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It is not always that easy to remove Ice sheet on the top of your car in snowy days. I wish it was always like this.
27 Feb 2019
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There are people in the car other than the driver and he seems very busy leaving the driving seat getting on the top of the car showing stunts.
6 Mar 2018
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This little funny dude will make you laugh intentionally and unintentionally. His fall from the top of the car is epic, but not so fun for him.
6 May 2018
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"It's not just a wagon, it's a shaggonwagon" Camera on top of the car, on hand held or wedge mount. See the making of the commercial I have made, as a training, for my Hyundai Lantra.
24 Jul 2007
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Roadster is the North American term (spyder in England and a spider in Italy) used for a 2-seater lightweight car without a permanent top. The term was also used for a light carriage, synonymous with "buggy". Even with the soft top convertible raised and deflecting "windows" (if existing) snapped in, the driver and passenger remain somewhat exposed to the elements. "Convertible" is an abbreviation of "convertible coupe" or "convertible sedan" which in 1920s-30s parlance indicated that the top of the car can "convert" the car from a car with the passenger habitacle covered into a car without having the passenger habitacle covered, transforming vehicle into a "cabrio".
1 Jan 2008
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haha! why the hell would yu need to fly tthat low, it skims the top of the car LOL!
30 Aug 2008
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