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Hello, my name is George C. Georgiou and I am the founder of EvolvingHumans a site that allows you to connect with others who are on the same journey as you of wanting to learn how to activate and make use of their dormant abilities and evolve.
Time to Play Magazine has reviews on all the newest learning toys for kids. Read about new toys from Fisher Price, Lego, Barbie, Hot Wheels and more. Our in depth toy reviews tell you everything!
Discover How To Remove The Shackles And Burdens From Your Life To Become Stress-Free! Enters: ******* Check out our top 10 common causes of stress 1. Not having enough time. Frequently you can be running around all day trying to balance all your tasks at work and at home, yet still not manage to tick everything off your list. Sometimes this can be due to the demands that are placed upon you being unrealistic, but often it simply comes down to poor time management and not setting your priorities. ******* 2. Unhealthy lifestyle While some people might adopt an unhealthy lifestyle due to lack of time — for example by turning to fast food because they haven’t time to eat properly — others may have an unhealthy lifestyle because they are already stressed — for example by turning to smoking as coping mechanisms. Whatever the reason, an unhealthy lifestyle can reduce your ability to cope with stress, and in some circumstances it may actually increase your stress levels. ******* 3. Taking on too much You may have a tendency to take on too much both at work and in your home life, perhaps because you don’t want to let people down. If you do this, however, it will frequently lead to you stressing about having too much to do and not managing to achieve everything you have taken on. Trying to take too much on will also mean you won’t be able to give what you do your best. ******* 4. Conflicts in the workplace or at home If relationships are strained at home or in the workplace, then it’s more than likely that you’ll be stressed about them. Conflicts might occur due to disagreements about how things should be done — and so you might feel that you have to stand your ground to make progress — but ultimately a lot of hot air will only contribute to your stress levels. ******* 5. Inability to accept things as they are Some people don’t have the ability to accept things as they are or realize that certain situations are out of their control. If you try to change something that you really can’t change, then you’ll just be creating unnecessary stress that you can do without. Plus, all that time spent stressing about it means you’ll be unable to concentrate on the other things that you could be doing — which may make you even more stressed. ******* 6. Failure to take time out and relax Being constantly on the go means that you will be in a heightened state of tension all the time and your body will never have the chance to get rid of your stress. Failing to take time out will also reduce your effectiveness in the long run. ******* 7. Non-work-related issues Stress may be caused by a non-work-related issue such as a serious illness in the family, having to care for dependents, a bereavement, moving house, or debt problems. Often these issues are unavoidable and not something that you can readily deal with — but it’s worth trying to deal with them rather putting them off or trying to ignore them. ******* 8. Failure to see the humour in situations Some people are often able to laugh in the face of adversity and seem to be able to brush aside problems and deal with them effectively. They essentially don’t allow themselves to become overly stressed. However, other people may not see the humour in some situations, and this may cause them to become more stressed. ******* 9. Particular situations that cause stress Becoming stressed in some situations is sometimes unavoidable, and inevitably there are situations in which we can expect to be stressed from time to time, such as in the workplace or when you’re stuck in traffic and you need to get somewhere quickly. ******* 10. Cause of stress: Major life changes Significant changes in things that we have become accustomed to can be a real cause of stress. For example, changing your job or moving house may be among the most stressful things you will do in your lifetime — which is possibly why most of us try to do it infrequently! Also, the process leading up to the change may be stressful in itself. *******
10 Jun 2013
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Is it time to eat yet? Synchronized Eating with the "Leave it" command, triggered by "OK". King Charlies Cavalier Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel See Ginger do it for 1 minute: ***********/watch?v=4vS43Dg4HBA *******www.gingercavalier**** *******www.facebook****/SleepyGinger
4 Oct 2013
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Is it time to eat yet? Synchronized Eating with the "Leave it" command, triggered by "OK". King Charlies Cavalier Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel *******www.gingercavalier**** *******www.facebook****/SleepyGinger
4 Oct 2013
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These dogs are so well trained that they don’t rush and make a chaos when it is time to eat. They go one by one taking their turn.
26 Dec 2017
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Are you a busy college student with very little time to eat properly and hit the gym? I understand the frustration because I too, was once a college student and put off my health. In this video, I provide 8 great tips that you can utilize throughout college to decrease thigh fat and still look great!
5 Jun 2018
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The Perch Hook on High Chair is a well-designed, great quality product for your baby. When your baby is hungry, it's time to eat! You can have your little ones enjoy his or her breakfast, lunch or dinner on that baby high chair and have a great bonding moment for you and baby. For today’s parents, highchairs are a standard piece of equipment, but because of the many features available, it is not easy to choose the perfect one.
10 Oct 2018
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