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In today's show, we talk about some political schtuff, the end of Mass Effect 3 being changed, and Trayvon Martin being murdered and the cops letting the man who shot him go.
20 Mar 2012
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People Rally In Support Of Trayvon Martin!
27 Mar 2012
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Black Light and White Darkness is the internal and external balance of Life. Trayvons story speaks truth to our historic legacy of injury and injustice. It speaks of Triumph as well tragedy. The triumphant voice of humanity. The triumphant sound of freedom. To triumph from tragedy, we at EKG HOUSE humbly submit this peace offering to the universe.
31 Mar 2012
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Blah blah blah....
2 Apr 2012
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March 27, 2012 By Jamie Redds *******www.reverbnation****/play_now/song_12697312?1332447859 Celebrities have taken up the cause of justice for the teen, many wearing the "hoodie" or hooded sweatshirt that Trayvon wore in a style popular with black youth. President Barack Obama said "all of us have to do some soul-searching" as a result of the tragedy. Atlanta rapper Lord Hector Diono allegedly used his ties to the Scull and Bones secret society to reach Capitol Hill insiders through a letter he wrote just days after the murder of the teenager.The producer and many of his peers mentioned concerns about the constant flip flop regarding the defense that Zimmerman's Attorney continues to place in the media. The producer went on to say, "This country, America, has a lot of growing up to do, and anyone that has a problem with a black man wearing a hoodie and uses that as a means to commit an act of murder won't last three seconds in my zip code." "I'm a black male and all that I know is that George has never given me any reason whatsoever to believe he has anything against people of color," Mr Oliver said. Sanford police did not arrest Zimmerman, saying the evidence could not disprove his account of self-defense, though the case is under review by a state special prosecutor and the US Justice Department. Mr Zimmerman dropped out of public view shortly after the shooting and his whereabouts were unknown. The New Black Panther Party, an African American organization taking its name from the radical group of the 1960s, has placed a $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman. "All these people who are threatening George, what makes them any better than the person they think he is?" Oliver said. "You've got all these people wanting to lynch the man and they don't know the whole story. There are huge gaps that are being filled in and interpreted without evidence." As a black man, Mr Oliver said minorities are often unfairly treated, but he believed Zimmerman was simply doing his job as a neighborhood watch volunteer by growing suspicious over an unfamiliar person walking through a neighborhood that had suffered some break-ins. Trayvon lived in Miami but was with his father on a visit to his father's fiancee's home inside the gated community. "I understand how they're able to leap to the conclusion. You have a dead teenager. This guy is white so it must be a hate crime. There's going to be evidence to come out that basically will justify George's concern," Oliver said. "He (Zimmerman) confirmed for me that he was not the aggressor. But I did not go into details as to how it got to that aggressive point," Oliver said. A lawyer representing the Martin family disputes Mr Zimmerman's self defense claims, saying he "stalked" Martin against the instructions of an emergency services operator. "It seems Joe Oliver and Geraldo Rivera are in agreement that this senseless shooting is somehow Trayvon Martin's fault," Benjamin Crump said, referring to the celebrity journalist's comment that "Trayvon Martin would be alive today but for his hoodie." "Had Zimmerman simply stayed in his vehicle, Trayvon Martin would be pursuing his dreams," Mr Crump said. By Jamie Redds ,Hood Watch Media, Athens Georgia
29 Mar 2012
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This video describes a horrific attack on a white male by a group of blacks in Mobile Alabama. Sharpton, Jackson and the rest of the race hustlers have been calling for this type of violence which has gone unabated. Perhaps they should receive what they preach. Mark Davis MD author of Demons of Democracy
24 Apr 2012
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LC Johnson "Problems Of the World" off his New Project SICKNNAHEAD Video Directed by: Baba Zoom/ BZFILMZ Scenes shot Downtown L.A, East Side of L.A. Infamous Skid Row and jail scenes (Twin Towers) county jail. Song available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazonmp3 and other digital retailers. P.O.L/LMT Music Records© InterscopeDigitalDistribution© Category: Music Tags: konyhomeless2012 electionsplayaz of life lifecool tv.mtvbz filmzbarack obamahate crimesworld peacewest coast hip hoprick rosslil waynetookie williamsLicense:Standard YouTube License 43 likes, 0 dislikes As Seen On: Pep Williams
6 Apr 2012
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After seeing a need to address racism in their community, spoken word duo Kinetic Affect, consisting of a former teacher and a former military veteran, could not stay silent. So, they responded how they know best—through their art. “A Simple Question” addresses racism in the United States and speaks to specific incidents from the last decade, calling for conversation, empathy, and understanding. Feeling conflicted over recent events, a student asks his teacher what seems like a simple question. But as the teacher ponders both history and modern reality, he realizes there isn’t an easy answer. Touching on perspectives from both education and the military, A Simple Question is a catalyst for conversation. The video calls for empathy in hopes that it will lead to understanding, a productive dialogue, and positive action; in hopes that someday our students won’t have to ask this question.
26 Oct 2018
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On Monday's CBN Newswatch: the health care law show down begins at the Supreme Court, Rick Santorum talks to CBN News about his opponents, church leaders react to the Trayvon Martin case, and more... The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN ***********
27 Mar 2012
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