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This little girl's thrilling walk on a small rope at several feet height... Walk by bare foot, sleeper and a variety of things.... Exciting,Amazing and entertaining one
9 Nov 2006
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Ranger is a thrilling & daring ride at MGM dizee world an amusement park in chennai where the participants stay suspended upside-down in mid air 25 feet above ground for 10 seconds.
10 Jan 2007
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amazing and thrilling roller coaster ride at an amusement park
26 May 2007
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Top Thrill Dragster made on RCT3
16 Jun 2007
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Take a look at one of the most intense thrill rides ever built!
30 Jun 2007
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Raw Thrills, Inc. was founded in 2001 to develop the finest arcade video game entertainment. The studio is led by veteran game designer Eugene Jarvis, whose credits include classic titles such as Defender™, Robotron:2084™, and the Cruis’n™ series of adventure driving games. From its debut driving hit, The Fast and the Furious™, to its recent release Halo: Fireteam Raven™, Raw Thrills strives to bring the player the ultimate arcade experience, while delivering consistent reliability and value. In 2006, Raw Thrills added the renowned game development studio Play Mechanix, Inc., forming a new world leader in arcade video games. Founded in 1995 by former Midway designer George Petro, the famed Play Mechanix design team created the Big Buck Hunter™ series. Raw Thrills releases include Halo: Fireteam Raven™, Superbikes 3™, Terminator Salvation™, Aliens Armageddon™,Injustice Arcade™, Big Buck HD Wild™, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™, Jurassic Park Arcade™, The Walking Dead™, Moto GP™, Space Invaders Frenzy™ & MORE.
Thrill of the Chase by Wong_Chung_Bang is highly fast and energetic trance song (I think its trance) that makes you think of racing. Legal Stuff: I do not own the picture nor the video. I interpret this as a phonorecord for public display. The picture is from 2 Fast and 2 Furious.
1 Jul 2007
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A 20 KM circuit driving with a Mitsubishi Lancer Sport 2.0 Drive to thrill, not a time attack.
2 Jul 2007
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Check out my Nitro RC Cessna very thrilling passes and landing on road with traffic
17 Mar 2008
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This drag racer has an innovative plan in mind for this sexy blonde date. He takes her out on the racetrack to do doughnuts in a Brabus Mercedes CL65! Can this date get anymore thrilling? Watch Supercars Exposed to catch more of the excitement while learning about the latest technologies and innovations – Monday nights on SPEED!
22 Mar 2008
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*******vitalcoaching****/wakeupyourpower.htm Focus on what thrills you first! - Exciting targets! - You come first! - Give yourself the priority! - Your body is your greatest asset! - Health Vitality! - You are the designer of your life - You are in charge! - Focus on win-win! - The key to synergy
22 Mar 2008
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Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA introduces X2, a cutting edge one-of-a-kind roller coaster designed to break all the rules! X2 is the world’s only 5th dimensional thrill now featuring a sensory explosion of sound, fire and fog. Unlike traditional coasters where trains only parallel the track, X2 is pushed to the extreme. Riders will race in newly-designed, sleeker, lighter vehicles that spin independently 360-degrees forwards or backwards on a separate axis -- creating an unprecedented “don’t know what to expect next” sensation. X2 opens to the public on May 24. For more information, visit: *******www.sixflags****/magicmountain/
9 Feb 2009
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Top Thrill Dragster on Discovery Channel Top Thrill Dragster Cedar Point, Ohio 120 MPH 420 feet high The Ultimate Thrill Ride in US
16 Mar 2010
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