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“Like Fire” is track 7 on Rick Shaffer’s tenth solo album, Broken Souls. The song laments the tragic overdose death of two friends . . . “Oh when you told me this could be the end, you’d be lost forever in your silent bed.” The video was shot on location in Poznań, Poland. CREDITS: Filmed, Directed and Edited by Syzmon Kubka; Male Friend, Pawel Sakowski (Game Of Thrones); Female Friend, Magdalena Bledowska. ©2020 Tarock Music, all rights reserved.
1 Aug 2020
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Clip of an incredible live instrumental break and rock guitar solo from Nunzio Signore of Jake Stigers and the Velvet Roots; a US classic rock band regularly touring the UK we just shot a feature length live tour documentary on. Perfect for fans of guitar solos, air guitar, the Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, Mick Jagger, Steve Miller, The Who and other rock and roll legends. Full film out late 2008 at film festivals...
13 Apr 2008
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10cc were always bound to make it. All members were 60s veterans, with Graham Gouldman already having written a string of hits for bands as diverse as the Yardbirds and Herman’s Hermits.
9 Sep 2018
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Song of love Wake the world bass cover heavy metal musician outdoor Origin of the term "Heavy Metal". The origin of the term "Heavy metal" is not clear. One version argues that it was coined by the writer William S. Burroughs, who in his 1962 novel " heavy metal musician outdoor The soft machine", includes the character "Uranian Willy, the Heavy Metal Kid." In his next novel entitled "Nova express", he develops even more this concept of "Heavy metal", turning it into a metaphor of addictive drugs. heavy metal musician outdoor Sandy Pearlman, producer, manager and composer of the Blue Öyster Cult band, says he was the first to apply the term "heavy metal" in 1970. heavy metal musician outdoor Another theory points to the origin of the term to a rock critic who in 1967 said Jimi Hendrix's music was "like heavy metal falling from the sky". For a long time the creation of the term was attributed to the critic of the magazine heavy metal musician outdoor Creem, Lester Bangs, He used it to describe a performance by Detroit's MC5 group in 1968, although later the magazine itself attributed it to its editor Mike Saunders for a critique of Lord Baltimore's "Kingdom Come". heavy metal musician outdoor Another possibility is the words "Heavy metal thunder" in the 1968 song "Born to be wild" by the Steppenwolf group. heavy metal musician outdoor heavy metal musician outdoor Influences and beginnings of heavy metal. American blues music was very popular and influential among the early British rockers; bands like the Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds had recorded versions of many classic blues songs, sometimes raising the tempo and using electric guitars instead of the acoustic guit
14 Dec 2018
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