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You should not see this! If you do dare view this story, rumor has it that a few unfortunate souls gambled with fate and now they claim to be haunted by the living impaired. This is not a joke... Leave Now.... RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chapter Four: It's Halloween Night and ghouls are ready for a good fright! Jacob has returned to the House Of Horrors. Will giving Scratch the book back really make them all go away? Trick or Treat, the house is hungry and it's time to eat!!!!! Enter if you dare... Into... Jazan Wild's Funhouse Of Horrors! VOICE ACTORS: Jacob Witkin (Lost / Puppet Master, among many others): Jake Stone (Narration) Bob Yurgatis (Carnival Of Souls): Young Jacob Stone, Scratch, Haunted House Workers, Cousins, Teacher, Ghosts Sharon Levesque Barnes (Carnival Of Souls): Mother (Mrs. Stone) Voice Talent Directors: Melora Harte (Robotech / Power Rangers / Macross Plus, among many others) and Steve Kramer (Robotech / Transformers / Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics, among many others)
19 Feb 2010
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At the very end of Act 2. Crazy draining emotional scenes, really happy with the finished product and it's time to eat. Two days to go to finish the script. Distributed by Tubemogul.
15 Oct 2008
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Visit: *******bodybuildingsecretsrevealed****/vincedelmonte Do you want a simple post workout nutrition shake to gain muscle when you don't have time to eat a real meal? Here is a healthy smoothie recipe to help you gain muscle mass.
2 Jan 2009
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Time to eat. Buddy loves cookies. (brown dog).
13 Aug 2009
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Go to ******* my FREE workout plan Build Muscle and Burn Fat FAST AS HELL! Key Nutrition Strategies For Ripped Abs A 6-pack is the hallmark of having a ripped body. No fitness or figure competitor would be caught without one. However, for those of us who didn't win the genetic lotto when it comes to flat abs, achieving a 6-pack isn't as simple as doing ab exercises and watching what you eat. Instead, you need to hunker down and tweak your diet to perfection. Try these 10 strategies and soon you'll want bathing suit season to be 1. Eat Often This should be a no brainer but some people literally have to set their Blackberry to beep when it is time to eat. When we eat we burn calories (thermogenic effect of eating) and we end up less hungry later. Skip meals and you are setting the stage to overeat at your next meal. So, do what it takes to remember to eat often. 2. Drink Green Tea Green tea extract when combined with caffeine, increases energy expenditure (calories burned). Studies have also shown that habitual green tea consumers are better able to maintain their weight. Researchers have theorized that weight maintenance is easier due to increased thermogenesis and fat oxidation. Tea has a multitude of other benefits as well so you can't go wrong with adding tea to your diet. If you prefer, try an energy drink with green tea extract and caffeine 3. Be Wary Of Sugar Free Products How many people do you know who chew packs of sugar free gum or candies so they won't eat? Sounds like a good idea, especially the sugar free kind. The thing is, many sugar free gums and candies have sugar alcohols in them which can cause bloating and abdominal discomfort. In large quantities, they can also cause a laxative effect in some people. Many sugar alcohols are known by their "-ol" ending: mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol, lactitol, maltitol. Mannitol is the worst offender when it comes to gas and bloating. 4. Quit Boozing If you are going to drink alcohol, at least drink wine and get a few antioxidants. But seriously, cut the alcohol. Do you know anyone who has ripped abs and still drinks on a regular basis (and yes, weekly counts as regularly!)? No, you don't, unless they are a genetic freak of nature. And, if you were a genetic freak of nature with naturally rock-hard abs, you probably wouldn't be reading this article. ******* When you Download the FREE workout plan it will contain WORKOUT VIDEOS (that you can put on you iPod!) and the FREE fitness and nutrition ebook The Ultimate Fitness Manual you will show you: •How you can workout LESS and get better results! •How to Drastically reduce your body fat and transform your entire body in as little as 6 Weeks! •How you can lose more fat by eating MORE FOOD! •And much more! Download the FREE workout plan NOW at ******* g
25 Feb 2010
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http:www.MoringaMix**** Many people are in a hurry these days, they do not have time to eat right or to take vitamins like they should. We have a product just for those people that are always on the go. Moringa Miracle 8 Blend Juice is from organic Moringa, wheat Grass, Noni, Acai, Pomegranate, Goji, Mangosteen and Camu-Camu fruit juice. Miracle 8 Blend combines 8 superfoods in one bottle. All it takes is one ounce a day and you get 8 different kinds of great healthy fruits that your body needs to function trough out the day. Miracle 8 Blend is a powerful immune boosting blend that delivers antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients to support total body health. For more information call us at (866)991-9942, (619)575-2074 or visit us at *******www.MoringaMix**** ******* www.WorldsChoiceProducts****
