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Timeless Music Company is an online music store selling all popular music ranging from Celtic, Country, Pop, Children's, Classical, World, Inspirational and much more. Check us out at or check out our music at
jang riin ft xiah - timeless featuring hang geng , si won
15 May 2008
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fuck Greece :) timeless "Greeks," modern nation, those who live in today's Greece are mixture between Walaches (Romanians) and Arvantes (Albanians) and they are settled in today's Greece in the time of Byzantine. In this period they adopted the Greek (Romanoi) language from Byzantine priest, ten centuries in continuity they were called "ROMAIKOS" even the Turks called them "YUNANI" They started to call them selves Greeks after English intervention at the Mediterranean sea at 19 Century. "Greece", on the other hand, is derived from the Latin Graecia, the province of the western Roman Empire which stretched south of Mount Olympus through the peninsula of Attica and the Peloponnese. Its International use to describe the sovereign state that currently occupies that territory is merely a reflection of the fact that "Greece" in this modern sense is literally a western invention.
7 Feb 2009
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Ohrid City of Lights Macedonia Timeless
6 Nov 2009
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** –CINEMA SCENE Timeless French Films: “Very Happy Alexander,” “The Lion Child,” & “Same Old Song” (In French). Episode: 1176, Air Date: 3 December 2009.
15 Jan 2010
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Timeless 2011- Boston's Most Exclusive New Year's Eve Gala Calderwood Pavillion, 527 Tremont Street Boston, MA ++++ BUY TICKETS NOW BEFORE WE SELL OUT+++++ *******www.synergynye**** *******www.bostonnewyearseveparty**** *******www.facebook****/synergyboston *******www.twitter****/synergyboston After the overwhelming success of The Emerging Trends 2010, the 4th Annual Boston Fashion Week Celebration Party, and 2 years of sold out NYE parties, The SYNERGY Events continues to bring you another event you can't afford to miss. The SYNERGY Events cordially invites you to Timeless: A BOND Evening - Boston's most exclusive New Years Eve 2011 Gala. For the vogue and refined, this celebration will immerse you in "Old Hollywood" James Bond movie theme, with red carpet, amazing sound, lights and decor, signature cocktails, professional photographer and videographer, and live entertainment. The glamorous event will take place at the Calderwood Pavilion located at 527 Tremont Street - Boston's ultra-stylish private event space. HIGHLIGHTS: - Meet Boston's friendly, fun & upscale crowd (21-35 age group) - Hosted by Miss Massachusetts 2010 - Lacey Wilson - Professional photographers and video crew to capture your best moments throughout the night and on the red carpet - Complimentary appetizers from 10:00-11:00 PM - Four premium bars with an exclusive VIP bar for VIP ticket holders - DJ ILMADIK spinning Pop, Euro House, Arabic House, Top 40′s mash up and Hip-Hop. Say no to 30-second DJs playing the same old songs from the radio!! - Live projection of midnight countdown from Times Square - Live vocal finale - Outstanding decor, lights and sound - Prizes awarded to the best dressed male and female - VIP gift bags for Ultra VIP ticket holders - Complimentary party favors - Exclusive 2nd Floor Martini room access for VIP guests after midnight - Many other surprises and giveaways in store This year surround yourself with opulence and splendor of TIMELESS 2011, the one and only event that will stand out from the rest of the "New Years Eve Parties" in Boston. Dress Code: Black Tie optional. Gentlemen-tuxedos or suits. Jackets are required. Ladies - evening dresses or ball gowns. No jeans, t-shirts, or inappropriate attire. It is strongly recommended that your dress to match the theme - Bond, Bond girl, villain, sexy spy, etc.About Us: The SYNERGY Events (Boston, NYC, DC) produces upscale themed events that allow high-end guests to mingle, meet and experience unique gatherings through eclectic music, fashion and ambiance. These events are exclusive and distinct, just like our market, because we provide an atmosphere unlike any other. Our events have been covered by Boston Globe, Boston Common, Improper Bostonian, Boston Magazine & many other online and print publications. We are the leader in creating an unforgettable time for our guests. More info at: *******www.theSYNERGYevents****. About the Venue: The Calderwood Pavilion serves as a theater hub and a cultural landmark for the City of Boston. It provides a home for artistic collaborations; fosters the development of new plays; helps build and diversify audiences and was designed by Boston-based architects for the arts Wilson Butler Lodge Inc., working with theater consultants Fisher Dachs Associates and acoustical consultants Acentech.
