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Here, if half a second is very valuable, a little error and collision will be unavailable. But no balls are colliding, such acute calculation is done.
8 Feb 2019
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Mission Space is all about taking control of the spaceship and reach for the destination. Guide the spaceship along the defined pathway without falling off the track. Collect all the space objects within the predefined time and head towards the destination after collecting the key. Timing is the key while collecting the space objects as they disappear after the time gets elapsed. So make sure to collect as many as space objects to get a good score. The Features: •Tilt the device to move the spaceship •No Time Limit •Intuitive gameplay •Collect key to advance to higher levels Cruise your way to victory. Get set and go!!!! Check Out on App Store Game Link: ************/us/app/mission-space-hd/id600796649?mt=8
19 Feb 2013
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