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The quick way to add watermarks date and time stamps to digital photos - one at a time or in batch mode
13 Jun 2007
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See glencadia.blogspot**** for more discussion of this video.
6 Jul 2008
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50 (BATTERY) HOUR MICRO DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER (Buy / Rent) Open 24/7/365! (888) 344-3742 Life-Time Warranty / Guarantee This 2 GB internal and 16Gb external voice recorder does approx. 2,256 hours of digital voice recording. Mp3, (approx. 280 songs!) portable USB HD, FM stereo radio, cell phone/land-line phone recorder, voice activation, date and time stamp, flash memory, a/c adaptor, battery life of approx. 50 hours. The "smart sensor" detects rechargeable batteries and will recharge them without the need for removal. It has a easy to read dot matrix screen. All this packed into one tiny device and is perfect for home, office or personal use. Features: * Highly Sensitive Built-In Directional Stereo Microphone * Linear PCM(WAV) Recording Format Better Than CD Quality * Expendable SD Card Slot Up To 16GB * Built-in Battery Recharger With A Rechargeable Battery Detector * Wide Display LCD (34mm X 28mm) With Backlight * Multi-Language Support * Intuitive Button Layout For Easy Operation Of Main Features * Automatic Folder Advance (A/B/C/D) If Index Or Memory Is Full * Recording Format Selectable (MP3 & PCM)
20 Feb 2011
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BY KELSEY WAANANEN ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching tech global video news analysis from Newsy. Never go anywhere without your iPhone? Maybe that’s not such a good thing.Two UK researchers have discovered a file in the latest iOS -- which keeps records of users’ longitudes, latitudes and time stamps. The security firm discusses what they found. "So I started poking around inside the backups on the mac. And I actually stumbled across a direct recall that's called locationD. And I thought, that's looks interesting. So I had to poke around in there and I came across something called consolidated.db which was full of latitudes and longitudes and timestamps and cell IDs..." From there, the researchers found whenever a user connects their Apple iOS 4 device to a computer, the location information is uploaded through iTunes. But what does this mean for the millions of people with the iPhone 4 or iPad 3G? Is Big Brother watching? TIME’s Techland says - no. “The developers point out that the data being collected doesn't appear to be sent anywhere...” But just because the information isn’t being directly sent to anyone doesn’t mean its inaccessible, says the blog 9 to 5 Mac. “This may not be problematic for regular Joes, but ...If you’re a high-ranked executive in a corporation, a celebrity or some kind or a VIP, someone could steal your computer and plot your location history to determine where you live and work, your daily routine and more. From there, thieves could plan on breaking into your house while you’re away.” So why is Apple tracking this information and why did they start with iOS 4? So far Apple isn’t saying --but iLounge notes when Apple moved away from Skyhook, a geo-location system - they might have needed to develop another way to provide the same information to customers… "—it appears likely that iOS 4 devices are relying on this internal database to provide users with approximate location data even when no such data would normally be available." One blogger for GigaOm says--- this is no big deal. “As you can tell from the screenshot of my location data included in this article, I’m not particularly concerned about this data being out there, but I tend to lean towards the open and trusting end of the scale when it comes to information sharing.” A Gizmodo blogger feels uneasy about Apple’s actions. “Until Apple stops doing this, or explains why they are doing it, I don't feel safe. I feel weird having all this data that I don't want recorded on my iPhone, and so do others." Finally, The BBC notes - Apple actually told users about this - in the terms of use. “...although the practice is not explicitly flagged-up, it appears to be covered in the company's terms of use.‘We may collect information such as occupation, language, zip code, area code, unique device identifier, location, and the time zone where an Apple product is used so that we can better understand customer behaviour and improve our products, services, and advertising’” The two researchers have developed a program which visualizes the information collected on the iPhone.They’ve made it available to the public and we’ve linked to it in the transcript. 'Like Newsy' on Facebook for tech video news updates in your feed. Get more multisource tech video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
23 Apr 2011
