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The UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister, Dr Kim Howells, closes a major seminar in London on the best ways to fight global human trafficking.
12 Dec 2007
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I made t his for a world history project. Any money made of this video is donated to an organization(still finding one) that's fighting against human trafficking.
14 Oct 2008
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Video summary of the ALDE Hearing on "How can the EU improve its fight against Human trafficking? Event date: 12/06/07 09:00 to 11:30 Location: Room ASP 3G3, European Parliament, Brussels The aim of the seminar is to explore how EU legislation on human trafficking could be improved and how Member States could better implement existing tools to fight trafficking. Prevention, protection of victims and the prosecution of perpetrators will also be discussed. The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe will use this seminar to promote awareness of human trafficking in the European Parliament and to encourage Members to sign a cross-party Written Declaration it plans to initiate in view of creating an EU Hotline for Victims of Trafficking. Experts, representatives of the Commission and the Council and NGOs are invited to explain best practises in Europe as well to reflect on current EU policies in this field. For more information Fiss Joëlle - Tel: +32 2 283 10 88 Mob: +32 496 548 394 On ALDE Website: *******[tt_news]=8553 [ALDEEVENTS] [Events] [Hearing] [Language EN]
30 Jul 2008
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Video summary of the ALDE Hearing on Human Trafficking Event date: 08/10/08 16:30 to 19:00 Location: Room ASP 3G3, European Parliament, Brussels Who is fighting trafficking - who is not? On October 8th (from 16.00-19.30 ) Members of the European Parliament Karin Riis-Jørgensen and MEP Jules Maaten (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe) will lead a debate on how to fight the scourge of human trafficking that especially affects hundreds of thousands of women and children. Which Member States have ratified this Convention? Which are lagging behind? Come to the ALDE hearing to find out! ----------------------------------------------- MEP's Concerned: Karin Riis-Jørgensen, Jules Maaten For more information: Fiss Joëlle - Tel: +32 2 283 10 88 Mob: +32 496 548 394 On ALDE Website: *******
8 Nov 2008
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"60 seconds with... " Video Statement by Liz Lynne MEP (ALDE-ADLE) on a campaign against human trafficking [60 Seconds] [Statements] [Language EN] 081203-ALDESTATEMENTS-Lynne_Liz-Campaign_against_human_trafficking
4 Dec 2008
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See entire video at: *******www.factualtv****/documentary/Trafficking-demand-and-supply. Child trafficking has been a problem for over three decades. Millions of children – boys and girls – have been subjected to untold abuse and shame.
11 Mar 2009
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The video show about the street march in a western province of Cambodia. The main objective of the march is to combate human trafficking.
17 Jul 2009
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Children for sale? Many will be shocked to learn that at least 1.2 million children and young people are exploited in the global sex trade each year, not just overseas but right here in the U.S. Take a stand and help make strides to end child trafficking with the purchase of Soft Hands, Kind Heart Hand Cream. Not only is the non-greasy moisturizing formula kind to your hands, but it is also symbolic of a kind heart – as each purchase supports The Body Shop's "Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People" campaign. To view Multimedia News release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/thebodyshop/37921/
5 Aug 2009
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Anti-human trafficking partnership between LexisNexis and the Polaris Project. These organizations have partnered to help combat human trafficking such as forced labor and sex slavery.
5 Jan 2010
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..please no more human trafficking !!!
14 Mar 2010
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A report on woman trafficking aired by NDTV. For more info write mail to sg_dipankaryahoo****
24 Jun 2010
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This is a PSA I shot for a new web-series on Human Trafficking that I am working on for Global Operation. Actors: Linzie McG and Sonja Olson Produced By: Linzie McG and Jimmy Alioto Cinematographer/Editor: Jimmy Alioto Sound: Jimmy Alioto and Chris Stewart Grip: Richard Schimmelpfenneg Production Coordinator: Courtney Black Location: 6th Street Bridge, Los Angeles
18 Sep 2010
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Douglas McNabb discusses the OFAC Narcotics Kingpin Sanction Designation of the alleged Los Gueros drug trafficking organization along with brothers Esteban Rodriguez Olivera, Luis Rodriguez Olivera, Daniel Rodriguez Olivera, and Miguel Rodriguez Olivera.
2 Feb 2011
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BY TARA GRIMES You're watching multisource US news analysis from Newsy As thousands travel to Dallas for the Super Bowl - Texas law enforcement officials are working to prevent a serious, but little known crime. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is calling child sex trafficking an “ugly underbelly” of the greatest show on earth, and says the Super Bowl is commonly known as the single largest human trafficking incident in the United States. (Video: KXAS) According to estimates from the Texas attorney general’s office - 10,000 adult and underage girls have come to previous Super Bowls. The Dallas Women’s Foundation estimates this Super Bowl could see as many as 38,000 underage prostitutes. And while headlines are exploding about the problem, some say it’s nothing more than fear-mongering and propaganda. Still others say the problem is very real. (Video: KPTV) The Ellis County Observer calls all the news on sex trafficking during the Super Bowl “overblown” and the outcry a “hysteria.” “There are little boys and little girls emulating fertility rites every spring… Underage prostitution is bad, but really, I think this is so overblown that we don’t need a Super Bowl in North Texas to tell us it’s there.” But Family Security Matters’ Robin McFee says that doesn’t mean the problem shouldn’t be addressed. “We as a society have to loudly voice ‘enough is enough!’ These are not victimless crimes… We as a society must stop turning a blind eye to the sex industry & human trafficking, and stop thinking 'it’s only sex.'" Finally - a blogger for the Blogistan Polytechnic Institute points out - no one knows for sure how big the problem of sex trafficking is -- but wonders why it seems everybody but the Super Bowl Host Committee is talking about it. “I guess I can understand why they wouldn’t want to get involved in efforts to publicize this problem, but their job is to organize the event. That includes helping coordinate vehicle traffic. Shouldn’t it also include helping to reduce human trafficking?” According to the child advocacy group Klaas Kids Foundation and Miami-based Kristi house, sixteen underage prostitutes were found working near the Super Bowl last year in Miami. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy****
5 Feb 2011
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