16 Oct 2010
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*******pspultimategamer.blogspot****/2011/03/jikandia-timeless-land-psp-game.html Download more psp games here: *******pspultimategamer.blogspot****/ Nds Games: *******thenintendofreedsromdownload.blogspot****/ PC Games: *******mypcgamesfreedownload.blogspot****/ Latest Software: *******softshredder.blogspot****/ All for FREE!!!
20 Mar 2011
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Jinkandia: The Timeless Land - Debut trailer
30 Mar 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – The Timeless Art of Turkish Ceramics (In Turkish). Episode: 1782, Air Date: 1 August 2011. Today’s A Journey through Aesthetic Realms will be presented in Turkish, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, English, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. We come from a culture with multiple roots. During the Hittite period, the mud was shaped in the best possible, the most beautiful way. In the works that we create, we are inspired by the Hittite and Phrygian forms. Welcome, exquisite viewers, to A Journey through Aesthetic Realms on Supreme Master Television. Turkey has a continuous history of ceramic arts dating back to as long as 8,000 years ago. During the Hittite Kingdom in 1400 BCE, the making of pottery and ceramic ware reached an unprecedented height. Its influence on the design and manufacture is still evident on Turkish earthenware today. Blessed with an artistic heritage and rich resource of raw materials, the Turkish ceramics sector has grown tremendously in the past decades, with quality merchandises exported to many countries around the world. In today’s show, we will visit a family-based workshop named Güray Seramik, located in Cappoadoccia, central Turkey. It is operated by 5 master artesans and a team of 70 supporting specialists. Let’s meet Mr. Tamer Kankal, master of ceramics and manager of Güray Seramik. I would like to welcome you in the name of the Güray family. We have been in the business of the art of pottery and ceramics for around 200 years, conveying this art form and introducing it both in and outside the country. We also have the pleasure of meeting the ceramic master Mr. Aydin Afacan, painting artist Mr. Noyan Yayla, as well as master of red and white clay ceramics, Mr. Suat Aldağ. Hi, my name is Noyan Yayla. I was born in İstanbul. I studied at Marmara University, Fine Arts Faculty, but I started painting thanks to my father. My father, I think, is an important painter; his name is Uğur Yayla. I started at the age of 12 with my father’s encouragement. And I have been doing this job for 16 years. The first step in the art of making pottery and ceramics is to prepare the clay. In this part of the workshop, they are working on preparing the red mud pie. It is stirred in pools shaped like this with water, then kneaded and remolded until it becomes like dough. After it is put to rest for three, four days, this mud comes out inside this machine. The stones inside this are crushed. And later, our mud is put through inside this machine. The purpose here is to get rid of the air bubbles inside. The mud from which we took away the air bubbles comes out like this. And then, this mud, inside of plastic bags, so it can go through some kind of fermentation, is kept for about three, four months. After several months of storage, the mud pies can be used for shaping various styles of pottery products on a lathe. There are various techniques for pottery making. One of them is the mold method. We are using the plaster as the mold. One of the most important characteristics of this is that it absorbs the water. This plate that our master created, along with its mold, is put aside so that it can dry out. At the end of these two days, our plate is separated from its plaster mold. And later, it is left alone to dry by itself naturally, for about 15 days. And these products that are put to rest are later baked in the oven at 950 degrees [Celsius]. The difference between pottery and ceramics consists of both the starting materials and the process of creating them. Let me give you some brief information regarding how we obtain the white mud which we use in the making of the ceramics. The most important difference that distinguishes it from the red mold is the various minerals that we add inside. The two most important ones are quartz and china clay. Quartz makes the product more durable after the baking and improves its quality. China clay is the material that gives the white color to this clay. Off the lathe, the ceramic objects are allowed to dry for 3 to 4 weeks instead of 15 days. Then they are baked for 8 hours in the furnace at 1040 degrees Celsius, 90 degrees higher than the temperature used for pottery. Another 8 hours are needed for the heated products to cool down slowly in the oven. The baked artifacts are checked to screen out imperfect items before being passed to the decoration artists. First, the pattern is roughly outlined on the plate. This is freehand work. Later, there is the coloring process. Here, clay-based paints are used. These products are coated with a material called glaze. Inside this glaze, there are materials such as granulated glass. As you can see, the pattern lays beneath this glaze. And, it