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Hello My Friends Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am so happy you decided to stop by. My name is Darren Todd and iI have been earning my living online since late 2007. I have been a successful business owner for over 16 years in many different professions, from butchery to building, farming to fine foods I enjoyed them all and made money from it! To be paid from something you enjoy is a real bonus it's not like work! I started online late 2007 , spent thousands trying to find that magic button all the marketing experts tell you there is, Its b*****ks its not true! You won't find it it takes perserverance and dedication . Now im not going to bullsh*t you there is hard work and dedication involved in this business, but when you finally break through,That illusive 4 hour working week we all search for becomes reality.Just keep focused and never stop believing in yourself. There are 4 pillars self belief to keep in the fore front of your mind. 1) Potental 2) Action 3) Results 4) Belief These are four massively POWERFULL words memorize these and repeat them to yourself at least 20 times a day! Why not keep a small rock in your pocket each time you touch this rock BANG your'e thinking about those four powerfull words whic you can apply to any obstacle in life! Now we can prove that there is massive potental online to make money, by reading this your nearly going to take action, we can prove the results and when you have seen the results you have that belief. So take that action NOW and sign up to our 7 part course Best wishes Darren Todd