14 Sep 2010
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I use Cacao Wow almost daily and I never struggle to have enough energy to get through the day. I don't always have time to eat and it helps control my appetite as well. Find out more at *******tampogo****/darrylgreen
7 Mar 2011
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Air Travel with Children - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Jennifer Miner. I am a travel writer and I live in los Angeles. At the vacation gals we have a pretty firm opinion about traveling with lap babies. Don't do it, it's not worth it. My co-writer at the vacation gals, Beth, used to be a fight attendant and she recalls several near misses with the quick elevation drop. It's not worth it! Your baby can have his own seat with a caress harness, he will have some freedom of movement, you will have some freedom of movement too. I know that it is expensive to buy an extra ticket for your baby but considering the alternatives it's worth it. We believe that there should be a 'no lap baby' policy on the airlines. Air Travel with Strollers and Car Seats: You used to be able to bring almost anything you want on the plane, but things are different now. You get one carry on and your purse. So you don't want your strollers to count as your carry on. You are going to have to put it off to the side and get it when you get off to the plane. There is no other way around it. There are adaptable car seat strollers for airplanes. They are FAA approved. They are not great strollers and they are not great car seats but its nice to have 2 in one for a short trip. I like them. Food Options: You would be hard pressed to find some good airplane food these days. Even if you are in first class, I hear, those cookies are not as good as they used to be. When you have children and they get hungry, they get cranky, they cry, nobody on the plane likes you. Suddenly you are public enemy number 1. I recommend planning ahead and packing up some of their favorite snacks. Small bits of things. Such as baby carrots, if your child buy some miracle likes carrots instead of M & M's. Take M & M's,and we'll have a fun Game of separating them up by color, counting them, and then they get to eat them. It takes a little bit more time to eat the M & M's, they are eating candy which feels like a treat and they are quiet, for everybody else in the plane, which is a good thing.
27 May 2011
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Parenting: Developing Good Eating Habits in Children - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Developing Good Eating Habits in Children Well, it depends on the age of the child. Little kids who are, like, in the eighteen month to twenty-four month age range seem to go on almost no calories at all because they're so busy exploring the world. You think they're running on fumes sometimes. So that's a normal child development stage; all of my kids went through that, and I see kids go through it all the time, so that's not a time to be concerned. There are some children, as they get older, though, who have something called Sensory Processing Disorder. Sometimes it's a disorder, sometimes it's just a sensitivity. Some kids are very sensitive to smell, some kids are very sensitive to taste, and some are very sensitive to the texture of the food in their mouths. So if you are noticing that kids can't take food that has a lot of texture to it, you might start to realize that that body is receiving the texture, the feel in the mouth of the food, like, a thousand times more than the average person perceives it. And that's a high sensory sensitivity. So don't get mad at these kids, because they're actually sometimes being tortured by what their senses are telling them. And occupational therapists can help kids with this, so this is a really good opportunity to have your child evaluated by an occupational therapist to see if there's something they can do to give little increments of different types of food to the child so that, in stages, they get a little bit more tolerance for the foods built up. Some people just live with this with their children, and they just don't require them to sit at the table when the food smells are intense. I have one little girl whose parents I coached, she just takes her plate in the other room and she can eat where there aren't other plates around. She can eat her own plate, but she can't be in the smell of the other food. Isn't that interesting? And she can't be too close to the kitchen. So if they allow her to take her food someplace else, she can eat. So there's all kinds of ranges. Sometimes kids are picky just because there's been a lot of pressure put on them to eat food. So try not to pressure. Sit down, enjoy your own food, put good food in front of the children, allow them time to eat, take the food away, and don't make a big deal about whether they eat or not. If they're hungry an hour later, provide a snack. Really, the natural way of eating for children is to graze, so they should have lots of different small meals during the day. A three meal a day model isn't really built for growing children. So kind of relax about this. Control your own sense of anxiety around what they eat; don't express it to your children, and just offer food when they're hungry. That's really the best way to prevent an eating disorder later on down the road.
