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Sean D'Souza speaks to Wendy Petrie on TVNZ Breakfast about The Brain Audit. And why customers buy and why they don't.
19 Oct 2009
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You will certainly be amazed with the results since brain lightning is proven to increase memory now! Seriously folks if you are struggling to remember things as well as you are putting it down to old age then stop. Try Brain lightning today it is the leading there is in brain supplements - vitamins for the brain as well as truly does work see for yourself.
3 Oct 2011
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Have a healthy brain by shopping brain games online with Marbles: The Brain Store coupons and discount codes. Check out the coolest brain games deals by using Marbles: The Brain Store coupon codes and online promotions. Simply visit *******www***uponsaver****/marbles-the-brain-store-coupons-codes.html to find more offers.
24 Mar 2012
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How to Manage Multiple Myeloma Pain symptoms of multiple myeloma in the brain Multiple myeloma is type of blood cancer that affects plasma in the white blood cells. When you develop this type of cancer, the cancer cells move to your bone marrow. It can affect your immune system, as well as your kidneys, and can cause bone lesions. You'll most likely notice pain in your bones, particularly your chest and back, which you can treat with medications, medical interventions, and home remedies
28 Nov 2017
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What If You Connect the Brain And the Computer
4 Feb 2018
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How To Improve Memory Power, How To Improve Concentration And Memory, Foods That Help The Brain. Brain Entrainment, For centuries humans have wondered at the connection between specific sound frequencies and the effect it can have on the brain and corresponding moods and emotions. From tribal drums to periodic stimulus tones the human brain taps into dominant external frequencies and when it does the mind can be altered to induce a host of different states including relaxation, sleep, creativity and excitement. The practice of causing brainwave frequencies to match a periodic stimulus to produce an intended state is called brainwave entrainment or brainwave synchronization and it is becoming more popular as life becomes more stressful. The study of sound and light and how it affects the human brain is nothing new. In the 1930's William Grey Walter used EEG equipment and strobe lights to detect the existence of high speed alpha waves and low speed delta waves and how each played a factor in human sleep patterns. In 1973 Gerald Oster published his discovery of binaural beats in Scientific American, a breakthrough article that defined binaural beats as apparent sounds which arise in the brain for specific physical stimuli. Though first discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove it wasn't until Oster's research that scientists began to speculate that binaural beats could be used to help induce relaxation, creativity and other desirable mental states. Today brainwave entrainment is gaining rapid popularity with people who feel over-stressed, depressed and unmotivated. With technology growing by leaps and bounds it's not hard to understand how a person can feel overwhelmed by information and sensory overload and instead of taking pills a growing segment of the population is turning to brainwave entrainment to produce a more natural and lasting feeling of relaxation. But YOU can be different! You can use Genius Brain
8 Mar 2018
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Designing the brain of the Home of the Future with Grant Imahara
29 Sep 2018
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Exercise has an immediate positive effects on the brain. Besides, It has the ability to shift focus and attention.
4 Dec 2018
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funny take the cellphone to fall down don't use the brain
12 Feb 2019
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GO TO *******f051dacfm4vxpq6fomkmr9xahq.hop.clickbank****/ Finally, an online version of Richard Welchs amazing brain training, called Zox Pro! Lowest price ever offered. Discover mental photography, go way beyond speed reading
20 Jan 2010
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Watch for "Hinky In The Brain" this summer. Based on the story by Steve Wingate.
13 May 2007
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On average, another person is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis every hour in the U.S. MS is a devastating disease that can slowly rob patients of everything from their sight to control of their muscles. Doctors aren’t sure what causes it, but they’re finding better ways to tame it. They’re placing electronic probes in the brain – and giving some desperate patients relief.
2 Aug 2007
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