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BY TRACY PFEIFFER Actor Wesley Snipes is headed to jail after two years of fighting his conviction on three misdemeanor charges relating to tax evasion. A federal judge denied Snipes’ request for a new trial and ordered him to report to prison for his three-year sentence. Snipes says his accountants told him he didn’t need to file taxes for the years between 1999 and 2001, but was convicted of tax evasion by jury in 2008. He was seeking a new trial because of an anonymous e-mail he received from a juror in his case. The Chicago Independent Press posted that message, which reads: “Certain jurors that had already presumed he was guilty before the [trial] started and we only found this out in the last few days of deliberation. We thought we were making the right deal because we did not think he would go to jail for not filing taxes.” Snipes also took issue with the prosecution’s star witness--Kenneth Starr. Starr served as Snipes’ financial advisor during the ‘90s and more recently was arrested and charged with fraud and money laundering, accused of a Ponzi scheme that siphoned $59 million from his clients. Snipes’ lawyers say Starr’s testimony against the actor is now discredited. Anchors for ABC News didn’t seem phased by Snipes’ prison sentence -- they were more caught up in his reported paycheck. “Interestingly enough, he has earned more than $38 million since ‘99, which I was really surprised by -- Blade, Brooklyn’s Finest.” “So explain that to me -- you’re making $40 million bucks, how do you not-- pay your taxes, you’re not going to starve, my friend.” And anchors for CNN are confident Snipes will bounce back from his prison sentence just fine. “He’s been in so many over the years, popular movies we all like. ‘Blade,’ I guess, is probably one of his latest and biggest hits.” “He’s so creative -- I know him. He’ll make a movie of something that happens in jail.” “Well, he’s got three years to work on that script now, ‘cause he’s supposed to be going to prison.” Finally, a writer for the Examiner contrasts Snipes’ situation with another tax evasion case making headlines--the one involving U.S. Representative Charles Rangel. Except where Snipes is getting three years jail time, Rangel is getting a verbal reprimand. A former police detective tells the Examiner: "On the surface, when you compare these two cases -- both involved African-American men, both involved taxes, and both involved high profile Americans -- it seems we have two laws: One for the American people, the other for the inside the Beltway elite.” Get more multi-source entertainment news analysis from Newsy****
23 Nov 2010
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Police Colonel Boong investigates massive tax evasion involving corrupt Thai government officials in several departments. Toyota and Kuehne and Nagel are investigated for fraud. Based in Bangkok Thailand Colonel Boong uses real life investigations and interviews with prime suspects in order to show us the different strategies used by White Collar Criminals. In part 1 he visits the headquarters of Toyota and meets their almost speechless management. This documentary/news item is in Thai - if their is sufficient demand a sub-titled version will be released. This type of investigative analysis based on real tax evasion is a fabulous tool for police departments the world over that are serious about protecting budgets and enforcing correct tax payments. After being poisoned by gases leaking into the drivers compartment Colonel Boong investigates Toyota Thailand and General Electric Finance
26 Feb 2007
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Police Chief Seripisuth commented on automobile tax evasion at the FCCT on the 28th April - the video is here: ***********/videoplay?docid=-6623382580061139691 Part 2 of a six part series on massive tax evasion that is bleeding the Thai Government dry of funds and stunting the nation's advancement. In this episode we see Colonel Boong investigating Toyota's involement in numerous automobile tax evasion strategies. Colonel Boong reveals insurance fraud, registration fraud, customer care fraud and tax evasion - on top of this Colonel Boong is poisoned by his defective Toyota Vios which was leaking toxic gases directly into the driver's compartment. In this epic Colonel Boong plays David and Toyota plays Goliath
23 Feb 2007
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If you are accused of tax evasion or fraud, the Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch P.C. can help you. We have experienced criminal tax defense attorneys who can defend you and help you regain peace of mind.*******www.thomaswlynchpc****.
4 Jan 2012
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Tax Tiger explains why tax avoidance is “rewarded” while tax evasion is punishable by up to five years in prison and a quarter million dollar fine. Q: What exactly does Tax Avoidance mean? Tax Tiger: Simply put, Tax Avoidance is practiced by every American who files taxes. For instance, claiming a dependent or mortgage interest for the sake of lowering one’s financial liability to the Federal government are examples of Tax Avoidance.
