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While our homeless friend Tippy Tom is relaxing in the KROCK green room, our own FoundryMusicDanny, who does a dead-on Tippy Tom impression, debates with him as to who is the ORIGINAL 'Golden Buns'. We don't know either.
1 Jan 2008
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Tippy Tom confesses that he has a soft spot for actress Meryl Streep, specifically the 1982 film SOPHIE's CHOICE....which, according to a weepy Tippy Tom...broke his li'l homeless heart.
21 Apr 2008
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One of the things we learned about Tippy Tom is that he has a gambling problem, and that is what cost him his window cleaning business in Reno many years ago. What better way to entertain our childish asses than have Tippy Tom playing Blackjack against Anthony, whose own gambling activities may send him down the same road... maybe... just sayin.
11 Apr 2008
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Once again, Erik 'EROCK' Nagel is subjecting himself to something awful. Today's awfulness includes getting an up-close whiff of Tippy Tom's homeless ass. Once again, ERock pukes his guts out.
15 May 2009
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Tippy Tom, who is as close to a 'celebrity' as a homeless person can get on the Opie and Anthony Show, is invited into the XM studio to sit in Anthony's chair (Ant left a bit early, so he wasn't able to shoo Tom away) and play with all of Anthony's toys.
25 Jun 2008
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A breakthrough in low cost water technology, the tippy tap is a simple device for hand washing with running water at no cost to the environment and a marvel for the poor in rural areas, where disease and germs dominate. The idea behind the tippy tap is, just because you’re poor does not mean you have to be dirty. Here’s how to make your own tippy-tap in your front room.
23 Aug 2011
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Okay this is my teachers turtle on its back. Watch what happens. I thought this was so funny so i decided to see how many youtube hits i could actually get. LOL!!! Sweeeet
23 Jan 2009
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20 Jun 2010
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The Opie and Anthony Show likes to take liberties with segment titles. For instance, this bit is called the 'Homeless $25,000 Pyramid', but only two of the contestants were actually homeless and we didn't have anywhere close to $25,000 to give away. Other than that, it was appropriately named. Here's Big A and Sandy Kane, along with Tippy Tom and Papa Rock, trying to figure out secret words with only minor hints.
1 Jan 2008
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Sandy Kane fires off a series of words that start with 'ST' and Big A can't figure out what she's doing. Twitchels gives Tippy Tom some very simple hints and Tom, as usual, messes up the entire bit.
2 Jan 2008
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Big A sugggests a few hints to Sandy Kane, and she gets stumped trying to figure out what else you might 'push'. Tippy Tom still doesn't get the bit and Twitchels (as well as the rest of us) is getting very frustrated.
1 Jan 2008
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doggie nieghbors... pitbull wants Tippy the poodle really really bad, poodle teases the pitbull
8 Jan 2008
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