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Go World productions is a full service video production company that specializes in customized marketing solutions for the travel and tourism industry. Check us out at www.goworldproductions****
7 Nov 2008
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*******www.instablogs****/ Dubai’s real estate market in doldrums A lot of Syrians have invested in the boomed real states sector in Dubai. I met one of them who claimed that he has lost about 15 $ millions. At the beginning, I didn’t believe what he said. This is a fortune in Syria. After a quick trip to Dubai last week, I realized that what he said was the new fact in Dubai. Dubai has turned from the heaven of Real States to the hell of it. A lot of Syrians have invested there. One of the public rumors in Syria, Aleppo that one of a leading business men in the city has lost about 20 $ million in Dubai stock market, which has named recently Nasdaq-Dubai market. IFFI scraps M F Hussein film In a bid to preserve the image of the country of the country the Films Division of India has decided to defer the screening of M.F. Husain's 1967 film "Through the Eyes of a Painter", at the ongoing International Film Festival of India. Films Division of India comfortably chose to forget the democratic credentials settling for Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s chauvinistic agenda that only knows how best to spread communal hatred and violence. The objection is a fall out of ruckus generated over his paintings of nude Hindu deities that led to court cases, attacks on his house and death threats. Maqbool Fida Husain, 93, is one of India's best-known artists and has even been referred to as the country's Picasso. Those who have watched the film consider it as work of art and see nothing objectionable in it. We make our films to be seen and not to be dumped at slightest opposition of a jingoist right wing organization. Operation Baba, African answer to poaching Africa has seen the unprecedented destruction of its wild fauna and flora as a result of poaching, fuelled to a large degree by the profits that are gained by wildlife traffickers. The last 35 years have seen the loss of 97 per cent of rhinoceros species and, in many countries, over 90 per cent of elephant populations, through uncontrolled trafficking in rhino horn and ivory. Many other species are suffering the same fate. At risk too are Africa's rich and diverse tropical forests, threatened by uncontrolled commercial exploitation. Kenya has had a fair share of these incidences that have been described as a great threat to the wildlife as well as tourism industry. However, a joint operation involving Kenya, Congo-Brazaville, Ghana, Uganda and Zambia since June has seen conservancy officials recover 1,000 kilogrammes of ivory in powder form and carvings as well as hippo teeth. Lahore HC bans dance performances Punjab government’s ban on dance performances has a positive side to it. In that it shows government’s concern over fuelling vulgarity and sexual perversion but at the same time there is no explanation over why the red light district in Lahore and other red zones in other parts of the country are left open as public venues for prostitution. Some form of limitation is also to be specified for private dance performances because the ban on stage performances and theatre performances are likely to make the dance addicts use private functions as the new dance stages within the fore walls considered decent in the general opinion. Beyond that issue of media censorship also needs to be addressed and a team of qualified editors be hired for bringing film and video production in accord with the moral code of society. *******www.instablogs****/
3 Dec 2011
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KTM - Best foot forward : *******www.neelaearth**** The clip you are watching shows the colourful inaugural ceremony of Kerala Travel Mart 2000, the three-day State travel and tourism industry fair organised from the 7th to 10th October. The various art forms that were showcased for tourists, the buyers from different parts of the world, and the sellers of the State, including Kathakali, Theyyam, Mohiniyattom and so on, gave the tourists a taste of the many-splendoured culture of Kerala. The mart, the first of its kind in the country, was a huge successs
7 Feb 2009
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Travel Advantage Networks brings sunshine into lives in so many ways! From accommodating their employees Best Places to Work in PA, to the highest levels of customer service Stevie Award, they strive for excellence in the wholesale tourism industry. In this video, you will see how they provide a holiday in a whole other way. Learn more at the TAN website.