11 Jun 2012
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In another random episode called THE JEWELRY REPORT, EbenGregory explains why Dame Dash allegedly had a "come to Jesus" meeting with Jay Z because he needs a $5 million dollar loan to help squash his tax bill.
27 Oct 2007
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Sources have revealed that Lord Hurd until quite recently was a director of the Queen's bankers Coutts Bank who were also one of the Carroll Foundation's private bankers. It has emerged that Lord Home the chairman of Coutts Bank who is a close friend of Lord Hurd is the subject of serious criminal allegations of racketeering and obstruction. The new explosive Carroll Foundation dossiers containing forged and falsified Coutts Bank Gerald Carroll banking arrangements fraudulent HSBC International offshore numbered bank accounts directly linked to the ransacking and complete theft of the entire contents of the Carroll Trust's multi-million dollar Eaton Square Belgravia penthouse and Westminster residences over a staggering three year period.
10 Sep 2011
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY JENNIFER MECKLES You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy RUDOLF ELMER (The Telegraph): “I want to let society know, what I do know, and how this system works because it’s damaging our society...” Those are the words of a former senior-level Swiss bank executive. Rudolf Elmer once guarded the secrets of some of the world’s wealthiest accounts in the Cayman Islands. But now, he has placed that information into potentially powerful hands: Wikileaks’ Julian Assange. “What I want to do, is hand this over, to Wikileaks. I say that again... Wikileaks..." And so he did, setting media camera bulbs on fire. Elmer says those CDs have evidence of 2000 “high net worth” individuals and corporations from all over the world involved in tax evasion in the last 20 years. Clients reportedly include business people, politicians, and entertainers. Elmer says off-shore tax evasion is a common practice among the --quote-- “banks and the big boys.” He tells the Observer how, with enough money, privacy can be abused: "Once you become part of senior management ... then you are part of the inner circle – and things become much clearer. … You know what the real products and service are, and why they are so expensive. It should be no surprise that the main product is secrecy… Crimes are committed and lies spread in order to protect this secrecy." Elmer was fired by the bank Julius Baer in 2002. He will face the bank in court later on charges of breaching security, forging documents, and threatening officials -- all of which he denies. The bank has tried to portray Elmer as a crazy ex-employee with one goal: revenge. A spokesman for the company told CNN... “Elmer was a ‘disgruntled and frustrated’ former employee who had ‘embarked on a personal intimidation campaign and vendetta against Julius Baer’ after he was denied a promotion.” But not everyone thinks Elmer is such a bad guy. The Observer calls him “The most important and boldest whistleblower in Swiss banking history.” A writer for Death and Taxes agrees: “It’s about damned time that a banker values the truth over money. Everyone... knows that Swiss and Cayman Island banks protect ill-gotten money, and are used as tax havens. Elmer aims to demonstrate just how much tax revenue is lost each year to shady banking practices for the world’s wealthy elite.” Now the question turns to who --- who is on that list? Elmer says you’ll definitely recognize a few names, but he’s waiting for Wikileaks to investigate and release them. We do have one clue, though- In a recent phone interview with India’s Headlines Today, Elmer warns of a possible link to India. “I think the owner of the former Julius Baer group is actually very much in the business of India. They actually hired Indian investment managers sitting in India and getting money out of India.” Only one man can give us the full details -- Julian Assange. He told British media he would treat this new information like all other material he gets his hands on -- with a full investigation. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
20 Jan 2011
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The US Treasury Department is understood to be also taking a close interest in the Carroll Trust case following recent announcements by close aides to President Obama concerning the new pivotal offshore tax evasion and banking legislation which is thought in Washington to be a critical further lever of strategic command and control for the US Department of Justice and the FBI in the concrete fight back against organized crime tax fraud and terror funding related activities which have seriously undermined the much sought after economic recovery for America's main street who have suffered greatly at the hands of the financial sector. International News Networks: *******ussenatedeficit.blogspot****/
10 Aug 2011
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10 Mar 2012
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Those with offshore foreign accounts may be liable for money laundering when trying to repatriate the money.
17 Jul 2010
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27 Jul 2010
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