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We at Pekoe Tea Company, cross the globe and taste countless teas to separate the extraordinary from the ordinary. We focus on single origin, hand made teas by growers ranging from established estates to emerging gardens. Check out more at pekoeteacompany
4 Sep 2017
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How to Meditate While Drinking Tea|breath meditation for beginners Try this simple step by step process to discover a wonderful way to start the day. 1 Start the day slowly. Jumping out of the bed to start the day is very common, but we'd never expect our car to rev up cold, so why expect yourself to do this? Take it easy. 2 Observe how a cat wakes up from its sleep. It curls up and stretches awake. Even birds take a few seconds to take flight once woken up from sleep. 3 Reflect on some good thoughts first. This is a very refreshing way to begin. Those with kids will find it satisfying to spend a few minutes with them. If not, spend a few minutes observing nature. In fact, now the urban areas have more birds than villages, listen to their songs, and if you have a garden look at it, or you might have a plant growing in your balcony; see how it is growing. You do not need half an hour to do this, surely a few minutes can be spared for yourself.
17 Sep 2017
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Know more about the texture, flavor, color and other attributes about White Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea and Herbal Tea. http://spicetreemunnar. com/
22 Sep 2017
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In this video you can learn how to make tea light candle at home by considering some few tips on making candles. Our experts teach you how it will make easily and how you can start up your own candle business through investing a small amount of money and get more benefit. It is more suitable for housewife and grow up own business. If you are interested in getting admission, then join the CSDO.
11 Oct 2017
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Teas are famous for taste-related reasons around the whole world. But what if it's visually entertaining also, like changing color?
25 Oct 2017
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You might have seen many techniques to prepare tea but this one is really unique and you probably have not seen this before anywhere.
26 Nov 2017
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How To Make Turmeric Tea
29 Nov 2017
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awesome tea making video
1 Dec 2017
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This video will show you how to brew Chinese black tea - Jin Jun Mei (Golden Eyebrow Lapsang Souchong Black Tea), Golden Eyebrow Lapsang Souchong, in Chinese, it is called "Jin Jun Mei", which is made of tea bud tips. Jin Jun Mei black tea is one of the most challenging, expensive, and demanding black teas produced in China. Super strict picking standard is set up for this tea, which must be picked before Tomb-sweeping Day from a rare and primitive specie of wild tea which grows on mountains in the National Natural Conservation Area of Wuyi Mountain, with an attitude of 1500 to 1800 meters. A skilled female picker can only pluck about 2000 pieces of tea bud tips per day; However, for 500g Jin Jun Mei Black Tea, it requires at least 58,000 pieces of tea buds to make 500g finished products. In other words, this skilled tea picker should pluck at least 29 days, so that 500g Jin Jun Mei Black Tea can come into exisiting.
4 Dec 2017
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Baetea 14 Day Teatox Detox Herbal Tea Supplement Reviews - Does Baetea 14 Day Teatox Detox Herbal Tea Supplement Work.mp4
9 Dec 2017
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Tea Tonic Detox Tea Reviews - Does Tea Tonic Detox Tea Work.mp4
9 Dec 2017
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Thintonic Detox Tea Reviews - Does Thintonic Detox Tea Work.mp4
9 Dec 2017
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