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*******www.AbsoluteSanctuarySamui**** <a href="*******absolutesanctuarysamui****/detox%20programs.html">Thailand Colonic</a> – 7 Secrets of Detoxification… free email course about weight loss, colon cleansing, and detoxification. Follow link above. To us, “food made with love” is prepared using only the best ingredients available. The best ingredients make the best foods, so we don’t cut any corners in our kitchen. Here are some of our ingredients to give you an idea: - Hand-picked local produce (organic whenever possible) - Cold-pressed oils & whole-food seasonings - Homemade breads, muffins, and desserts - Dressings & sauces made from scratch - Nutrient-dense superfoods (flaxseeds, spirulina, coconut oil) - Organic flaxseeds, sunflower, and pumpkins seeds - Hand-pressed juices KOH SAMUI VEGETARIAN RESTURANTS *******www.absolutesanctuary****/kitchen_01.html <a href="*******absolutesanctuarysamui****/faq%20detox.html">Thailand Detox</a> Now let me tell you about our kitchen. We’ve carefully trained our team in the art of healthy cuisine, detoxifying foods, and the magic of a truly divine meal! In the morning, you’ll probably smell the fresh bread and muffins baking in the oven. You might also see boxes and bags of fresh fruits and coconuts being delivered in the afternoon. This is all part of our commitment to healthful, yet healthy, cuisine! Everything from sea salt to sesame oil has been carefully selected for taste, quality and, above all, freshness. From our BBQ sauce to our granola, everything is handmade using only whole food ingredients, cold-pressed oils, sea salt from Thailand, hand-picked local produce (organic, whenever possible), whole wheat flour and nutrient-dense superfoods (like spirulina and flaxseeds). Obviously, this is a lot of work, but after you’ve tasted it, you’ll understand why we go to such great efforts. Food is one of the most-powerful tools you have to transform your health, and that why we are so proud to be able to offer you what we believe is the best food on the planet! SAMUI HEALTH FOOD *******absolutesanctuarysamui****/food%20menu.html
2 Jun 2009
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*******www.AbsoluteSanctuarySamui**** - Welcome to Absolute Sanctuary on Koh Samui island in Thailand! If you have never experienced a detoxifying holiday before, you're in for a fun and healthy adventure. For first timers, they often wonder how cleansing and detoxifying your body can be fun—but I assure you, it is. First of all, let me tell you about the resort. Absolute Sanctuary is nestled into a lush hillside overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. The weather is always warm, and the evening breezes are so pleasant whether you're relaxing in your room or taking a dip in the pool. More info: *******www.AbsoluteSanctuary**** But still, I know, you're wondering: "How can it be FUN to detoxify?" Well you already know how good it FEELS to be healthy and fit, and at Absolute Sanctuary, we also make the process of getting healthy and fit feel good too. We do this by providing 3-5 yoga classes daily led by our international teaching team; by having registered nurses on staff for your needs; by providing a hand-picked spa team ready to massage away any aches and pains in your shoulders; and by serving up amazing juices and healthy cuisine in our award-winning restaurant or poolside if you'd prefer. We have the largest facility for cleansing in Asia, with USFDA-stye colonic irrigation beds, and a dedicated detox specialist to lead you through the process. All of this combined with our wonderfully warm and accommodating resort staff make for a truly unforgettable holiday… one where you return home looking and feeling like a new person. I hope to see YOU at Absolute Sanctuary very soon! YOGA on Koh Samui: *******www.AbsoluteYogaSamui****
11 Dec 2009
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*******www.AbsoluteSanctuarySamui**** - Hello and welcome to Absolute Sanctuary on Koh Samui Island in Thailand. If you're looking for a fun and healthy destination for detoxification, yoga, and rejuvenation… then you've come to the right place! At Absolute Sanctuary, we make wellness fun, comfortable, and easy. If you've never done a cleanse before you may be wondering: "What is detoxification anyway?" It's a common question, so I'm glad you asked. What happens is that most of us get caught up in our lives. We work too much, we eat too much, and we exercise too little. When you stress your body more than you're de-stress, you quickly build up an excess of toxins. These can be chemical toxins like pesticides, herbicides, medications, pollutants, and heavy metals we're exposed to daily that can accumulate internally… But it can also be toxic feelings of anxiety, worry, or overwhelm. All toxins have the same effect on us. They're basically poison. More info: *******www.AbsoluteSanctuary**** I'm sure you know the feeling when Monday morning rolls around and it literally hurts to get out of bed. Maybe you're not sleeping enough. Maybe your thighs don't fit into your favorite pair of jeans anymore—or maybe you just can't seem to give up smoking or that ½-a-bottle-of-wine after dinner habit. That's when it's time to detoxify your body and your life with a healthy and fun holiday on Koh Samui. We welcome like-minded people from all over the world. Busy people who need to refresh and recharge, lose some weight, and regain the glow in their skin. It's all about unlocking the old you that got lost in the ho-hum business of your life… If you're ready for a new holiday, one where you actually go home feeling like a new person, then I'd like to encourage you to call us today. I hope to see you on Koh Samui very soon! YOGA on Koh Samui: *******www.AbsoluteYogaSamui****
