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Teens See Pretty Girl In Car Next To Them. Then They Notice She’s Mouthing ‘Help Me’ Friends Aaron Arias, 19 and Jamal Harris, 17, were driving around together when they noticed a pretty young woman sitting in the backseat of a car next to them. Being young, hormonal teenagers, the boys tried to make eye contact with her. It was then that they noticed something that gave them chills. When the young woman saw them, she started mouthing something that the boys swore looked like “help me.” They immediately sensed that something was wrong, so they called the police as they followed the other car. “Yes, I’m on the highway. I’m witnessing a robbery. Not a robbery, a kidnapping,” Aaron told the dispatcher. “It’s me and another guy. So we’re checking out the girl in the backseat because we’re like, ‘OK, she’s kind of attractive’, and then all of a sudden the guy is turned back, looking at us.” Thankfully, police were able to track the car down and rescue the woman. When the boys heard her terrifying story they were so glad they had trusted their guts and called the police. It turned out the 25-year-old woman had been kidnapped at gunpoint by 37-year-old Charles Atkins Lewis and forced into his car. Thanks to Aaron and Jamal’s quick thinking, the woman was saved and Lewis was arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery. After the rescue, Aaron and Jamal met with the woman they had helped rescue so she could thank them. “I would describe it as the best hug I have ever gotten,” Aaron said. Were you glad to see these boys trust their instincts and save this woman? So share this!
16 Jul 2018
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Magical fortune cookies bring Caleb on a crazy adventure...enjoy hey if you like my vids punch that SUBSCRIBE button
21 Jan 2009
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Milk shakes....If thats how they make them then i don't want them.
31 May 2006
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The face of Saddam Hussein showed on the moon the day he was hanged. Believe it or not? Come and see them, then judge your self. Post your comment please. Let us see what people think.
15 Jan 2007
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Tell your friends you can link two paperclips together without touching them. Then do what I am about to do. They would have never thought of this!
5 Feb 2007
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you'd really rather see them then read about them wouldn't you. They don't bite though they may have when they were alive.Enjoy my gallery of misfortune to make you feel better about your life!
8 Feb 2007
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i will show you a rope then a coin trick if you like them leave me comments saying you want to learn how to do them then i will post another video revealing them(no sarcastic comments)
13 May 2007
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July 6, 2007 Transcript by Reg NYC Keith Olbermann: Good evening from New York. It has been thus on every sinking ship from Titanic to the SS Minnow of Gilligan's Island, a few far thinking visionaries try to get off first and get others to leave with them. Then, others begin to file off one by one and after them the deluge. And so it is for the Bush administration's policy in Iraq. Our fifth story on the Countdown, conservative Republican Senator Pete Domenici yesterday, conservative Republican Congressman John Doolittle today. Hope you can swim boys. This while the top national security officer from the Reagan administration insisting that the only way to protect the troops in Iraq is to get the Bush administration to bring them home, and the only way to do that may be to threaten the President directly with impeachment. The Commander-in-Chief having now supported the troops to a death toll of 3,592 with no end in sight. Conservative Congressman Doolittle of California, one-time Mormon missionary today joining the others in his party in questioning whether the conflict is worth the loss of any more American lives. His remarks though making the Congressman sound less like a great humanitarian or patriot and rather more like a huge xenophobe: 'I am increasingly convinced,' said Mr. Doolittle, 'that we are never going to succeed in actually ending people dying in Iraq. I think it's going to be a constant conflict, and if that is going to happen, it needs to be the Iraqis dying and not the Americans.'
12 Jul 2007
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Do you want know what sites your employees are surfing in the Internet during their working hours? Do you want to be sure that none of them works for your competitors? Do you want to be absolutely sure in them? Then this video is for you.
1 Aug 2007
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this video was film in mexico desrt this is what they got wow that mean that more will come to find them then a big war will happen the end is here!... LOL
11 Aug 2007
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If you have websites with google adsense on them, then you are going to love the new pay per play ads. You get paid on all website traffic. No waiting for clicks. It's free to join. thesecretpaysfast****/recommends/payperplay
13 Dec 2007
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Worth watching! Compliation of all 3 Korean subtitled JNN News: Chuai Oil Rig reports. The vids originally hit the Korean internet when a Korean blogger found the vids, subtitled them, then released em all over the Korean web (where I picked em up). Enjoy!
9 Jan 2008
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