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UK's Eurovision' song 20006
24 May 2006
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Michael Vaughn Model: Dave Created for: Friendster Star Location: Philippines
29 Dec 2007
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Few years ago Now!! Please don't kill me guys if you see this :)
17 May 2007
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This is like teenagers live...
19 Nov 2008
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He might have taken up a job and matured up in life, but he still hasn't forgotten his teenage life. Those are some great skateboard skills.
15 Dec 2019
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Ronit Baras delivered a Parenting Skills workshop for the Mullumbimby High School parents and friends. Here is an inspiring story she told them about the important messages kids & teens need from their parents.
5 Nov 2007
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The 3rd episode of The FuzzVision Show. Here we destroy an old TV wich we found in concord, NC on the side of the street. Jacob Earney tries to stab it and almost kills himself. So Benjamin Hamrick just threw a rock at the screen. We also have a news segmant with Tom Batchu interviewing The Man. Tom batchu is played by Benjamin Hamrick and The Man by Nick Watson. This show also includes a Strong Man doing strong things played by Jacob Earney. It is a very funny show based on teenage life! It has all of the dystruction and stupidity your hart desiers.
12 Dec 2007
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*******Hot-New-Move**** | New Country Music Videos New Country Music Videos. Have you seen the New Country Music Videos? These New Country Music Videos are about a real estate developer who attends his 25th high school reunion without his wife. He quickly greets the teenage life he once had when he finds his old adolescent band playing on stage. They pull him on stage and it’s as if he’d never skipped a day of playing with them. Later they convince him to come to a rehearsal and see what they can create once again. In these New Country Music Videos Cyrus’s wife is not enthusiastic about him becoming involved with his high school buddies, but his daughter thinks it’s kind of cool. His Mother, who lives in a retirement home, encourages him to live the life he wants while he can because he can never go back and relive his life. When these New Country Music Videos take the emotion to a new level, Billy Ray Cyrus decides to join the band again to fulfill some personal satisfaction, but the pressures of his business and marriage continue to mount in a bad direction. When the band’s first performance proves successful, Cyrus begins to change his life. These New Country Music Videos portry the last minute booking to have their high school band open for a reunion tour. In these New Country Music Videos you will see that the band brings with the reunion tour the possibility of additional tour dates. However, things within the band become tense. Faced with a tough decision, where dreams collide with life, Billy Ray Cyrus must consider the effects on his marriage, his family, his daughter, and his business. To see the trailer for the spectacular movie visit cyrusnewmovie**** or search Key Words: New Country Music Videos
24 Sep 2009
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A video of animals doing funny things. *I didn't make it* The song is Teenage life - hahaha
4 May 2010
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Secret of success - This song is from movie boys a tamil directed by shankar . Music composed by ar rahman . This movie is all about five boys . How they spend their teenage life .
28 Feb 2010
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*******bleedingmynose.blogspot****/ Don't end your teenager life like this, you dying for nothing unless shameless
5 Mar 2010
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Introducing the Black Belt Babez. Not only do they experience success in the martial arts, they carry the lessons and disciplines into the real world of teenage life.
16 May 2010
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