20 Dec 2009
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*******www.AbsoluteSanctuarySamui**** - Welcome to Absolute Sanctuary on Koh Samui Island in Thailand. Our resort is all about health, detoxification, yoga, and wellness. If you've never been to Absolute Sanctuary before, you might be wondering: "Why is everyone going to Thailand these days to detoxify?" I'm glad you asked. There are many reasons, but first and foremost, Thailand has become an international health-seekers Mecca. The weather is great, the food is healthy and delicious, the people are warm and wonderful, and the geography is breathtaking. Better still, both the mainstream and alternative health care facilities in Thailand now meet or exceed Western standards—without the exorbitant costs or hassles you probably have to deal with back home. To put it simply, it's fun to get healthy in Thailand. More info: *******www.AbsoluteSanctuary**** Wake up with the sunrise, take a Hot Yoga class with one of our senior yoga teachers from the U.S. or Europe, have a cleaning elixir at our award-winning restaurant, and lounge by the pool. Afternoons are often warm and lazy at Absolute Sanctuary, so many guests like to book a Thai massage—or my favorite, a four-hands massage with 2 masseurs working on your back at the same time. Now do you understand? We all know that traveling can sometimes be more hassle than it's worth, but traveling to Thailand, and to Absolute Sanctuary in particular, is so easy. From the moment you arrive at the airport, you won't have to worry about a thing. We'll take care of you so that YOU and can take care of YOU… and go home feeling like a new person. I hope to see you on Koh Samui very soon! YOGA on Koh Samui: *******www.AbsoluteYogaSamui****
11 Dec 2009
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*******www.AbsoluteSanctuarySamui**** - Welcome to Absolute Sanctuary on Koh Samui island in Thailand! Most people who come to Absolute Sanctuary have never had a colonic irrigation treatment before, so I'll take a moment now to explain how it works. Colon Hydrotherapy is a process that cleanses the colon via the rectum. A series of warm, filtered water infusions are moved into the colon which dislodges impacted matter that is then released gently throughout the session. It is an effective way of internally cleansing the colon, encouraging the removal of old impacted waste and built-up gas and mucous in the body. At Absolute Sanctuary, our colon hydrotherapy beds are custom made like those of US-FDA standards to ensure effectiveness, comfort, cleanliness and safety. We use reverse-osmosis filtered water, warmed to body temperature for all infusions. All tubes used are disposable (one-time use only); and a trained nurse is also always on hand to closely monitor the temperature and flow of the water, and may administer a gentle abdominal massage to encourage the abdomen to release, if you would like. Thailand Detox: *******www.AbsoluteSanctuary**** You won't need to make any special preparations prior to having colonic irrigation. However, eating a large meal, or having lots to drink shortly before the procedure, is NOT advisable. Before the procedure, you will talk to your therapist who will ask you questions about your lifestyle and medical history. During the procedure, you will lie on your side, while warm water is passed into your bowel through a tube that is inserted into your rectum. This water circulates through your colon in order to encourage your bowel to empty itself. Waste products are then passed out of your body through the tube. After about 10 minutes, you lie on your back while the therapist gently massages your abdomen to help the process along. The whole procedure will usually take about 40-45 minutes. I hope this has given you a better understand of colonic irrigation. At first, it can seem a little strange, I know, but after you experience it, it's really very simple and natural—and you'll feel so great! Thanks for listening and I hope to see you on Koh Samui at Absolute Sanctuary very soon. Yoga Training & Retreats in Thailand: *******www.AbsoluteYogaSamui****
27 Jul 2010
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*******www.AbsoluteSanctuarySamui**** - Welcome to Absolute Sanctuary on Koh Samui island in Thailand! As part of the cleansing process at Absolute Sanctuary, our guests are served daily "Detox Drinks." These detox drinks contain a mixture of psyllium fiber (for bulk), bentonite clay, water, and fresh fruit juice. Psyllium helps to flush out impacted fecal matter lodged in your colon, and Bentonite clay acts as an absorbing agent drawing toxins out of your system so they can be swiftly eliminated. We use 100% psyllium husk and seed without any fillers or stimulants. Using the husk and seed increases the bulking effect and ability to move waste through the intestinal tract. The collodial bentonite we use has been purified and specially processed to increase its natural ability to draw toxins from the body. So to make it simple, the bentonite clay draws out the toxins, and the psyllium fiber flushes them out of the body. Thailand Detox: *******www.AbsoluteSanctuary**** The Detox Drinks are one of the main components of our Detox Programs as they contain the safe and necessary ingredients to assist the body in ridding itself of harmful chemicals and substances. During your cleansing program, you will be getting rid of harmful