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This is a simple guide for creating your very own LED throwies. Works best with 100+ of these thrown together. Get a bunch of friends together and go out and "decorate" a house. Or your car on Halloween/Christmas while its parked.
10 Jul 2007
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A neat project hat is lots of fun. If you make lots you can throw them on buildings and create really cool displays. sorta a graffiti thing, Im not sure if it is illegal to throw them on buildings them on buildings and statues and such, but i think if you don't get caught you will be fine :P. i would suggest just using them for your car or bike. stick em on the wheels of your car or bike at nighttime. they look pretty sweet. You can also use a slingshot to get them up to really high places such as the side of sky scrapers. This is not my own idea, the idea is from www.graffitiresearchlab****. The video, however is entirely my own work.
27 Jul 2007
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November 19, 2007 Downtown Los Angeles, Skid Row A group of L.A. students and artists took to the streets to bring attention to the homeless epidemic on Skid Row. They created imageries of windows - symbols of homes, security and hope - using the guerilla art tactic of light graffiti, also known as 'throwies.' In Downtown Los Angeles, 6,000 homeless people live in an area of less than one square-mile known as Skid Row. It is the most concentrated population of the destitue in the western United States. It has been reported that local hospitals and law enforcement agencies form nearby suburban areas have been caught 'dumping' homeless individuals in Skid Row upon their release. Every night, 80,000 homeless are spending the night on the streets of LA County while, just across town, some of the wealthiest people in the country remain oblivious to the situation. *******www.welcomehomela**** *******thresholdinteractive**** *******graffitiresearchlab****
6 Dec 2007
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With some basic electronics and some helium. We can hoax the world.
3 Feb 2011
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I made some LED throwies with a 3v disc cell and moved it arnd the room for a gr8 effect watch it
10 Mar 2008
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