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Visit *******www.merillat****/video/ to learn more about kitchen design. Sample a taste of "The Good Life" in this lively music video featuring Ben Daniels, Alexis Merte and The Madison Opera. Distributed by Tubemogul.
17 Mar 2010
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The Good Life Trailer
4 Sep 2017
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Det er svært at være fattig, når man er født til at være rig I en lille portugisisk by tæt på havet bor to danske kvinder – moderen Mette på 83 år og datteren Anne Mette på 56. Hele livet har de været rige; men nu er pengene sluppet op. Et liv levet på første klasse er erstattet af ubetalte regninger og konstant angst for ikke at kunne betale huslejen. I mange år levede den lille familie af en arvet formue, som var overleveret fra bedsteforældrene, nu må de klare sig for ti euro om ugen. Men hvordan vænner man sig til en ny virkelighed, nu hvor millionarven er væk? Hvordan overlever man et liv i armod, når man er født til rigdom? Og hvem skal man bebrejde, at drømmen om det søde liv nu er erstattet af et mareridt? Dokumentaristen Eva Mulvad har i tre år fulgt mor og datter i Portugal. Filmen er en underholdende og tragisk fortælling om en families storhed og fald. Et moderne og sort eventyr fra virkeligheden om en mor og datter der drømte om at leve lykkeligt til deres dages ende, men skæbnen ville det anderledes. Af den prisvindende instruktør Eva Mulvad og producer Sigrid Dyekjær.
2 Feb 2011
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Jason Prayer (Webber) doesn’t care about football, but that’s just one reason he’s an outsider in the football-obsessed Nebraska city where he grew up. To escape his dead-end existence, Jason retreats into classic old movies… until he meets the beautiful and mysterious Frances (Deschanel). But when Jason learns that Frances isn’t as she appears, he makes some drastic decisions in the explosive climax of this drama about one man’s search, against all odds, for The Good Life. Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, skateboarding champion Steve Berra’s writing/directorial debut The Good Life hits DVD November 4 from Image Entertainment. Mark Webber (Snow Day, The Hottest State), Zooey Deschanel (The Happening, TV’s “Tin Man”), Chris Klein (Election, American Pie), three-time Golden Globe nominee Bill Paxton (Titanic, Twister, TV’s “Big Love”), Drea De Matteo (TV’s “The Sopranos”), Donal Logue (The Tao of Steve, TV’s “Grounded for Life”), Patrick Fugit (Wristcutters: A Love Story) and Harry Dean Stanton (The Green Mile, TV’s “Big Love”) star in the comedy/drama of a young man (Webber) who is encouraged by a new friend (Deschanel) to cope with living in the small town where he doesn't necessarily fit in. The Good Life, written and directed by Steve Berra, was executive produced by Bill Paxton; produced by Patrick Markey, Devin Sloane, and Lance Sloane; and co-produced by James Henrie and Phyllis Laing. DVD Special Features include trailer, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround, enhanced for 16 X 9 widescreen TVs, Spanish and English subtitles (for the hearing impaired)
19 Oct 2010
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Waht is the good life? A job, financial stress, spending most of lives working for someone else? Watch the video. It may be something you're interested in.
6 Jan 2009
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"I often have ideas about how to improve life..." shot at hiChristina READ ALOUD - Chapter 1 of How to Live the Good Life by Fritz Donnelly buy the book here in paperback or pdf: *******www.lulu****/content/4713879 video and reading by Fritz Donnelly, video shot by Christina Ewald and the group also appearing in this video Taryn, Kyle, Christina, Scott, Ilir, Dima, Rolyn and others. Thanks to everyone who's bought the book so far. Tell me what you think of the first chapter dear readers.
27 Feb 2009
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"Today is worse. I walked past work and kept going." WALK TO WORK - Chapter 2 of How to Live the Good Life by Fritz Donnelly buy the book here in paperback or pdf: *******www.lulu****/content/4713879 Every other day author Fritz Donnelly reads from his book "How To Live the Good Life" in surprising locations all around the globe. see more at *******www.tothehills**** or *******blog.tothehills****
3 Mar 2009
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"when all the world turns to grapes, the tongue will be the discriminating organ" - adapted from Heracleitus. philosophical comedy by Fritz Donnelly. chapter 3 of "How to Live the Good Life" by Fritz Donnelly wih Christina Ewald.
15 Mar 2009
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"Take note...the sentence has been made and there is no fixing it." Check out the book here: *******www.lulu****/content/4713879 . Video by Fritz Donnelly shot by Christina Ewald. Chapter 4 of How to Live the Good Life by Fritz Donnelly. For more videos see: *******www.tothehills**** . In which the main character endeavors to take note of everything remarkable. On the subway he discovers that the two colored pens he has taken are each the same color, under the blue cap is a black pen. The train is so loud that he begins a petition for a 'quiet ride.' One person signs the petition, a child, who it later becomes clear has merely copied the protagonist's name on a separate line. Many people glance at the protagonists shoes, he notes 38 times, and he becomes concerned that he appears homeless. Upon returning home he asks himself, "who is the master afterall, the shoes or the man?"
13 Mar 2009
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Should you take flyers? by Fritz Donnelly *******www.tothehills**** shot by Christina Ewald from How to Live the Good Life: The Complete Book of Rules by Fritz Donnelly the paper version of the book is here: *******www.lulu****/content/4713879
20 Mar 2009
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Visit *******Www.Merillat.Com to learn more about kitchen design. Sample a taste of "The Good Life" in this lively music video featuring Ben Daniels, Alexis Merte and The Madison Opera.
30 Apr 2009
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Choosing The Good Life by Rob Whosoever of revel8ionTV www.revel8ion****
19 Feb 2013
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