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Dr. Jessie Stone gave up traditional medicine to pursue her dream of becoming a professional white water kayaker. While kayaking on The White Nile River in Uganda, she realizes malaria is an epidemic in Uganda and decides to do something about it.
15 Aug 2009
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In this fourth video installment of Quinn Stories celebrated Illinois doctor and social activist Quentin Young welcomes the filmmakers into his home to discuss Governor Pat Quinns integrity and friendship. A 20 year proponent for healthcare reform, Dr. Young was a founder and served as National Chairman of the Medical Committee for Human Rights, which was formed in June of 1964 to provide medical care for civil rights workers, community activists, and summer volunteers working in Mississippi during Freedom Summer. A longtime friend and confidante of Barack Obama, Dr. Young was the personal physician to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when he organized in Chicago, and also to Mayor Harold Washington, author Studs Terkel, and chemist Samuel Shore Quinn Stories is a weekly documentary series featuring Governor Pat Quinn. Get to know Pat Quinn in this compelling behind-the-scenes web series.
19 Dec 2009
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You may know him as an MD on the show The Good Doctor, but Hill Harper is also a financial literacy activist and author of the book, The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in Its Place. Here are some of his top tips for getting in financial shape by 2020.
25 Nov 2019
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Don't let premature ejaculation slow you down. Order from the good doctor today!
1 Jul 2007
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DadLabs Ep. 250 The Lounge - The DadLabs guys manage to penetrate the security perimeter at the Swedish embassy in Washington, DC and force noted neonatologist Av Fanaroff, MD, FAAP, to grant an interview. They threatened him with lutefisk. Nonetheless, the good doctor offers advice and wisdom on bonding with your newborn. This episode brought to you by BabyBjorn. Dr. Fanaroff has answers to the following parenting questions: * What are the benefits of early physical contact between babies and parents? * How do you get a hesitant Dad to hold their baby? * Can you spoil your baby by holding him or her too much? * Why does Clay's wife want him to move into a cave?
15 Jan 2008
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******* The good doctor dives deep for ultra-weird animal life.
2 Apr 2008
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******* From the author of "Free Google Ads" Dr Jon Cohen II (retired). According to the good Doctor, just one snippet of code on your website will bring the money pouring into your pocket. Being a Brit, it is hard to believe something like that straight off the bat, so I'd like us to have a look at the claims that Dr Jon Cohen II (retired) is making. Apologies for the length of the video, but there is so much and I wanted to highlight as much as I could.
2 Aug 2008
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The good doctor has a serious talk with Col. Falcon who warns him to keep his mouth shut and say nothing about meeting John Titor and others from the future. Falcon takes the doctor to the future to keep an eye on him. Starring: Vincent Angelo,Enrico Ganino and Chuck Paxton. Written Directed by Bobby Lento.
13 Aug 2008
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Watch as the good Doctor puts a solid ball into a closed & sealed solid container.
13 Feb 2011
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Watch as the good Doctor puts a scarf into a clear tube and then it just disappears.
13 Feb 2011
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The good Doctor gets great reviews from the audience at his shows!
26 Feb 2011
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WONDERFUL DENTIST AND STAFF!! Always first-rate-wonderful dentist & staff! WOULDN'T THINK OF GOING ANYWHERE ELSE!! Having been a patient of Dr. Shulman for nearly 20 years, it is always a pleasure to visit the good Doctor, and his friendly staff. My Wife, and son are also patients, and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. I RECOMMEND HIS OFFICE AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY!! As always, Dr. Shulman and his staff take a caring view of my family's dental needs. He has gotten to know my concerns and addresses them with great concern. His abilities are genuine and he has a relaxed office. I recommend his office at every opportunity. GREAT FRIENDLY SERVICE!! Great friendly service and relaxed atmosphere! I always have a great experience during my appointments. I would highly recommend Dr. Shulman and his team to anyone!
8 Apr 2012
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