substances from your body. The nature of certain ingredients in your detox drink such as bentonite clay, however, will also absorb some good substances, too. So to replenish those good nutrients in the body, at the end of your program, you will be given “beneficial” bacteria for that purpose. This might sound like a lot to think about it, but don't worry, we do all the thinking for you. The schedule is very easy to follow so all you do is stop by the juice bar for your detox drinks and we take care of everything. We offer programs ranging from 2 days to 2 weeks, and we can cater a program specifically to meet your schedule and needs. Our guests come from all over the world, and Absolute Sanctuary is a very warm and welcoming place where people come to cleanse—but also to enjoy themselves. Thanks for listening, and I hope to see you on Koh Samui very soon. Yoga Training & Retreats in Thailand: *******www.AbsoluteYogaSamui****
27 Dec 2009
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*******www.AbsoluteSanctuarySamui**** - Welcome to Absolute Sanctuary on Koh Samui island in Thailand! A common question we get from our guests is: "What if I have never done a detox or fast before?" Not to worry! Detoxifying your body is a simple & effective tool for health, and the programs we use have been practiced for centuries! Plus, you’ll have professional support every step of the way. Our expert staff will guide you through your program, answer all your questions, and give you tips when needed. Before I go further, I do want to say that before undergoing any kind of detoxification program, we do recommend that you consult with a medical professional. There are some conditions that may prohibit you from doing a cleanse. Now here's another common question: "Is there anything I should do to prepare for my Detox program?" Yes, there are few things. To help ease the body into the process of detoxification you can “pre-cleanse” your body about 1- 2 weeks before the program by drinking a minimum of 3-4 liters of filtered water daily, reducing the amount of processed foods you eat, simplifying your diet, and begin eliminating meat, diary, bread, sugar, caffeine, alcohol from your diet. Pre-cleansing is not necessary, but it can be very helpful. Try to avoid “one last big night out” before you come. Honor our body and your decision to improve your health and your life. Thailand Detox: *******www.AbsoluteSanctuary**** Often new guests ask, "Will I lose weight during the cleanse?" and "How much weight do most people lose?" Most definitely you will lose weight! Cleaning out your body promotes weight loss. Cleansing removes built up wastes in your intestines, which has immediate weight loss benefits. Also, once you’ve reduced your body’s toxic load, your metabolism and hormones tend to come into balance which means you can burn excess fat quickly and easily. The average weight loss is about 3-5 kilos for a 7-day cleanse and about 1-3 kg for a 3-day cleanse. But some people do lose up to 1 kg per day! During the cleanse, you may experience fatigue or mild headaches the first days… these are all symptoms of detoxification as toxins and other waste matter are being excreted from the body. Such symptoms usually don't last long and once they have passed, you will begin to feel a new sense of energy and vitality while on your program. In many ways, detoxifying your body is a new and exciting adventure. At Absolute Sanctuary, we have all the resources, facilities, and staff to make it fun and enjoyable so I do hope to see you on Koh Samui very soon. Yoga Training & Retreats in Thailand: *******www.AbsoluteYogaSamui****
28 Dec 2009
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*******www.AbsoluteSanctuarySamui**** - Welcome to Absolute Sanctuary on Koh Samui island in Thailand! We help normal people find extraordinary health through detoxification, yoga, and wellness programs in a beautiful, tropical setting. Today, I want to take a few minutes to answer some common questions we receive. Our first question has to do with yoga and detox. The question is, "Does doing yoga help to detoxify the body?" This is a great question, and as you may know, Absolute Sanctuary is known for our amazing yoga courses. You see, yoga is a perfect complement to any detox program as it helps in detoxifying the body – by going through all the ranges of motion in the body, and increasing circulation. The key aspect of practicing yoga is deep breathing. When you breathe, you help oxygenate the cells which aid them in cleansing the body. Combining deep breathing & full range of motion helps to release toxins from the tissues. Last but not least, the relaxing effect of yoga also helps the body in cleaning and healing itself during the detox. Thailand Detox: *******www.AbsoluteSanctuary**** Here's another common question: "Can I drink coffee or smoke while on the program?" No. The body cannot effectively detoxify if you are continuing to take in toxins from coffee, soda or smoking. For the best results, it is important to stick with the program as it has been designed. Often, people who want to quit such habits like smoking find that the detox program can make it easier to finally quit. One last question today is: "What are the side effects of doing a detox?" Some people will experience headaches at the beginning of a detox as their bodies are adjusting to the dramatic release of toxins. Other common side effects are feelings of lethargy, nausea, or mood swings. These symptoms will usually pass quickly as the body adjusts, giving way to a more vibrant and lighter you! Our Wellness Consultant is always available for your questions and will follow your progress during the program and make any necessary adjustments. We've designed our programs for your success and comfort—so you're in good hands. I hope that has cleared up some of your questions, and I do hope to see you at Absolute Sanctuary in Koh Samui for a detoxification program very soon. Yoga Training & Retreats in Thailand: *******www.AbsoluteYogaSamui****
