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*******lukeford****/blog/?p=38246 Rabbi Rabbs challenges Luke Ford to only work with men so as to avoid the temptation of being around women. Luke asks: Where's the fun in that? I touch for medicinal
27 Nov 2011
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Guys spend a lot of time talking and worrying about what to say. But they ignore the most important part of the game which is touch. Touch is what it’s all about.
23 Mar 2012
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As men are wired to detect a woman's fertility, her hip to waist ratio, the suppleness of her skin, the sheen of her hair, etc.. women are wired to detect a man's level of self control, which is a good indicator of his status. To learn more about how to meet women, visit: www.VinDiCarlo****
26 Mar 2012
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In the moving "Mr & Mrs. Smith", Angelina Jolie wore a Tissot T-Touch womens watch during many of the scenes. For more information about Tissot, check out www.watchesonnet****
24 Oct 2009
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