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The funniest kids are toddlers cause they're old enough to be able to do something, but young enough to know better...
3 Jul 2006
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Funny Martial Art Toddler and Father
10 Mar 2007
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A great yoga strengthening exercise that can be done alone or with your toddler!
28 Mar 2007
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Wide shot of a toddler girl walking in the sand toward the viewer with a bucket at the beach.
1 Sep 2007
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This toddler totally eats it when she tries to get up from playing in the grass.
30 Sep 2007
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Halloween Season is here and if you are looking for Toddler Halloween Costumes then you need to check out this video on Toddler Halloween Costumes. The Halloween Video is sponsored by www***stume31**** - Over 10,000 Halloween Costumes at Costume31****
12 Oct 2007
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toddler Elliot being chased by a bunny
7 Mar 2008
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Someone has taking the infamous Breakdancer kicking the toddler footage and remixed it pretty brilliantly. I love that how it says OHHHHHHHHH! Over and over again. I could probably watch this on a loop.
20 Apr 2008
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DadLabs Ep. 310 The Lounge -- Are we crazy, or are toddlers more self-destructive than Garey Busey off his meds? In this Lounge we put the question to the gathered parents -- what was your child's preferred dangerous behavior? Deer poop anyone? Brought to you by One Step Ahead.
8 Jul 2008
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Babies breastfeed, and if they are very lucky, in the West, they are allowed to follow their biological norm and breastfeed into toddlerhood. There is no 'natural' time to fully wean an infant, and thus refuse it your breast. All infants give up breastfeeding themselves, when they have finished with it, and move on. This usually occurs sometime between their 3rd and 4th birthday, but many leave the breast earlier, some leave the breast later. *******www.kathydettwyler****/detwean.html Culture, and how we live our lives, usually interferes with the infant's decision, and imposes a 'set' time on the activity. This can be from as early as 6 weeks! Jesus, as part of his own culture, was probably breastfeeding until he was 3 years old, and then there would have been a weaning party, for everyone in the community to celebrate his growing into another phase of his life. *******www.askdrsears****/html/2/t026400.asp 3 years is a common 'set time' for many cultures, as it appears to give the child as much support and comfort and brain building milk as it needs, and then returns the mother to fertility for another child once those needs have been met. The Koran asks that every mother allow their baby to breastfeed for at least 2 years. The West (where sexual ownership of the female's body has deemed that breasts are first and foremost sexual, as opposed to how you feed babies) is the most severe in repressing breastfeeding toddlers. Such is the confusion and anxiety about breasts, there are ingrained attitudes that even newborn babies breastfeeding is actually an imposition on the sexual nature of the breast! Some areas of countries such as the USA, demands that male babies are weaned from the breast faster than female ones, as the sexual nature of the breast somehow threatens the father, the mother, and the baby. This flies in the face of all the scientific, and social, research into the issue. Time and again, the benefits of normal term nursing - allowing the baby to continue to breastfeed as it chooses to - are shown in study after study. With a safe and secure, comforting and loving physical environment from which to view the painful and confusing world that is toddlerhood, the toddler still having access to the breast is more secure, more resilient, more confident and more independent than those forcibly weaned before their time. And still benefittng greatly from the unique nutrition that builds their brains and bones and blood perfectly. *******www.kellymom****/bf/bfextended/index.html Mothers benefit too, with protection from breast cancer etc, lost to the mother who has weaned, increasing her risk of such illness. Oxytocin from the breastfeeding biology, floods both mother and child with contentment, and helps both overcome the stresses of toddlerhood. Therefore, the children least likely to benefit from the astounding brain building abilities of human milk, and the ones most in need of developing emotional resilience, are the 'most privileged' on the face of the planet. The cultures with so much, often give their infants too little. The joy you can see on this 