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Totally crazy! French bloggers dubbed the French TV serie "Fais pas ci Fais pas ça". Only for you English speakers! Say that you dream to discover our very good TV series...
7 Apr 2009
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Tous les mercredis, une bande d'amis organise un dîner où chacun doit amener un con. Celui qui a trouvé le plus spectaculaire est déclaré vainqueur. Ce soir, l'un d'entre eux exulte, il est sûr d'avoir trouvé la perle rare, un schmuck, un con de classe mondiale. Ce qu'il ignore c'est que son "con" est passé maître dans l'art de déclencher des catastrophes.
10 Nov 2010
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Exklusivt! Scen ur komedin Friends with Kids. Biopremiär den 13 april.
13 Apr 2012
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*******suprememastertv****/ - CINEMA SCENE French Films on Friendship: The Dinner Game, Vatanen's Hare, My Best Friend (In French). Epsisode: 973, Air Date: 14 - May - 2009.
1 Jun 2009
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Cannon have teamed up with top chef, Tony Tobin, to help win the Dinner Party War. In this video Tony shows you to think 3D when it comes to presentation! www.cannoncooking******
11 Sep 2009
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Dance of the Dinner Rolls
3 Feb 2010
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Good evening everybody, thanks for dropping by. I’m wanderlust. Well, today, I have a song for you called ‘The dinner party’. I hope you like it. Here we go: Dinner party wanderlust Aren’t you tired it’s getting pretty late don’t you think you should be on your way Put on your coat put on your hat say goodbye and head to the door You reach out your hand The room goes dark a shot rings out a scream can be heard You think it’s lightning, something grabs you, you start to hear voices you fall to the floor We have been waiting We have been waiting Waiting for you here Aren’t you tired it’s getting pretty late don’t you think you should be on your way If it’s OK can I stay here one more night and then I’ll go We have been waiting We have been waiting Waiting for you… Well, alright, actually, it’s been a while since I played that song, so I’m a little rusty. But definitely, when I start playing live shows, which I’m hoping to do starting next month or the month after that, I think this is probably a good song for me to play at those shows. I have played this once about 2 years ago I suppose now, and I got a really good reception for it, so definitely I think it’s a song I should keep and I should practice of course, and the next time I have a live show I’ll definitely play it. Well guys, thanks again for coming by, sorry, for dropping by and for listening. You have a good evening and I’ll see you next time. I’m wanderlust.
28 May 2010
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My super dog Chichi found some food and he don't wanna leave the building till he finish it all
18 Mar 2007
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Sooooo riskyyyyy!!!!
17 May 2017
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14 Jun 2017
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Watch this four-legged animal who’s in rush to reach his goal. I’m sure we all relate to this at some point.
16 Oct 2017
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This Kid has a Serious Problem with Green Beans at the Dinner Table, I used to do this with Squash as a Kid, Turn up your Speakers for this One (HeHe)
11 Jun 2006
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