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enjoy this short scene from the movie "Triple XxX".
8 Aug 2006
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* ***********/sexygal17 *A frantic montage of gymnastics' biggest, hardest and most spectacular stunts, moves and skills. Triple pikes, first time and new innovative creative tricks, Here in the anticipated sequel to PINEAPPLE, the United States versus the world. Beam up Marta Karoly, Carly Patterson, Stella Umeh, Svetlana Khorkina and Vanessa Atler. THY Biggest, stupidest, wickedest, most difficult, sexiest, most acrobatic, smartest, happiest, funniest, weirdest, best worst favourite scariest trippiest trippy odd popular perfect whipe out break fall smash crash collide ninja medley. Roundoff, back hand spring, whip back, full twisting step out, onodi, front handspring, bounder, fly spring, double front pike barani out, punch front full step out, roundoff, flip flop, arabian front tuck step out, aerial roundoff, whip, layout one and a half step out, roundoff, one armed back handspring, pike straddle side one and three quarter roll out, back handspring step out half out, roundoff, handspring layout step out, back walk over, back handspring stepout, layout full, double full, tripple full, back layout half step out, aerial front walk over, side aerial, rulfolva, back extension, handspring, handspring, full in, whip, double layout full out, whip, double twisting double layout, whip, full twisting triple back, headspring, side somi, cartwheel, gainer switch leg back handspring step out, full twisting layout step out, straddle leap, wolf jump full, straight jump double turn, punch spontaneous combustion. A circus is most commonly a traveling company of performers that may include acrobats, clowns, trained animals, hula hoopers and other fun acts and the word also describes the performance that they give. A circus is held in an oval or circular arena with tiered seating around its edge; in the case of traveling circuses this location is most often a large tent. The circus is thought to have had its origin in Ancient Rome, where the circus was an open-air stadium where chariot and horse races and other public exhibitions were held. In 1840 the equestrian Thomas Cooke returned to England from the United States, bringing with him a circus tent. Three important circus innovators were Italian Giuseppe Chiarini, and Frenchmen Louis Soullier and Jacques Tourniaire, whose early travelling circuses introduced the circus to Latin America, Australia, South East Asia, China, India, South Africa and Russia. Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of sequences of movements requiring physical strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, gracefulness, and kinesthetic awareness, such as handsprings, handstands, split leaps, aerials and cartwheels. It developed from beauty practices and fitness used by the ancient Greeks, including skills for mounting and dismounting a horse, and circus performance skills. Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of sequences of movements requiring physical strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, gracefulness, and kinesthetic awareness, such as handsprings, handstands, split leaps, aerials and cartwheels. It developed from beauty practices and fitness used by the ancient Greeks, including skills for mounting and dismounting a horse, and circus performance skills. Artistic Gymnastics is usually divided into Men's and Women's Gymnastics, each group doing different events; Men compete on Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and High Bar, while women compete on Vault, Uneven Bars, Beam, and Floor Exercise. In some countries, women at one time competed on the rings, high bar, and parallel bars (for example, in the 1950s in the USSR). Though routines performed on each event may be short, they are physically exhausting and push the gymnast's strength, flexibility, endurance and awareness to the limit. Traditionally, at the international level, competitions on the various apparatus consisted of two different performance categories: compulsory and optional. For the compulsory event, each gymnast performing on a specific apparatus executed the same required routine. At the optional level, the gymnast performed routines that he or she choreographed. Nowadays, each country may use compulsory and optional routines at their discretion in the training of young gymnasts. Pineapple. Betty Okino Oxsana Omielianchik vanessa atler vanessa ferrari ioannis melissanidis oxsana chusovitina world's oldest woman chris begay peeing peeing peeing marta karoly bella Sarah Scheunhage Carly Patterson Chelsea Memmel Beth Tweedle Elena Produnova Ludmilla Tourescheva Catalina Ponor Solid Potato Salad best of the biggest hardest first time 10 stick perfect amazing romania china canada us japan sweden france russia nadia comanici mary lou retton olga korbut funny bloopers accidents gymnastics acrobats acrobatics double triple stunt flip trick stick 10 skill perfect amazing most incredible insane strange new odd viral video
15 Mar 2007
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A triple back flip from the branch of a tree into a local swimming hole.
21 May 2007
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Perfect for those cool times when you don't need to look like the member of a mountaineering party, this full-length Women's Triple C Jacket from The North Face features 600-fill down insulation and plenty of refinements like a removable insulated hood....Read More...The notion of attending an outdoor ice sculpture contest or an outdoor hockey game always has some appeal until you sit or stand in one place for a half hour or more. Play it smart in your winter wonderland with this down-filled Women's Triple C Jacket from The North Face. With a removable insulated hood, the Triple C Jacket treats you right without making you look like you're part of a mountaineering party. Along the front you'll find a full-length front zipper with a snap closure to seal out any breezes. The Triple C also has an "Electronics acceptance system"--a term that The North Face uses to explain that this long coat is ready for your music player or cellular phone system. There's also an internal security pocket for holding important stuff like your hockey and ice sculpture ticket stubs--just in case you need to run out to find some hot liquid beverage refreshments. Highly water resistant 50-denier 2.1-oz., plain weave polyester shell fabric treated with a DWR finish Reinforced with 30-denier 1.69-oz. plain weave nylon treated with a DWR finish Soft 50-denier plain weave polyester lining on the inside Warm 600-fill down insulation Full-length zipper with snap center front closure Two zippered hand pockets Internal pocket for electronics (like your portable music player or cellular phone) Internal security pocket Insulated, fully adjustable and completely removable hood Weight: 14.5 oz. (410 g.)
14 Jun 2007
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The Triple Stacker, kinda like that burger from Wendy's. mmmmmmmm.... burgers. Me and my freinds were just chillin' in the pool and then i had a crazy headache with pics (an idea) so i grabbed the camera and my freinds did the Triple stacker, sadly im the video cause i had the fear of my balls gettin' squished and i really wanted kids, so i was the camera man, and im an awesome camera man!!! ENJOY
21 Jul 2007
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There can only be one king! Triple H returns to throw down with King Booker at Summer Slam 2007. Live on Pay-Per-View, August 26th from Continental Airlines Arena in E. Rutherford, New Jersey. For more info check out www.wwe****
20 Aug 2007
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First triple kickflip ive ever landed, i know its sketchy, but it was my first
21 Sep 2007
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Formerly known as the E500PTH, the SE530PTH uses Triple TruAcoustic Micro-Speakers to create an expansive soundstage. A dedicated tweeter ensures that highs and mids are incredibly accurate and detailed, while dedicated dual woofers provide balanced, full-bodied bass. The Push-To-Hear Control adjusts levels of external sound for maximum intelligibility. Evolved from personal monitor technology road-tested by pro musicians and fine-tuned by Shure engineers, the SE530PTH earphones deliver unparalleled acoustic accuracy. Triple TruAcoustic MicroSpeakers, one tweeter and dual woofers, deliver an expansive sound stage with full-bodied bass for an auditory experience rivaled only by live performances.
4 Oct 2007
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In this exclusive WWE**** interview, Triple H talks about his three title defense matches in one night at No Mercy, and how he will wear the gold once again.
9 Oct 2007
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Triple H take a vicious beating from Umaga and Randy Orton until and old friend comes to his aide. www.Wwespot.Com
30 Oct 2007
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The Triplet Baby Stroller from Baby Trend is simply one of the best value buys if you need a triple stroller. Watch this video to see the features, accessories and fold.
2 Nov 2007
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Knut tests out Alex's Speed Triple
17 Dec 2007
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