preferences in the many hotels in Udaipur. This is because Udaipur hotels suit the pockets of all! Adarsh Dining Hall & Restaurant - Adarsh Dining hall serving people of Udaipur and tourist the best food available at affordable pricing which is very near to Fateh sagar the famous tourist place of udaipur. When it comes to Udaipur's fine-dining experiences, an almost unmissable evening can be spent at the Adarsh Dining Hall, where you can eat delicous Rajasthani Thali as well as gujrati and other type of indian dishes If you really feel deserving of excellent cuisine and don't mind traveling out of town to a gorgeous country scene, set aside time for a midday tour to fabulous Adarsh Dining Hall, one of the classiest Dining hall restaurant in udaipur.
18 Feb 2011
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CARAMEL CHEESECAKE - Tasty and easy food dessert recipes for dinner to make at home - cooking videos CARAMEL CHEESECAKE - Tasty and easy food dessert recipes for dinner to make at home - cooking videos CARAMEL CHEESECAKE - Tasty and easy food dessert recipes for dinner to make at home - cooking videos CARAMEL CHEESECAKE - Tasty and easy food dessert recipes for dinner to make at home - cooking videos
25 Oct 2016
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