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18 Sep 2019
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If you are looking for certified translation services in Singapore then you can visit one of the popular portals i.e. Lingua Technologies International. Our professional provide the translation services at an affordable price.
27 Sep 2019
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If you are searching for chinese translation services in Singapore then you can contact one of the trustworthy portals i.e. Lingua Technologies International. Our highly-qualified teams give the translation services at an affordable price.
27 Sep 2019
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Translation Agency in New Delhi, India - Call 9999933921
8 Oct 2019
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Delsh Business Consultancy (DBC )provides a one stop solution for overseas Companies or businesses particularly in China to comfortably and adequately find partners, connect and do business in India . “Delsh Business Consultancy (DBC) gives trustworthy and comprehensive view on Indian market and supplements those with unique predictive analytics, competitive insights, trade intelligence, business tools, expert resources and local presence in India to provide a complete solution for organisations based in China as well in other countries to work together in India .DBC was formed to simplify doing the business between India and China, two biggest economies in the world. The main objective is to make International Business simple and safe.
16 Sep 2019
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Necessary continuation of part 1.
5 Oct 2019
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Greek lyrics: Kostas Filippeos - Katherine Filippeos and Manolis Zaremis Production: Kostas Filippeos Single released by Odeon Records Composers for Shallow: Lady Gaga, Andrew Wyatt, Anthony Rossomando, Mark Ronson Programming, mixing and mastering: Chris Phillips (Filippeos) Guitar: Vasilis Arnokouros Greek translation of the Oscar winning song "Shallow" by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from the movie "A Star Is Born" LYRICS: Αχ κορίτσι μου Στον μοντέρνο κόσμο πως περνάς Μήπως δεν μπορείς Υπάρχει κάτι άλλο που ζητάς Πε-ε-φτω Σε καλές στιγμές λαχταρώ για σένα σ’ αγαπώ Στις κακές στιγμές πόνο Αχ αγόρι μου Θες να γεμίσεις το κενό Κι’ ομως προσπαθεις Το πάθος μέσα σου να βρεις Πε-ε-φτω Σε καλές στιγμές λαχταρώ για σένα σ’ αγαπώ Στις κακές στιγμέ-ε-ε-ς πόνο Είμαι στα βάθη, δες πώς βουτάω Στων πατω δεν θα βρεθω Στην επιφανεια μαζι θα βρεθουμε Μακρια απ’ τα ρηχα νερα
21 Sep 2019
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European Society for Medical Oncology is the meeting in Europe for clinicians, researchers, patient advocates, journalists and the pharmaceutical industry from all over the world to get together, learn about the latest advances in oncology and translate science into better cancer patient care.
24 Sep 2019
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ROG Phone II has a world class spec sheet. But how does that translate into real life?
7 Oct 2019
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VitaClay is one of the healthiest ways to cook rice or prepare a meal. By stewing foods rather than sautéing or frying, you can cook dishes that are low in fat and cholesterol. This translates to delicious meals that are good for you!When it comes to slow cooking, the VitaClay® Chef Gourmet Rice & Slow Cooker truly lives up to its gourmet name. It QUICKLY brings food to boil -- two times faster than most of conventional slow cookers; then, reduces heat to simmer for the desired time. Call at 408-329-7392 for more information about best crock pot or visit our website. Address:- 1765 Landess Ave, #34, Milpitas, CA 95035 Phone:- 408-329-7392
10 Oct 2019
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Free Translation text and web pages
12 Dec 2006
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Online translations sites don't always work perfectly, especially if you run the result back through a second time. Here are three funny examples on Babel fish. English to Spanish and then back to English.
17 Dec 2006
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Best Week Ever employs their patented Celebrity Translator to tell you what the stars really meant!
5 Jan 2007
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Diane Sawyer recently interviewed Mel Gibson about his anti-semitism and his drunken outbursts. Luckily, BWE was there to translate what he really meant.
5 Jan 2007
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better translator then google with more langugage. You many need not to buy any software.
9 Jan 2007
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