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MAGAZINE / FOLDER HOLDER HIDDEN DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER: (Buy/Rent) *******tinyurl****/4se5pgc Open 24/7/365! (888) 344-3742 (Broadcasting Live: ******* Life Warranty! Open 24/7/365! (888) 344-3742 or (818) 298-3292 Surveillance and Security Equipment Demonstration Videos (Watch & Listen): *******www.dpl-surveillance-equipment****/library/playvideo.html?id=174 We have a life-time warranty / guarantee on all products. (Includes parts and labor). This item Rents For $85.00 Per Week. This magazine/folder holder will blend right into your office or home with all your books and organizers. Your other organizers however, won't feature the smallest size and largest capacity covert sound-activated voice recorder on the market today! 1GB internal memory and micro SD card compatible up to 16GB, features up to 2465 hours of "on board" record time. *******www.dpl-surveillance-equipment****/56790644.html
9 Mar 2011
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In English, it is Hito, in Chinese, i is heavenly dove. Typhoon is strong tropical storm that develops in the western part of the North Pacific Ocean. This region is referred to as the Northwestern Pacific Basin, and is the most active tropical storm basin on Earth, accounting for almost one-third of the world's annual tropical storms. A typhoon differs from a cyclone or hurricane only on the basis of location. A hurricane is a storm that occurs in the Atlantic Ocean and northeastern Pacific Ocean, a typhoon occurs in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, and a cyclone occurs in the south Pacific or Indian Ocean. Typhoon may form throughout the whole year within the northwestern Pacific, where the most numerous and intense tropical storms occur on earth. Typhoons move from the east or southeast to the west or northwest, Some of the deadliest typhoons in history have struck China. Southern China has the longest record of typhoon impacts. Today, August 23, 2017, in the afternoon, Typhoon Hato strike Pearl River Delta, including Ganton the city in which where I compose and publish this video program. Before Hato's strike, I don't know the typhoon will come today, in the past 3 to 4 days, just like most local people, I have strong feeling of swelter and stuffiness. From yesterday evening, wind begins blowing and rain begins dropping. Today, about one o'clock in the afternoon, I find the wind blows at a rarely harsh scale with heavy rainfall. Then, in the evening, I check out the news, knowing that Pearl River Delta is heavily struck by Typhoon Hato, accidents occur and people die or disappear in many places. Here I grieve over those suffered from Hato, and hope all can learn more from the disaster and live safely. This is RML, on the evening of August 23, 2017, with the wind howls outside windows. Humankind Science is held by Royal Mentor Lee.
24 Aug 2017
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This tweak for a text file will show you how to set a text file so that a date and time stamp will be automatically placed in the file whenever you open it. Great for keeping logs, diary etc....
19 Jan 2007
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SuperVideoCap is a powerful, all-in-one, video capture tool, which lets you capture Video/VCR/TV program from DV, DC, TV Tuner Card, Webcam, Capture Card to AVI (uncompressed or compressed using any available codec include DIVX, XVID), MPEG1, MPEG2 or WMV file. SuperVideoCap offers support for auto-capture, custom WMV profile, snapshot bitmap or JPEG from different devices and it supports most popular video formats. SuperVideoCap can also broadcast from anything that you can plug into your audio or video card, including a DV, DC, Webcam, Video Camera, TV Tuner, VCR, VCD Player and your friends can view your content with Microsoft Windows Media Player or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Further more, SuperVideoCap is excellent in overlaying text, image and time stamp applied to the local video file or live video and recording screen activity, mouse movement to AVI (uncompressed or compressed using any available codec include DIVX, XVID), WMV, FLV or SWF file.
27 Jul 2009
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It did really well, it got here as promised, but there were some serious problems along the way. I think the main thing you guys need to know is you need know is you to be able to track this order throughout its entire process. Its not acceptable to show in this modern day age and what you guys charge for this service, I mean there are plenty of other people out there, plenty of shipping methods available, but you have to be able to show more than; order sent to pharmacy, pharmacy sent order and then that’s it, you have to be able to show status in each process with time stamps you know similar to what a UPS or a FedEx service does, I mean you guys are offering a premium product so you need to be able to do this. So all in all that’s how it is, I mean we got do that and that’s what I think, you guys can do a lot better, and all in all it was good, it did arrive but I mean the other good thing that I was going to say is that the chat service is a really good idea, I really like being able to go online. They weren’t able to solve all my problems. They weren’t able to really give me any answers in regards to tracking because with your procedure there is no answers but it did work well for Chad and it did go ok when I called in but all in all the time to be able to get service and answers was too long so I think you need to improve that and all in all find a new tracking method that works so its smoother through and through.