2 year old's face, says it all, really. Her world is overflowing with the milk of human kindness. *******www.wiessinger.baka****/bfing/older/mouths.html The World Health Organisation recommends that all babies are allowed to receive only breastmilk for the first six months of their lives, and then to be allowed to breastfeed for a minimum of two years. Thereafter, breastfeeding should continue for as long as mother and child mutually desire. ******* The contradictions and confusions in the West are so extreme, that a mother allowing her toddler to breastfeed, can be viewed as abnormal, when she lives in a culture that uses images of breasts, to sell cars. Go figure. *******one-of-those-women.blogspot****/2008/01/normal-nursing-donovandettwyler-article.html Few mothers start their journey with their breastfeeding babies, with the intent to keep going past 2 years of age. Most fall into just putting off the decision on giving up on something so worthwhile, and so important to their child. Pressure from others can be unbearable and some mothers wean to stop the criticism... *******www.kellymom****/bf/criticism.html *******touchinglynaive.wordpress****/2007/11/14/extended-breastfeeding/ ... but mostly, the attitude normal term nursing mothers take is.. if it ain't broke, it don't need fixed. *******www.babble****/content/articles/columns/extremeparenting/001/ You can post photos of your own breastfeeding toddler, at *******www.facebook****/group.php?gid=21420487704 and there is a wonderful compilation video of breastfeeding children on: ***********/watch?v=942FRjAJhxU
20 May 2009
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Don't worry - the movie is not nearly as gruesome as the title suggests. The inspiration for the video comes from the similarly titled 2000 Christian Bale film American Psycho, a dark comedy/satire about the excesses and materialism of the 1980s. While American Psycho-Toddler shares none of the formers thematic elements, it borrows the structure of its classic opening scene, from the haunting, repetitive piano composition to the deadpan, matter-of-fact narration of Bale's Patrick Bateman as he narcissistically describes his morning ritual in amusingly unnecessary detail. If you want to check out the inspiration for the video, the original opening scene of American Psycho is available for viewing on YouTube at this link.
7 Aug 2008
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These guys would definetly be contenders if toddler tossing was an olympic sport. Instead they are one bad throw from having DCFS knockin down the door.
24 Aug 2008
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A tried and true method for managing a toddler's sometimes difficult bedtime behaviour.
4 Sep 2008
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'even Toddlers Need Fathers' Part One 'Helping fathers sustain a parental relationship with their child or children through the courts'. Kingsley Miller is the author of 'even Toddlers Need Fathers'. Professor Sir Michael Rutter, author of the seminal work 'Maternal Deprivation Reassessed', and a foremost authority on children's welfare, said, "Very many thanks for sending me a copy of your interesting and informative guide on 'even Toddlers Need Fathers'. I much appreciate your drawing my attention to it", PROFESSOR SIR MICHAEL RUTTER, 13th March 2002 The author was given the unique right by the Court of Appeal in the UK to publish the County Court judgments from the family proceedings in his case because of his, "history of responsible campaigning and writing on issues relating to family relationships". LORD JUSTICE THORPE, Vice President Family Division, 30th July 2004 COMMENTS "I am very grateful to all those, like yourself who have written and particularly where you have been able to demonstrate your own thinking from the experiences you have had. Congratulations on your battle". Former Home Secretary and father DAVID BLUNKETT, 22 March 2005 "It was thoughtful of you to enclose a copy of your book 'even Toddlers Need Fathers' and HER MAJESTY has noted your concerns". BUCKINGHAM PALACE, 26 July 2006 "The PRIME MINISTER has asked me to thank you for your recent letter and enclosure. The Prime Minister does not issue photographs of his children and therefore has to decline your request. He has however asked me to pass on his best wishes". 1O DOWNING STREET, 8 March 2001 Website:
29 Mar 2009
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*******www.mumoocie**** If your child or toddler is having trouble sleeping they will think you are lying right there next to them. You can finally sleep in your own bed at night for a change. Great for adults and anyone who wants to feel cozy and secure when they sleep. One of a kind memory foam body pillow that simulates lying next to someone so you can sleep better.
24 Oct 2008
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