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The McCook Bros. (Anson, JT, & Peetie) recreate Korn's Twisted Transistor music video.
13 Feb 2007
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Galaxy Code - Transistor. *******galaxycode****
1 Dec 2008
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They electronically switch and amplify signals by harnessing the unique abilities of semiconductor materials. Their invention has transformed the world of electronics and accelerated our entry into the digital age. Behold - the Transistor!
25 Nov 2009
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Your professional microwave operator is going to be microwaving LEDs and Transistors for your viewing pleasure today. You are watching HD Wide Screen Episode #Fifty-Four on MetaCafe *Items are microwaved in a professional environment. Please do not attempt. Please feel free to subscribe and comment.
26 May 2009
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A litografia de transistores está alcançando seu limite, num futuro próximo os átomos assumirão a função dos transistores à medida que a computação quântica avança.
2 Nov 2009
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Bill Hammack examines the first transistor ever built - borrowed from the University of Illinois Spurlock Museum. He explains how it works, and its impact on our world today. And, also, he even tests it out using a large battery. Produced for iFoundry.
25 Jan 2010
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18 Feb 2012
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21 Feb 2012
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Today on Hard News, Supergiant Games announces their new IP Transistor, Monster Hunter 3 cross save feature is missing, and flash pornographer ZONE joins Lab Zero to make more Skullgirls. *******gamehackerz****/pockie-ninja-2-social-hack-cheat
21 Mar 2013
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Andrea Rene and Ashley Esqueda are joined by Anthony and Mari from Smosh Games to talk about what they saw on Day 3 of E3 including Witcher 3, Transistor, Cloudberry Kingdom, Mad Max, Johan Sebastian Joust, and more!
15 Dec 2013
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Many techniques that i discovered by doing this amv My experience in creating amv's is at very low state, so i was really trying.
24 Apr 2008
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The mobile line follower robot is a type of mobile robot with only has one specific task which is to follow the line made with black tape over the white background or vise verse. The LFR perhaps is one of the most popular robot build by the robotics,
9 Aug 2009
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Lecture Series on Basic Electronics by Prof. T.S.Natarajan, Department of physics, IIT Madras For more Courses visit *******
30 Mar 2010
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Just another music video. :)
7 Nov 2011
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