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Title tags are often overlooked when it comes to search engine optimization. They can help, or hurt your website's ranking. Watch this video by findyoursearch**** to learn a few simple tweaks you can make that can significantly boost your SEO rank!
27 Mar 2012
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What is HTML Tags? 1.) Tags are crawled by search engines but are not displayed to user as a part of web page content. 2.) If you want to Indexed your web page then consider using HTML Tags a.) HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language which is use to create a website structure. 3.) In SEO we optimize HTML page but does not develops a page. Tag Limit Title : 70 Characters Meta Keywords : 140 Characters Meta Description : 140 Characters Heading : H1 (1 time) H2 (2 time) H3 H4 H5 H6 BOld : At least twice Hyperlink : 70 Characters Alt : Each and every image should have filled ALT attribute. After completion of Keywords Analysis, in this video you can learn about HTML Tag Optimization which is also known as Meta Tag Optimization.
25 Dec 2018
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Wondering how you get your Press Release to appear in the search engine results? Liana "Li" Evans of KeyRelevance & SearchMarketingGurus**** shares 4 tips on how to optimize your press release for the best results. Keyword Research, Title Tag Optimization, Images & Anchor Text is discussed. Full Transcript at: *******www.searchmarketinggurus****
28 May 2008
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