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We are a team of cancer research scientists who are committed to ensuring that you are aware of, and have access to, the most effective treatment available for your cancer.
-- HERCEPTIN REDUCED THE RISK OF BREAST CANCER RECURRENCE BY 52 PERCENT IN PIVOTAL STUDIES -- -- ONLY TARGETED BIOLOGIC THERAPY APPROVED FOR USE IN ADJUVANT AND METASTATIC HER2-POSITIVE BREAST CANCER -- Genentech, Inc. announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Herceptin (Trastuzumab) for the adjuvant treatment of HER2-positive node-positive breast cancer, as part of a treatment regimen containing doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide, and paclitaxel. The FDA approval was based on data from an interim joint analysis of more than 3,500 patients enrolled in two Phase III clinical trials. These results showed that the addition of Herceptin to standard adjuvant therapy significantly reduced the risk of breast cancer recurrence, the primary endpoint of the studies, by 52 percent in women with HER2-positive breast cancer, compared to those patients who received standard adjuvant therapy alone. Adjuvant therapy is given to women with early-stage (localized) breast cancer who have had initial treatment surgery with or without radiation therapy with the goal of reducing the risk of cancer recurrence and/or the occurrence of metastatic disease.
9 Dec 2006
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Palpation of the quadratus lumborum (a significant back pain muscle) and a mini-massage treatment of it.
31 Mar 2007
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Innovative treatment of the very common skin condition psoriasis with the EXTRAC excimer laser. Hosted by Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer a board certified dermatologist and dermasurgeon who also hosts "The Dermatology Minute"
28 May 2007
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Learn about Spa Treatments!
9 Jun 2007
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Learn about Gerald's hair restoration experience in this hair transplant video. Our patients will attest, Medical Hair Restoration (MHR) is The Natural Decision when it comes to hair loss treatment. So if you want to stop hair loss, contact MHR today and talk to one of Patient Educators about your hair loss by visiting *******www.medicalhairrestoration**** Keywords associated with this hair loss testimonial video: hair loss, hair loss product, hair transplants, hair loss treatment, female hair loss, hair loss solution, male hair loss, mhr, medical hair restoration
8 Aug 2007
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Decision Point OutDoor Adventure Program. A Holistic Addiction Treatment Center.Call Toll Free 1.877.77.ADMIT www.decisipointcenter**** --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
30 Aug 2007
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ET-Featured Dermatologist Rebecca Fitzgerald demonstrates latest cosmetic skin treatments including lip augmentation, lasers, dermal fillers and Botox
7 Sep 2007
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Drug rehab treatment centers in Arizona. Interview with JP at the Ranch.A part of the GateHouse Academy.Watch more on www.sobertalkradio****
26 Sep 2007
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Drug Rehab Treatment Centers with ANT and The Art of Recovery Expo! At the Phoenix Convention center September 29, 10- 5pm. See more on www.sobertalkradio****
26 Sep 2007
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Michael H. Coverman, M.D. of Austin Dermatology Clinic can use lasers such as the Omnilux and L.E.D.s (light emitting diodes) to effectively treat acne. The best approach will be determined depending upon your skin, as well as your needs. Treatment usually entails two office visits a week, and can produce long-lasting results. If you would like to seek the services of Dr. Coverman for your acne, we recommend visiting his website for more information.
28 Sep 2007
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Using a Eximer laser at his facility, Austin Dermatology Clinic, Michael H. Coverman, M.D. can effectively treat psoriasis. Our skilled dermatologist will administer laser treatments twice a week, for four weeks, totaling eight treatments. This procedure is safe, quick, painless, and requires no anesthesia or preparation. It is ideal for areas that are resistant to other treatments. Visit Dr. Coverman's website to obtain further information about the Eximer laser, as well as psoriasis treatment.
3 Oct 2007
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To buy the full-length version of this DVD, visit *******www.videoshelf****/ Exfoliating treatments are a must on every spa's menu of offerings, and the starting point for other body treatments, such as body wraps. Exfoliation unclogs follicles and pores, improves the skin's texture and smoothes it, stimulates the skin's overall function and increases circulation, and allows for lotions, serums, essential oils, and moisturizers to penetrate deeper.Malinda McHenry demonstrates how to provide 2 types of exfoliation services: body microdermabrasion and a classic sugar body scrub. She covers all the steps from preparation to the finishing touches that your clients will love. Includes room and table set-up, supplies, available product types, client preparation, and benefits and contraindications.
24 Oct 2007
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