18 Mar 2009
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The Dominican Republic Tees Up for The Cap Cana Championship March 23-29. The Dominican Republic (DR) Ministry of Tourism is proud to be the Presenting Sponsor of the second annual Cap Cana Championship, an official PGA TOUR's Champions Tour event held on the country's breathtaking east coast. Since the first designer course opened in the DR over a decade ago, golf has been a booming facet for the country's growing tourism industry. Millions of viewers will watch The Cap Cana Championship aired internationally on GOLF CHANNEL amid the island's stunning beauty and magnificent seaside cliffs and beaches. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/bvk/37349/
6 Nov 2009
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Patricia Pardy, of It’s your event., shares with you her expertise and knowledge acquired while employed in the hospitality and tourism industry for over 15 years. Along with her Bachelor of Arts Degree and honors diploma in Tourism/Hospitality Management, Patricia successfully completed a four month wedding planning course from Humber College in the winter of 2007. Both her work and educational experience have provided her direct, hands-on experience in the field of sales and event management. As a former Event Manager with a luxury hotel & casino in Halifax, NS, Patricia had the pleasure of managing countless conferences, meetings, holiday parties, corporate dinners, fundraising events, family celebrations and of course, weddings! While employed in this position, Patricia recognized that many of her clients consciously decided to plan and manage their own event (for various reasons) without the assistance of a professional event planner. However, for those clients who had never organized a large scale event before (such as a wedding), she quickly realized that they were in need of professional advice and guidance ~ which she was always very happy to share. From this work experience and client feedback, Patricia decided to step out on her own to bring forth her ideals, insider tips and expertise to individuals planning their own event in Atlantic Canada. She envisioned an affordable and fun Do-It-Yourself workshop assisting individuals how to successfully organize their own amazing event! The seed was planted and It’s your event. was formed.
24 Mar 2009
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It's bad news for the Hawaii tourism industry but could be good news for you. Hotel occupancy in Hawaii has dropped by more than ten percentage points since January of last year. Distributed by Tubemogul.
31 Mar 2009
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Low-cost video production for the tourism industry *******www.videotravelreport**** for more info on E-marketing for hotels, accomodation, tourism agencies and tour operator
5 May 2009
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video produccion economica para le industria del tourismo. Low-cost video production for the tourism industry. See u : *******www.videotravelreport****
5 May 2009
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Modern spine surgery centers at Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai for minimal price anterior cervical fusion surgery in India. The procedure of anterior cervical fusion surgery is a good alternative to artificial disc replacement surgery. Anterior cervical decompression surgery involves the removal of disc and/or bone through an approach in the front of the neck and then filling the cavity formed with bone from the hip and possibly placing screws and plates to hold the whole construct into place. The typical patient presents with either arm symptoms such as pain, weakness, numbness or pins and needles, or else symptoms and signs of spinal cord dysfunction, termed myelopathy. Myelopathy disorder can manifest in a number of ways, including generalized stiffness, difficulty walking, loss of fine motor control in the hands etc for which anterior cervical fusion surgery is recommended. The procedure allows the surgeon to fill the space left by removing the disc with a block of bone taken from the pelvis. Placing a bone graft between two or more vertebrae causes the vertebrae to grow together, or fuse. India is planning expand its medical tourism industry to facilitate foreign visitor wishing to get complex spine procedures like anterior cervical fusion surgery in India at a minimal cost along with the same world class hospital care facilities that one finds ate American or European hospitals. Indeed medical tourism in India relieves foreigners who travel abroad in search of low cost, world-class medical treatment. The quality of Indian healthcare services has gained so much international recognition that Indian finance minister Jaswant Singh hoped and declared India to become a “global health destination.” In the forthcoming years. The medical stay and medical operative care provided by spine surgeons of India are really great in terms of cost and quality. Another attraction to get medical treatment in India is enjoying holiday vacations at the great sites of Indian cultural heritage and tourist resorts. Get consultation to get for minimal price anterior cervical fusion surgery in India at *******www.dheerajbojwani**** or mail us at contactdheerajbojwani****
16 May 2009
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Home based business offering an opportunity to build a substabtial income in the holiday and tourism industry by joining a team who working together cuts the start-up cost from 50 down to just 7, making it affordable for everyone
6 Oct 2009
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'Boom and Burst' - one of four scenarios for the UK outbound tourism industry, developed by Forum for the Future for the Tourism 2023 project. "A booming UK economy and impressive advances in transport technologies have fuelled a growth in travel worldwide. People travel more frequently, for further and at faster speeds than ever before and there are many new reasons to go abroad. But precarious trade-offs have been needed in order to meet the UK’s emission targets, and many destinations are suffering from serious overcrowding. People are now asking: how long can this growth be maintained?" For further information, go to www.forumforthefuture****/projects/tourism-2023. Animation by Zarino Zappia, Goldsmiths. Copyright Forum for the Future
6 Nov 2009
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