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TO THE WONDER, written and directed by Terrence Malick, is a romantic drama centered on Neil, a man who is torn between two loves: Marina, the European woman who came to United States to be with him, and Jane, the old flame he reconnects with from his hometown. In TO THE WONDER, Malick explores how love and its many phases and seasons: passion, sympathy, obligation, sorrow, indecision, can transform, destroy, and reinvent lives.
23 Feb 2013
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13 Apr 2013
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Neil, un aspirante a escritor, y Marina, una joven madre, están juntos en la isla francesa de St Michel, conocida en Francia como la maravilla del mundo occidental, revitalizados por las sensaciones de estar de nuevo enamorados. Neil ha dejado Estados Unidos buscando una vida mejor, dejando atrás una serie de hechos dolorosos. Mirando a Marina a los ojos, Neil está seguro de que ha encontrado a la mujer que puede amar con dedicación. Pero cuando años más tarde, una serie de circunstancias personales y profesionales resquebrajan su relación, otra mujer aparece en la vida de Neil, con igual o incluso mayor fuerza: Jane. ¿Logrará este hombre mantenerse fiel a su promesa inicial o aprovechará para cambiar su vida hacia el futuro que siempre anheló?
12 Apr 2013
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I'd be willing to bet that this is going to be the best movie of 2013.
20 Jun 2013
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Disney/NASA- Welcome To The Wonderful Off-World of Disney/NASA. The NASA photos covered in this video, can be viewed on NASA's Apollo Image Gallery: *******www.apolloarchive****/apollo_gallery.html Classical music in this video is copyright free public domain, available to download and use from: *******www.musopen****/info.php?class=composer&id=128 Antonio Vivaldi-Spring, from the Four Seasons 1st Movement "Allegro" ALL NASA PHOTOS USED IN THIS VIDEO ARE PUBLIC DOMAIN. THE USE OF ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS USED UNDER THE GUIDELINES OF "FAIR USE" IN TITLE 17 § 107 OF THE UNITED STATES CODE. SUCH MATERIAL REMAINS THE COPYRIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL HOLDER AND IS USED HERE FOR THE PURPOSES OF EDUCATION, COMPARISON, AND CRITICISM ONLY. NO INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT IS INTENDED.
18 Dec 2009
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To The Wonder
5 Dec 2018
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7 May 2009
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Trailers for To the Wonder, Welcome to the Punch starring James McAvoy and Michael Bay's next film Pain & Gain starring Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg.
22 Dec 2012
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Olga Kurylenko sits down with HitFix's Drew McWeeny and compares 'Oblivion' with 'To The Wonder'
18 Apr 2013
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2004 trip to the wonderful place that is Australia !! BEST TIME OF OUR LIFES!!
11 Dec 2006
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1 Mar 2007
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me lipsyncing to the wonderful kelly clarkson new hit Never Again
13 May 2007
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