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The ATTITUDE SHIFTER interviews "DADDY-MAN," who is on a mission of turning dads, 'FROM ZERO TO HERO!" Hear how DADDY-MAN SHIFTED HIS ATTITUDE, and the SPECIAL BOND that he and THE ATTITUDE SHARE!
15 Aug 2010
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The ATTITUDE SHIFTER visits with a "SHIFTER" who moments after the interview went into surgery to have a brain tumor removed. Her ATTITUDE is uplifting as she talks about her faith and belief. For more information visit the ATTITUDE SHIFTER page on Facebook and join today with other SHIFTERS who are SHIFTING AND GETTING THEIR ATTITUDES IN GEAR!
15 Aug 2010
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The Attitude Shifter Donna M. Butler, gives a up close and personal look at a situation she and her family are faced with. The Attitude Shifter, tells of her own ATTITUDE SHIFT which helps her get through the tough times.
15 Aug 2010
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Meet Rowland. He is 19....adopted, waiting for marriage before sex and has an ATTITUDE that will AMAZE YOU! For more join THE ATTITUDE SHIFTER on FACEBOOK, visit THE ATTITUDE SHIFTER on youtube.
17 Aug 2010
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Donna M. Butler, is the Attitude Shifter, with the goal of helping others realize the potential and influence of a positive attitude. She interviews those from all walks of life and attitudes, as they discover what shifts their attitudes and keeps them on their journey of self awareness, discovery and what makes them tick or be "ticked off." For more join The Attitude Shifter on Facebook.
17 Dec 2010
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Donna M. Butler, Founder of The Broke Wives' Club, puts Lisa away and gets serious about the "Tow Chain" of The Broke Wives' Club. For more information visit The Broke Wives' Club on Facebook at www.thebrokewivesclub****, The Attitude Shift on Facebook and Donna M. Butler on Facebook.
18 Nov 2010
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Lisa wishes everyone a Happy Labor Day, by sharing her views on the holiday. Donna M. Butler Founder of The Broke Wives' Club(www.thebrokewivesclub****), and The Attitude Shifter on Facebook, stars as Lisa Johnson, a woman who says what we only think and has the ATTITUDE to get what she wants! Join Lisa's Facebook page(Lisa Johnson), and keep up with her at *******budurl****/lisasworld. TTFN!
7 Sep 2010
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