is baked again for the second time at 950 degrees. And here, this material which we call glaze melts down and becomes transparent, thus forming this glassy layer. Due to the quartz which is in the mud, and the quartz which is the glaze, after the baking process, our products become much more durable. The richness of Turkish ceramic arts is reflected in the colors, patterns, and forms of the products. The colors, we will see at first, are blue and white. And these are works which date back from the Seljuk period. It is cobalt blue. In nature, it can easily be found. Colorful works can be classified as gillyflower, tulip, rose motifs, tree of life motifs, and later on, 16th and 17th century Ottoman miniatures. Images on the ceramics represent symbolic elements found in religion, custom or history. Every shape that is drawn on the plates, on the works, has a meaning. Gillyflower is the flower that represents Heaven. Tulip is the traditional flower of Turkey. And rose is a story which tells that our prophet’s skin smelled of rose. When it comes to the tree of life, it is a plate that represents family, longevity, and also abundance. This side represents the father, and this side represents the mother, and this is a pattern that represents children, generations. And Ottoman miniatures are the works on which the court life of the sultans are depicted. The aesthetic forms of each object are often associated with important folklores. Most of the things we work on are actually urns, pitchers, jugs which were used in past mythologies. I think one of the most beautiful work of arts that this culture produced is the form known as Hittite Sun or the God of Sun, one of the most important deities that the Hittites believed in. In religious ceremonies, at rituals and at the altars, they offered drinks to the gods using these forms. The road to become a master of pottery or ceramic art has many requirements. One starts around age 10 or 12. It takes 4 to 5 years before an apprentice is allowed to practice at the workbench, if the master deems the student is very promising. In the next 4 to 5 years, the student learns from the master’s special techniques. Overall, it takes about 10 years for an apprentice to become a master. What are some of the traits that a professional earthenware artist should have? Actually, you do not need to have a special education to do this. It’s just that you really should want to do this because this job requires us to practice all the time. You also need to have some visual talent. Learning, collaborating, and sharing of inspiration and knowledge are catalysts for creativity. These occur on a continuous basis. During my time with the students, while I am teaching them the lathe, I am also learning myself. Apart from that, the place we are in now is a store, a family that is open to all kinds of forms. We discuss what we can do altogether. We try to find a solution together. The pottery and ceramic art masters describe their special feelings about the profession. I am very relaxed, I mean the way I see life is also like this. It is a very enjoyable job. You are working with a material which is limitless and three dimensional. I am very peaceful and relaxed because it is a job that gives pleasure. The gracious Güray Seramik team sends their warmest regards to Supreme Master Television viewers. For your interest in our special products, our special culture, we would like to say thank you. I wish you happiness and success. If you want more information or want to be visually satisfied better, you can visit us. Our many thanks, Mr. Tamer Kankal, Mr. Aydin Afacan, Mr. Noyan Yayla, and Mr. Suat Aldağ, for introducing to us the fascinating Turkish pottery and ceramic arts. May you continue to preserve your precious traditional artistic heritage, creating unique and exquisite products which add beauty to the lives of many. Friendly viewers, thank you for your wonderful presence on today’s A Journey through Aesthetic Realms. Up next on Supreme Master Television is Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of Living, after Noteworthy News. May your tranquil moments be showered with heavenly inspirations.
22 Oct 2011
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Timeless (feat. The L.B.S. Crew) - Single de Laurent Garnier DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM FOR FREE: *******ulinks****/1213 Tracklist: Jacques In the Box Our Future (Loud Disco Mix) Our Future (Detroit Mix)
27 Mar 2012
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Gucci G Timeless GreenRed replica watch quartz *******www.replicabang****/item_tpl.php?item=11481 Movement: Quartz, Japanese Functions: Hours, Minutes, seconds Case: Black PVD Stainless Steel Glass: Sapphire, scratch-resistance Case size: 45 mm by 10 mm Dial: black dial with green indexes and hands, date at 4 o'clock and green/red/green web at 3 o’clock Bracelet: black nylon strap with green-red-green web and black pvd ardillon buckle.
19 Nov 2012
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Timeless Kitchen: Modern Kitchen Design & Ideas | Aesthetix Furniture
13 Dec 2019
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You know what they say... Practice makes perfect.
24 Aug 2006
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