8 Jul 2011
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You might have noticed that your weekday and weekend schedules are fully booked hence you don’t have enough time for other things. Your work and home chores made your hours pass so quickly, you don’t have time to eat well and take a nap, relax on your sofa while listening to the radio and even take a nap. *******www.hottubworks****/
17 Sep 2011
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This is when our operation started to come together. We got the sound, got the music, got the FX, got the swag! In this episode of Mama's Cookbook from the Mama's Cookbook DVD, Jenny teaches you how to perfectly make and season your most essential leafy green vegetables. Adding more leafy greens to our diet has significantly improved the quality of our life. Many people seem to not like them but we think it's just cuz they don't know how to make em right! Cuz when you make em right, they are mmm mmm good! Be sure to give your food a kiss, grow your own if you can, shower it with love while you cook, and sing a song of joy before you eat! TaDa! Time to go! Time to eat! Follow your Dreams! Become a Funkateer!
17 Jan 2012
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Assisted Living Ogden Utah. Visit *******www.lotusparkcare**** or call us at (801) 590-7453 for more information about assisted living in Ogden Utah. If I were to give you a snapshot of a typical day in the life of a resident here, it begins with a caregiver being a part of their morning; getting ready, whether it’s bathing or dressing, whatever personal issues might be involved, having one of our wonderful caregivers there. They’ll be invited out to come join for breakfast. At breakfast, of course, they’ll be able to enjoy the socialization of the other residents and just another delicious meal that our chef has prepared. After their breakfast we’ll talk about what the day’s events are, and remind them of what they have to look forward to that day. After they’ve enjoyed their meal there are several activities that take place before lunch that involves exercise, reading the newspaper and talking about current events, getting caught up on things that are going on in the world. I did mention the exercise in our wellness center with the therapists that are there. There are some great exercises and that varies throughout the day. No one wants to jump on a treadmill and do the same thing every day – especially for this generation. There’s a variety of fun exercises and a lot of them will just make them laugh when they’re doing it. A lot of times they don’t realize they’re doing exercise, they’re just having a good time with their friends and neighbors. At lunch time they gather again together for another wonderful meal and then the afternoon is opened up for a variety of activities. We look forward to sharing our activity calendar with you and we invite families to come in and grab a copy of our calendar. Pop in any time and see what goes on. We love to have families participate in any of the activities throughout the day. In the afternoons there are several activities whether it’s involving crafts or entertainment or games or the maintenance that we’ve talked about. And then of course every day ends with our bus ride, that’s just a nice way to wrap up the day. And then in the evenings, after we’ve had our bus ride and other actives, we’ll gather again for another nice evening meal. During our meal time we can talk about things that took place during the day. We like to foster conversation during our mealtimes to help create that social role. All the other activities throughout the day are wonderful but mealtime is a very important activity during the day. We do look at it as not just a time to eat a meal – it’s really a time to bond with their friends and their neighbors and to enjoy something that’s delicious. After our evening meal there are a variety of activities we have scheduled. A lot of families come to visit during that time. There are different youth groups and community groups that come in periodically in the evenings. We also like to enjoy when there’s a Jazz game to watch together or a fun movie that we’ve scheduled. The activities continue even after dinner time so that there’s always something they can come and be a part of and be engaged in. One thing I really enjoy is getting to know the family so I’d love to meet you. We would love to have you come by and just talk and share the needs you’re looking for and let us see if we can best meet those needs. " For more information about Assisted Living in Ogden Utah, please visit *******www.lotusparkcare**** or call us at (801) 590-7453 Assisted Living Ogden Utah ***********/watch?v=nDgQSY3p5E8
18 Apr 2012
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