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Unbreakable Entertainment Presents.. "The Third Shift" THC The Hispanic Connect Ft. Static Mr. Unbreakable. Shot & Directed By Shock Films & Micheal Rivera of (Foto Mike TV)****.fotomiketv www.facebook****/staticsolo twitterstaticsolo www.behance****/shockart
5 Mar 2012
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THC Medical Doctor (*******www.thcdoctor****) offers 420 (MMJ) evaluations and cannabis cards.Get your 420 evaluation from Real Doctor. No waiting and no hassle process.100% Confidential. Lowest price guarantee. Free parking validation for our customers. 24x7 Online and Phone Verification. Book your appointment online to get more discounts! *******www.thcdoctor**** We are open 7 days a week. K.P Development & Promotion *******www.kushpowereddevelopment****
13 Apr 2013
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G.O.D by THC.mp4 hiphpo rap music
2 Aug 2017
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CBD THC Test Kit is a standard tool to analysis the percentage of cannabinoids that are made up of thin-layer chromatography (TLC) technique.
14 Aug 2018
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Jay Calvert & Dr. Jason Berkley have an informative chat with Marvin & Rob of VEDA Sport about the benefits of CBD!! VEDA Sport is a revolutionary health company looking to bridge the educational gap about the amazing health benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol) & THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). VEDA Sport's isolate-based product line is breaking into the world of professional sports, helping athletes reach their optimal state! PLUS, listeners of this podcast can use promo code "NHLPA" for 25% off VEDA Sport or VEDA ECM products!! Dr Jay Calvert (Dr. Hockey) -- March 18th 2019 Researchers Launching CBD Study with Former Hockey Players. Investigators are looking for a link between the cannabinoid and alleviation of concussion-related health conditions.
1 May 2019
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Dedicado a los mejores compañeros de travian: Renacer,Lulamae,Caronte41,Wulfmund,nicooh,el abollacoches, Carrie,SIN_PERDON,Los Aurones,Tio Pepe,nazawsze,Kamelot, Pix,Zeppe,los invencibles,Oskar,wencesmarlen,STS,achaman, agus,Tanke86,Olivares82,pittbull,SNOOV,colosseo,elendil1234 crowco,Beôr el viejo,Hegoy
8 Mar 2009
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Clip Being killed clique by Kerozen&MicAnimal
20 Apr 2009
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6 Sep 2009
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*******medicalmarijuanabootcamp****/ Chubbs and Tang discuss all the drama going on with the THC Expo(se).
26 Jan 2010
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Passing Drug Test THC :- *******www.synergydetox****/Pass-A-Hair-Follicle-Drug-Test-articles.html :- Do you want to Pass Drug Test THC accurately? If so, SynergyDetox**** provides strong and effective products for Passing Drug Test THC. Synergy Detox created products that will permanently reduce the toxins in the hair strand, and takes a total of just 3 hours to completely detoxify the hair.
20 Nov 2012
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#Cannabis #Medicine #Health * I am not a doctor, I am speaking from my own research and experience. I don't suggest believing me, or a doctor. I suggest researching and trying Natural (homeopathic) plant based Medicines, as they are a world of health better than the petrochemical based (allopathic) "medicines". *Adding the cooking (activation) step of the Cannabis is what gives the Oil the THC (psychoactive) component, it will make one "high" depending on potency of the Oil vs the strength (tolerance) of users own endocanniboid system. *To make nonactivated CBD Oil, do not bake the Cannabis. Simply add it, and the Lecithin, to the Coconut Oil and steep on low-no heat. I suggest low heat to aid the infusion process. Much Care Please Share
22 Mar 2019
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Es un prototipo del video del sever3
22 Feb 2009
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