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Today on our Mahaloween edition of This Week in YouTube, Jay & Silent Bob, err...Leah D'Emilio and Lon Harris bring you some fun & frightening treats from YouTube, including clips from the Friday the 13th trailer, Scary Mary Poppins, why you should Trick or Treat early, Zombies and more. It's been said that the Mahalo office is haunted...hmmm...will the hosts make it to the end of the show? Watch and beware! Remember, we're watching YouTube so you don't have to! Muuauuuuuahahahahahahahahahahaha! Be sure to RATE & SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel: *******youtube****/mahalodotcom! Happy Mahaloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Visit *******mahalo**** for great Halloween ideas!
31 Oct 2008
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I am a Korean who lives in Cedar City, Utah. My favorite holiday in America is Halloween. I love carving pumpkins that contribute to the scary atmosphere of the already spooky night of Halloween. This year I made my third jack-o-lantern, which you will see on this video. Starting from 6 p.m., children started coming to our house to trick or treat. Our house was decorated in a scary way with skeletons, skulls and a bloody severed hand. Experience a frightening Halloween night in America through this video!
4 Nov 2009
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For Rene Garcia, trick or treating is better for kids now than for him.
21 Apr 2011
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Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy dress as fisherman as they join their fellow celebs taking their children trick or treating on the streets of Los Angeles.
1 Nov 2013
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Donald Duck sfx - Trick Or Treat
27 Sep 2017
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A Trick Or Treat Event in Halloween 2012 where Joseph W. Carrillo dressed up as Fox News as a publicity stunt and to show A-list Acting ability. -- Joseph Whitfield Carrillo (born June 11, 1989) is an American Singer-songwriter, and Actor from Santa Clara County, CA, who created the 2018 "Pop, A Cappella" LP album "Ultimate Celebrity Blackout" which went viral on social media sites. "Ultimate Celebrity Blackout" is about preventing media Blackouts and censorship while promoting free-speech and free-press. Carrillo has also released music videos which he starred in including "Don't Black Me Out" and "Don't Need School to be a Celebrity" he currently uploads videos on his YouTube channel about various topics including singing, and acting.
6 Mar 2019
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Make handing out candy fun on Halloween.
2 Nov 2007
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Beautiful halloween girls
29 Oct 2008
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An original classic style halloween type of a story. A story about a boy named oscar and the adventure he has on halloween night. This is my original work, you can link to it, but you can't play anywhere else.
31 Oct 2009
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Darth Vader sets off to hunt for Halloween candy
26 Nov 2008
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Halloween Treats can also be non-edible and be even more fun than the same old sugar-laced candy. See www.fitforafeast**** for Halloween Treat Bag ideas. So this year pack up some Halloween Treat bags full of cool and useful Halloween toys. Kids love these fun and useful gifts including pencils, erasers, rulers, craft kits, rings, colorful spiders, bouncing eyeballs and also mini-flashlights and reflective necklaces for safety, and halloween toothbrushes or toothebrush timers to counteract the All Hallows Suger Effect (ie. candy). You can always add some candy too. Happy Halloween 2009!
22 Sep 2009
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DrH8 Writes a song for the kids!
23 Jul 2010
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