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Self-defense to prop dagger - tự vệ chống dao găm
17 Sep 2008
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23 May 2013
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An description how to prop a sailing boat up after it has been capsized. It's real fun watching it ;-)
20 Mar 2007
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Did you know it's Islamo-fascism Awareness Week? Founder David Horowitz promises "the nation will be rocked by the biggest conservative campus protest ever." You may think it's a clownish buzzword designed to prop up President Bush's War on Terror. But Horowitz is raising an army of courageous college students on campuses around the country to fight the forces of the terrorist-loving establishment and prove you wrong. See all the gory details in today's episode of TPMtv.
23 Oct 2007
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13 Dec 2008
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www.FreeTradingVideos**** :: Stocks dropped a bit on Friday as ongoing worries about banks. The government plans to announce a plan next week to prop up the housing sector by helping homeowners avoid foreclosures.
14 Feb 2009
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"Allah Knows ALL"... EU rejects mass bailout for Eastern Europe By Ilona Wissenbach and Marcin Grajewski BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union leaders rejected a mass bail-out of central and eastern European countries on Sunday, but held out the prospect of bringing them under the protection of the euro zone more quickly. At a summit called to bridge differences over how to handle the global economic crisis, leaders made a new commitment to the EU's single market -- a response to fears that any protectionist moves to prop up national industries would undermine EU unity. In a bid to unclog credit flow to the withering economy, the leaders backed European Commission guidelines issued last week on the treatment of toxic assets in banks, and will formally endorse the recommendations in two weeks. They also supported a call by a study group led by former French central bank governor Jacques de Larosiere to create two bodies to coordinate oversight of financial institutions across Europe to avoid a repeat of the credit crunch. Hungary had led calls for a 180-billion-euro ($228 billion) aid package to rescue east European economies whose currencies have been battered in the economic downturn, and called for the two-year preparatory phase for euro membership to be shortened. "We should not allow a new 'Iron Curtain' to ... divide Europe into two parts," Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany said, warning of the growing divisions between rich and poor countries because of the economic crisis. NO CHANGE TO EURO CRITERIA German Chancellor Angela Merkel said there could be no change to EU treaty rules requiring applicants to get their economies into shape for the single currency zone, but indicated the process could be accelerated. All applicant countries must demonstrate their currency's stability by putting it in the Exchange Rate Mechanism 2 currency grid for two years before admission to the euro. TO READ MORE: *******www.reuters****/article/newsOne/idUSL154742720090302?sp=true
3 Mar 2009
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Microsoft is no stranger to wasting money on new products, but it looks like the combination of unique features and marketing muscle actually might have done something to prop up Bing. When the service launched, most tech pundits were extremely skeptical, since it's about the 5th major search launch for the company. Last month, Bing added 1% marketshare, which might not seem like much to most people, but compared to Google's monolithic 77% share of the market, any gain is somewhat impressive. Does it mean that the search engine is successful? Who's using what, and which parts of Bing do people avoid? We ask Christina Warren from DownloadSquad, and Jason Hiner from TechRepublic. Distributed by Tubemogul.
5 Aug 2009
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*******liamlusk****/myblog The farmers were struggling to sustain profits so they depended on the goverment to prop them up. Our business expression to day is 'prop them up'.
17 Mar 2010
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Well not really, but Premiere creates wonderful effects. Check out this super cool video created to prop the Harmonix's Queen DLC content.
8 Dec 2010
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This morning, the S&P 500 e-mini futures(ES M1) are trading lower by 4.25 points to 1280.50 per contract. The decline in the futures market seems to be a continuation from yesterday's late day sell off. All eyes and ears were on the, Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke as he gave a speech yesterday afternoon before the stock market closed. The major stock indexes plummeted on his comments as he did not indicate that he would continue to prop the markets up after late June when his QE-2 program is scheduled to end. He did say that he would keep the Fed funds rate at zero percent for the foreseeable future. This key bank lending rate has been at zero percent since December 2008. Now you know why you do not make any interest in your savings account.
8 Jun 2011
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28 Sep 2012
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