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It's Wednesday and It's Tagged Time! Toby Turner aka Tobuscus aka AKA is back this week! YES!!!! Thank you soooo much for all your SUPPORT! Are you a gamer on YouTube? Sign up for the nSquared network!! Sign up here: *******www.cdsnetwork****/join/nsquared/ Send us your awesome, badass, or glitchy videos!! Click here ******* or email us at TAGGED at NODE-STUDIOS dot com! Check out this week's clips: TAGGED: "GTA Karma" ******* karma.html FRAGGED: "Battlefield 3 - The Epic Repair Man" ***********/watch?v=w2dkO04U-fE LAGGED: "Perfect Death in Assassins Creed 3" ***********/watch?v=8bkcE8gaJDg Find us on Facebook and Twitter! *******facebook****/node *******twitter****/nodestudios Check out Toby Turner's Channels: ***********/tobuscus ***********/tobygames ***********/tobyturner Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to Chad's Channel: ***********/user/chadneidt
14 Mar 2013
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I laughed so hard at the video tobuscus on metacafe did I just HAD to run out today and make a parody of it so here it is! This is done for amusement only... it will NOT work!
27 Feb 2007
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Tweet this video! - *******www.tinyurl****/RTNeedy ***********/tobuscus *******www.twitter****/tobyturner
4 Jun 2009
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From the makers of Orangina... The shirt - ******* ***********/tobuscus
11 Sep 2009
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Toby takes to the streets to find out what people and cute puppies think of NCIS: LA. Click to Tweet this vid: *******tinyurl****/TobyNCIS My FALCOR the URiNATOR song is on iTUNES as of TODAY!! ******* Join my Fan club! Quick! ******* Thanks to Gabe Hohreiter for manning the camera! Check out my MTV interviews at *******www.tobyturner**** and setmefreemtvn**** Subscribe if you've ever been born before: ***********/tobuscus Twitter - ******* Myspace - ******* Facebook - ******* Click to watch the Russian Reviews from this weekend! ***********/watch?v=yUJCBRS7V50
16 Jan 2010
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the annoying orange remix tobuscus cheesy fruit murder talking food apple screaming gagfilms daneboe funny eggs pumpkins face animation weird
8 Jul 2010
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Tweet! *******tinyurl****/LiteralDeadSpace2RT MP3! *******itunes****/tobyturner Fans! *******facebook****/tobyturnerfans TobyGames! ******* Shirts! ******* Twitter! ******* Guitar track by Mike Datz Post-production by Brian C. Janes *******youtube****/briancjanes Original Song: "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" by The Smashing Pumpkins LYRICS Don't look at the Damned Guy, and he just fades away. There's some text inside some flames. Saturn is really close. Pan down the city Hot chick turning, Isaac rocking. Shake your head, and while he's talking, words appear over his shoulder. A spike in the ribcage and you're killed. Grab a girl by the waist. Bandaged hot chick walking up. She got away but she could use some Advil. Ship pulls away. Isaac wants to take a nap, slide down wall, then fade to black. Wake him up and then its time to diieee. Falling through space, Stab yourself, Shoot something out of frame. Dodge then ship shakes. Stare at your hand, Demon gymnast, Don't get sucked into SPACE, Glowy face, Train-sition. IGN approves. Wrestle demon, Shoot a demon, Choked by a demon, Shoot a pipe, Fall into Space will leave you breathless. Ride a rollercoaster. Walk back, shooting, Bad guy jumping, Jetpack legs, reload, Hit a rock then spin. Giant flaming text distracts the pilot, so they crash. Demons, demons, demons, demons. A Transformer for some reason. Lasers, choking, dragging, glowing. You should probably get a new ship... Dead Space 2. Dead Space 2 - Launch Trailer Tags: Literal Trailer [HD] machinima videogame video game exclusive yt:quality=high Dead Space 2 Launch ea games tobuscus toby turner
12 Feb 2011
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Playlists: ***********/user/TobyGames#p/p Main Channel - *******youtube****/Tobuscus Daily Vlogs - *******youtube****/tobyturner Shirts! ******* Fans! *******facebook****/tobyturnerfans Twitter! ******* Toby Sucks at Duke Nukem: Forever Tags: duke nukem forever "playthrough part" part intro cinematic pc machinima gameplay commentary normal difficulty lets play let toby turner tobuscus yt quality high game gamer gaming video games sucks PS3 Xbox 360 Xbox360 Live
8 Jul 2011
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Download file here: *******linkblow****/Ebony412/Revelations LYRICS: Stargate, Ubisoft, Sparkle. Fade in to the left hand of a sleepy man. How'd he fall asleep there? Help up the sleepy hooded man. That's what beds are for. Drag him cross the stone floor. Front shot then a shot from the ceiling. He could get carpet burned. Slow fade. Cut to white on a boat, I'm looking ahead. Holding on a rope. I am... nauseous, Now I'm alone, and walking away. And I'm afraid of heights. Oh sh**, how'd I get up here? If I fall then I would be dead. I made it down alright. I feel great... RAAHH! GOD! COME ON! Whoever shot that arrow's gonna pay. Enter Bald Guy With a Cape. Break the arrow off, you can take a bald guy. Then you see the bald guy joined by some other guys. RUN UP! In slow motion, kick a guy in the head. Stab his friend. Spin around, roll off. Punch a face. Start out in slow motion first, then use your speed hack. Grab a sword, use it to deflect. Stab him in the back. Get down just in time, and slap him in the face. Friendly Fire's on, apparently. Why unsheath your blade? Make 'em use their own. Time out, lemme get my Weap's... IN SLOW-MO. I am the first X-Man. That joke's ahead of our time, but you still gonna die! Who the hell is that guy? The second X-Man. Don't watch him walk away, or you'll lose a hidden blade and get surrounded. OOWHITE! Evil Bald Guy With a Cape. Ezio plans his escape. Boss waits patiently, Ezio shakes free All the Royal Guards pee themselves Main Boss calls them off with his right hand Slow dramatic zoom-pan. Doesn't phase the hooded man. Cape-Clad Bald Guy Sentence Ezio To Die. Then he sees Altair from the first game. (gotta change Ezio to Altair and last to first) He used to jump off those, anyway. Under each of those there's a bale of hay. After you synchronize, Leap of Faith. Nod at the bird PEOPLE DIE, Everywhere PEOPLE DIE. Song is WOODKID - Iron LITERAL Assassin's Creed Revelations Trailer toby turner tobuscus ubisoft e3 2011 song "trailer song" "literal trailer"
2 Aug 2011
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The Devil knows you weren't referring to the seabirds from the Galapagos...
29 Jan 2009
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Snap Duel - Engage. *******www.tobyturner**** *******www.guinnessworldrecords**** WHAAT? He posted a link to Guinness world records? LEGIT!
8 Mar 2009
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20 Oct 2008
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22 Nov 2008
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A delightful holiday greeting from FALCOR the URiNATOR. *******www.tobyturner****
26 Dec 2008
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Stay in your seat! *******www.tobyturner**** *******www.twitter****/tobyturner
25 Mar 2009
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