28 Dec 2009
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*******www.AbsoluteSanctuarySamui**** - Hello and welcome to Absolute Sanctuary in Thailand. We are located on the tropical island of Koh Samui nestled against a lush hillside overlooking the sea. It's the perfect place to cleanse, recharge, and rejuvenate. Our resort is unique and wonderful in many ways, and our yoga programs are what many guests are most passionate about. When you're detoxifying your body, it's so much more fun to have physical activities and community—and our internationally-renown yoga programs provide both. Absolute Sanctuary is part of the Absolute Yoga Group that includes a total of 10 studios in Thailand and Singapore. So to put it quite simply: we know yoga! More info: *******www.AbsoluteSanctuary**** Now, our yoga is not about becoming a human pretzel or chanting your way to the clouds. What we teach are simple-yet-powerful classic hatha yoga sequences that anyone can practice. It's fun, challenging, and a wonderful way to connect with our local yoga community in Koh Samui and with other travelers. At any given time, we have at least 3 teachers on staff, all of whom bring a unique style and background to their classes. We create a warm and supportive environment, and we have beginning level students every day, so our teachers will look after you and make sure you have a wonderful experience. Even better, our teaching staff are all trained in the detoxification process, so some days, they might give you specific poses or breathing exercises that will aid in your detoxification process. Along with our yoga classes, we also offer breathing and meditation classes to work on a deeper and more subtle level… to relieve stress and give you simple tools to regain your health. You're going to love it. I hope to see you on Koh Samui very soon! YOGA on Koh Samui: *******www.AbsoluteYogaSamui****
11 Jan 2010
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*******www.AbsoluteSanctuarySamui****">Thailand Weight Loss *******www.AbsoluteSanctuarySamui**** – 7 Secrets of Detoxification… free email course about weight loss, colon cleansing, and detoxification. Follow link above. When you’ve worked too much, slept too little, and are in need of some rest and rejuvenation… Sanctuary Spa is a paradise! Our spa is different. We’ve spared no expense with attention to detail, and our carefully selected team treats you like royalty with all-natural ingredients, private changing & shower rooms, indoor or outdoor massage tables, and a spa menu that is so enticing, that many guests will opt for 7 full days of pampering. Absolute Spa Treatments Include: - Aromatherapy essential oils - Local herbs and healing plants - Home made body scrubs with Thai sea salts MEET THE SPA TEAM *******absolutesanctuarysamui****/our%20spa.html *******absolutesanctuarysamui****/our%20spa.html">Samui Detox PAGASINEE “Rose” CHIDCHAU Spa Director is an expert in spa treatments who has managed and trained masseurs in Turkey, Kuwait, South Africa, Krabi, and Phuket. Rose herself was trained at the esteemed Chiva-Som International Academy, Lanna Spa & Esthetiques Academy, as well as the Ministry of Public Health. Rose loves Thai traditional massage, but also incorporates healing therapies from all over the world including: Hulalai Hot Oil Massage, Swedish Massage, Shi-atsu, and Sports Massage. Rose’s warm personality and passion for health shines through with her team of specialists who will raise your spa treatment standards forever! OUR SPA TEAM Our treatment specialists are trained in Thai massage, reflexology, essential oils, deep tissue, body balancing, traditional herbs, and beauty treatments. It’s one thing to have a nice rub down, but it’s another thing altogether to experience the healing hands of a truly gifted masseur. That’s what we love and that’s what we offer our guests. SPA SAMUI: *******www.absolutesanctuary****/reju_01.html
23 Mar 2009
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*******www.AbsoluteSanctuarySamui**** – 7 Secrets of Detoxification… free email course about weight loss, colon cleansing, and detoxification. Follow link above. “What do you do if you CAN’T get any sun for weeks at a time?” The answer for you MIGHT be to take a Vitamin D supplement. In many countries, Vitamin D is added to milk for just this reason… to prevent deficiency in those that just don’t spend enough time outdoors. THAILAND YOGA CENTER: *******www.AbsoluteSanctuary**** Personally, I don’t trust the dairy companies to take care of my Vitamin D needs, so I try to catch some real sunshine, or else I think it’s wise to take a vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D supplements are inexpensive and high quality sources can be found at any pharmacy worldwide. Pharmaceutical grade Vit D is what I use but there are good commercial brands as well. If you live in a rainy, grey climate, talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or health care provider to see what dosage they recommend. THAILAND WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS: *******absolutesanctuarysamui****/detox%20programs.html
3 Jun 2009
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