25 Feb 2009
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10 Apr 2009
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*******www.omejo****/*******www.omejo****/*******www.omejo****/ Descriptions: 1. It is the first pen DVR with the function of recording video in the world. This is a real professional DVR pen for the professional investigators or law enforcement agencies. 2.We have improved the design of this kind of video pen so that Its nib is more tenuous and its weight is slighter. Besides this, not just kinescope video. 3.Super sensitive microphone can record the voice in a range of 15 square meters. This video pen has high quality video and audio with real time date and time stamping for the evidence in the court. 4.The video pen with delicate outline, fluent writing function, changeable pen filling is super vivid, long time used. 5.We keep price of this pen DVR unbelievably cheap Specifications: Real-time date and time stamping 4GB built-in memory Video: 300K pixels, AVI format Built-in microphone Normal size pen with handwriting function Built-in lithium battery can recording for two hours if the battery is full charged High speed USB 2.0 interface Portable U-disk function Supports firmware upgrade Packing included: Pen DVR User manual USB connector Charger connector Nice gift box Parameters: Image rate: 15 ~ 30FPS (frames) Sensitivity: 0.6LUX (1.3V/LUX.SEC) Lens exterior: 8*8 Object lens:2.8mm Focus: 2.6mm Video resolution: CIF 640x480pixels Dimension (DXL):14.2 X143mm Weight: 32g Products applications: Police can use it for law enforcement Lawyers can use it to collect evidence Reporter can use it to interview in special occasion For stealth surveillance *******www.omejo****/ Omejo technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer in producing spy detective equipment ,spy hidden camera, spy DVR series ,our factory is base in mainland china, set up in 2007, we invested a large amount of fund to develop and research new products such as button camera, CMOS camera, CCD camera, wired / wireless camera, 1.2 G/2.4G transmitter, CCTV cameras, mini camera, hidden camera, spy DVR , we uphold the doctrine that "customer first and for customer's utmost satisfaction" .with the concept ,we strictly operate our quality control system, relying on our best quality products, we have maintained a stable and good relationship with our best clients. Our engineering team with at least 10 years spy industry experience in researching and developing spy products independently.Also we have entered the global markets such as European countries, UK, USA, Mideast and any other corners of the world successfully. Omejo's final objective is: quality first, user atop all priorities, best services, mutual trust and sincerity Omejo technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Tel: 86-755-83316811 Fax: 86-755-83319595 Email:salesomejo**** sales1omejo**** URL: *******www.omejo**** *******shop.omejo**** MSN:salesomejo**** sales1omejo**** Head Office:16D/118# ,Yitian Village, Fuqiang Road , Futian District , Shenzhen,China Zip Code: 518000
8 Feb 2010
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Script:You may have caught our live coverage of the Republican National Convention. We seemed to have cameras where ever the action was and were reporting what was happening hours if not days before the legacy media.So how did The UpTake, a non-profit that operates on a shoestring and the kindness of donors, manage to out-do the multi-million dollar corporate media? Simple: Train, Organize and Crowd source.We discovered people learn the most when we do hands-on, one-on-one sessions to cover the basics. Most important was to give people feedback on what they did.Now you have a bunch of people who can run a camera and want to cover news. Thats great! But what are they all going to do? This is where applying the same organization techniques used in political campaigns comes into play.We turned to free services available on the web to keep track of volunteers, story ideas, events and of course equipment. The challenge was to connect volunteers with story assignments and equipment. We didnt have our own equipment to start, so we created a database of equipment our volunteers owned and were willing to lend out. We let people submit story ideas to our website.The hard part was finding volunteers to cover those stories. So we put one person in charge of just connecting volunteers and stories.(video of Recount and trial)Organizing volunteers was integral to our marathon coverage of Minnesotas US Senate recount and Election Contest Trial. The UpTake was the ONLY media to cover every minute of this and thousands around the world watched daily... for several months. Standup: Organizing can be as low-tech as listing what might happen on a sheet of paper and asking people who is interested in going there with a camera. It can also be as high-tech as using the cutting edge tools.Using Cover it Live and Twitter during live events were able let our audience help us with the reporting. The time stamp on both services helps us locate the important snippets of video out of the hours we record... allowing our volunteers to quickly edit clips that are interesting.Using a free service called Tubemogul, we can publish those clips to You Tube, Blip and more than a dozen other video websites in a matter of minutes.During the RNC we used crowd sourcing on twitter to weretrack where news was happening by searching for the RNC hashtag or following particular peoples tweets.Since our volunteers were dispersed all over downtown, we could have someone on the scene in minutes. And thanks to a free service called Qik, we were able to stream live video of the event as it happened.We use two kinds of phones for live streaming: The Nokia N-95 and the iPhone. Both lack a good lens and a good microphone. But we were able to solve part of that problem by using adaptors to plug in a professional microphone. These phones gave us another important advantage: police couldnt confiscate our video.Thats an important consideration because police arrested dozens of journalists, including one of our own. Once the video was streamed from the phone, it was on a server where the police couldnt reach it.We still sent people out with regular tape cameras... and they came back with compelling video that we quickly captured, edited and distributed for the whole world to see.The UpTake - a shoestring volunteer operation -- was able to do all of this not only because the technology to do it was easy and affordable... but because we were able to organize. That is the secret ingredient in any citizen journalism organization...
1 Jul 2009
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