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1 Jun 2012
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Here they are! Count Smokula gives us his The Twelve Tenets Of Smokulism! Take them and obey, or do whatever you want! Video produced and directed by Ian Victorian for THE LA REINA CHANNEL.
8 Dec 2007
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Tenet Computer Group explains how small businesses can benefit from working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP). See how your Toronto business can succeed through better technology with . Find out more at tms.tenet**** .
1 Mar 2011
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Creating secure passwords for all of your online activities is important. Learn how to generate secure and easy-to-remember passwords for your various online accounts from Tenet Computer Group .
30 Mar 2011
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*******www.informedtrades**** The 3rd lesson in a series on technical analysis for active traders of the forex market, stock market, and futures market.
30 Nov 2007
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25 Mar 2008
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Selections from the film Leading To War. Watch the Bush administration press for war in Iraq. Even if you watched the news at the time, you'll be surprised. Further discussion can be found at *******www.LeadingToWar****
19 Jan 2009
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A new study from the Pew Research Center says few Americans are well-informed when it comes to the history and rituals of their own religions.
30 Sep 2010
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Medal of Honor Airborne™, the newest installment from EA’s critically-acclaimed Medal of Honor™ franchise which was credited with pioneering the First-Person Shooter (FPS) WWII genre when it debuted in 1999. While building on the key tenets of the franchise including historical accuracy and authenticity, Medal of Honor Airborne is set to redefine the series by introducing players to an entirely new way of experiencing a WWII FPS – namely the fully interactive Airborne experience. As the first game in the Medal of Honor series to be released on next generation platforms, Medal of Honor Airborne will ship to stores in Winter 2006 under the EA™ brand for the PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®2 computer entertainment systems, Xbox™ 360, Xbox® videogame system from Microsoft, and Windows PC. Step into the boots of Boyd Travers, Private First Class of the 82nd Airborne Division and engage in battles throughout Europe. From rocky beginnings in Sicily to war-winning triumphs in Germany, each mission begins behind enemy lines, with an intense and fully interactive airdrop. Your ability to determine your own starting point dramatically changes the way each mission plays out. View the entire operation from the air, and then control your parachute to choose your landing spot. On the ground, gather your senses and assess the terrain. A wide variety of authentic, customizable weapons are at your disposal, each with distinct characteristics. Choose your path in this free roaming FPS environment. Medal of Honor Airborne will also feature exceptionally photo-realistic characters, adding to the intensity of the cinematic, story-driven game. “Medal of Honor Airborne is a step in a new direction for the franchise. While integrating our state-of-the-art, next-gen technology into every aspect of the game, we are introducing innovations that will redefine the series and impact the genre as a whole," explained Patrick Gilmore, VP and Executive Producer at EALA. “By fully controlling the airdrop from your very first step through landing, Medal of Honor Airborne adds a new dimension of player choice by letting you decide where every mission begins and how it plays out.” The Medal of Honor Airborne development team continues to ensure that the ideals and integrity of the prestigious congressional Medal of Honor are accurately reflected in the game. The producers sought counsel from numerous expert sources to make certain the game is historically accurate and as true to the WWII Airborne experience as possible. Serving as a military spokesperson for Medal of Honor Airborne, Capt. Dale Dye, who has worked as the Military Technical Advisor for the last 7 Medal of Honor games, will help to create a truly authentic experience. Developed by EA Los Angeles (EALA), Medal of Honor Airborne has not yet been rated by the ESRB. For more information on Medal of Honor Airborne and the Medal of Honor franchise, please visit: www.moh.ea****. Please visit EA’s press site at**** for information about all of EA’s games.
29 Jun 2007
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An introduction to basic Satanism in song! Satanism explained in a parody of a popular christian children's hymn, to help concerned Satanic Parents raise perfectly satanic kids to understand the basic tenets of Satanism.
30 Aug 2007
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Who's God Source of Inspiration: My inspiration for this poem came from the indoctrination of religious tenets on modern slaves. One of the privileges of my birth was the exposure to a multitude of organized thoughts, or so they led the sheep’s to believe…. Who’s God Poetic Source of Inspiration: To read more you may order your copy of the book, ISBN: 0970335318, as we continue…. This video is just a new avenue on the artistic creative release using the materials that have already produced; it’s a resourceful necessity, a poetic outfomercial. The Artist thanks you for your appreciation and continual support. Ashia`-Hotep
8 Jan 2008
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Saurabh Dalal presents A Global Dietary Imperative to Global Warming. An all-plant-based diet offers powerful solutions: Efficiency of global and local resources. Reducing greenhouse gases. Minimizing land / water / air pollution. Overall planetary health / sustainability. Lesser dependence on foreign oil, foreign economic markets, and related factors. Enormous cost savings for the near- and long-term. Alleviating global hunger. Reducing effects on non-human animals. Personal and public health / well-being; Fostering peace, sharing, and responsibility; Minimization of harm, respect for all life; Reconnecting with the spiritual and religious tenets.
11 Jan 2008
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