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In today's show we talk about the health care system in America, the Ender's Game trailer, gun violence being down since 1993, and everything else that mattered to me *******gamehackerz****/uberstrike-hack-unlimited-ammo-hp-and-cash-cheats
10 May 2013
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This raccoon was disturbing the guy whole the time but as the raccoon do not likes the Hanna Montana Perfume he denied to touch the same guy again.
30 Jan 2018
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Stan Lee Los Angeles Comic-Con 2016 - Off Shoot Comics Part 2 - FuTurXTV & HHBMedia
22 Mar 2018
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Stan Lee Los Angeles Comic-Con 2016 - Off Shoot Comics Part 1 - FuTurXTV & HHBMedia
22 Mar 2018
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Stan Lee Los Angeles Comic-Con 2016 - Jason Reeves Interview - FuTurXTV & HHBMedia
23 Mar 2018
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Psychosis is an animated short visualizing disturbing acts of violence and dark fantasies contained within a young girl who is losing her grip on reality. This film is not only the study of negative impulses that exist in the minds of the disturbed, it is also an exercise in experimental animation and filmmaking
7 Jun 2007
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The disturbing fable continues as Patricia, known as "Bump" by her friends, prepares for her evening of desire and debauchery with the man who broke the heart of her friend and roommate, Kick. In the process, Bump may lose more than her virtue as she has been targeted for damnation by the soldiers of Hell. Meanwhile, in Tennessee, a young health care worker named Katrina, known simply as "Tree," prepares to begin her journey to visit her sister, Kick, in Texas.
12 Jan 2008
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People wondered for a long time if those giant statues on Easter Island were built by an alien civilization. Well, wonder no more. We found the aliens, alive and well, and they're singing? From the disturbed minds of Alan Steward and Slim Chance.
12 Jan 2008
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Night has fallen and the fires of sin and temptation blaze bright as the disturbing urban legend continues. Hedonistic college students assemble in the deep woods of East Texas to celebrate pure, unrestrained desire under a Hunter's Moon. All moral constraints are cast aside as they revel under the night sky ... making them perfect targets for the demonic beings who call these woods home.
13 Jan 2008
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The hunger for young flesh drives the soldiers of Hell to descend upon young women isolated in the woods of East Texas as the disturbing modern myth continues. Closer, ever closer, the demonic beings move toward their prey drawn by the scent of fear, obsession, and humiliation.
30 Nov 2008
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A permanent er*ction, massive quantities of speed and c*caine, peanut-sized t*sticles, thick brown urine, handfuls of downers, horse steroids, Frankenstein's monster syndrome, b*tch tits, massive trauma, total shut-down... sudden death. Welcome to the disturbing world of EXTREME BODYBUILDING. This film follows Gregg Valentino, the man with the biggest arms in the world and explores what happened to him, and others, after a lifetime of steroid abuse.
4 May 2008
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Reptilica is half animation half a film where real people perform. It Starts with a doll which is animated with the stop motion technique, she is searching through the many dry leaves that rest on the floor, something she has seen or felt passing by, but she can't seem to find it. Other scenes in the movie introduce small pink worms falling on a group of ivy leaves, these are the disturbing presence that bother the doll as they sneak under the leaves, never letting themselves to be seen. These worms might be imaginary creatures belonging to the same fragmented body of the doll/woman. The doll's actions alternate with those of a real woman, she too is searching through the leaves and her movements at some stage of the film become frenetic, she tries to cover her body with the plants as if to operate a symbiosis with nature.
7 Oct 2008
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