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Do you have a roommate who acts like they are the next Freddy Mercury? Well, this doggo certainly thinks that way and the catto doesn't approve of it's singing at all!
21 Mar 2021
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Instructions for Music Mediation 1. Choose meditation music that can help you relax. This means finding music that you enjoy listening to—if you don’t enjoy classical music, for example, don’t choose it. You should also look for music that has a slower tempo, and preferably without lyrics, which can be distracting and can engage your conscious mind—the part of your mind that we hope to slow down. 2. Get into a comfortable position and relax. Many people think they need to sit with their legs crossed a certain way or use a meditation cushion, but really, whatever position you feel is comfortable is the position you should try. Some people avoid lying down because they fall asleep this way if they're tired; you can experiment and decide what's right for you. Once you've found your position, close your eyes, relax your muscles, and breathe through your diaphragm. Let your shoulders, your belly, and even the muscles in your face relax. Breathe in deeply through your nose, gently expanding your belly rather than your chest, then exhale through your mouth. 3. Stay focused on the music. If you find yourself thinking about other things (or even thinking thoughts about the music), gently redirect your attention to the present moment, the sound of the music, and the feelings in your body that the music evokes. Try to really feel the music. 4. Continue this practice for several minutes, until your time runs out. As thoughts come into your head, gently let them go and redirect your attention to the sound of the music, the present moment, and the physical sensations you feel. The goal of this practice is to quiet your inner voice and just ‘be’. So just ‘be’ with the music, and fully immerse yourself, and you’ll feel more relaxed fairly quickly. Video by Dmitri Posudin from Pexels
22 Mar 2021
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A car tire falls off and continues perfectly down the runway
11 Apr 2006
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Tires on his head! He doesn't seem to care.
4 Apr 2006
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An experiment involving a car going up a very steep slope with different tires.
20 Apr 2006
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Some guy shooting a tire with a rifle.
16 May 2006
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Drawing a 360 circle with the bornt out tire.
20 Apr 2006
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A nice way to change a tire... How do they do that?
30 Jul 2006
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Great old tire commercial.
10 Oct 2006
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This is our daughter at about 6 months old so tired she just fell forward sound asleep. listen closely.
24 Oct 2006
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Install Your Tire Chains Without Lying Under the Car! The time has come for a simple way to reach around the back of the tire and connect the inside link without getting under the car and fighting the chains in tight cramped places. As you can see from the video, connecting the inside link is easy with only one hand.
6 Nov 2006
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easy and cheap way to stud your tires using a drill and a couple boxes of half inch hex head screws. you won't have to put your toys away in the winter any more. you can ride on any terrain
11 Jan 2007
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