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Swing trading strategies were used in this video to produce in excess of 100 pips. This strategy is great for someone with a small or large account looking to build it up over a period of time. Traded at £10 per pip, this would be £1000.
23 Aug 2019
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This video will provide a good start to learn how to trade and provide the methodology on how to start to use simple day and swing trading strategies to produce daily profits.
27 Aug 2019
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Today the Forex Trading Strategy we are going to show you is the Banker Trade Strategy. This strategy is generally used on cross pairs and it works great because the system tells you the precise time to trade a cross pair.
2 Sep 2019
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Today we are going to share with you Platinum’s Extreme Zone Strategy, this is one of our 5 key strategies at Platinum, as it operates at such a high success rate!
4 Sep 2019
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Watch our today's video and see how easy it is to implement our Monday set-and-forget trades alongside our set-and-forget Extreme Zone Strategy.
11 Sep 2019
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In today's video, we explain how to trade in Flash crashes. This Gold Trading Strategy made 100k in less than 48 hours!
30 Sep 2019
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***********/watch?v=xkZiHCTOrsM Novice traders often use Forex strategy trading that was used by those experts of the Forex market. As this Forex strategy trading is easy to follow and understands; there are still a huge number of beginners who lose some cash out of it. This article will provide simple Forex strategy trading that can help you to earn more profit. In this Forex strategy, trading starts in monitoring the Forex chart if there is a movement in the trends of the market. Normally, a pair of currency will have a bull trend that will initially breaks up to make a new chart. As it matures, the more up beat currency continue to break highs that can go for week or months. If you desire to risk what you in this trends then it is best that you obtain these breaks. This Forex strategy trading will help you in doing this. As a newbie, you need to learn first the basics. Most of the new traders have a dilemma about the right approach. Usually, they often purchase the exact turn of money, this means that there is a continuous purchasing of currency in order to support their strategyforex strategy tradingstrategy tradinggood
18 Dec 2009
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