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Hailee Steinfeld talks about playing Mattie Ross in the Coen brothers new film
19 Apr 2012
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The Oscar winner talks about his amazing new performance in the Coen bros. Western and whether the Dude or "Starman" might return anytime soon.
19 Apr 2012
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Critique Blu-ray True Grit (2010) par Sébastien pour *******www.actualite-dvd****. Un film distribué par Paramount Pictures des frèes Coen avec Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Hailee Steinfeld, Barry Pepper, Josh Brolin et Paul Rae. Sortie en magasin le 7 juin 2011. Voici le synopsis : Lorsque son père est assassiné, une jeune fille de 14 ans nommée Mattie Ross se rend à Fort Smith, dans l'Arkansas, afin de retrouver le meurtrier - un certain Tom Chaney - et de le faire traduire devant la justice. Déterminée à l'abattre elle-même s'il n'est pas condamné, elle engage le marshall Rooster Cogburn, un alcoolique sans pitié, et insiste pour l'accompagner. Ils se rendent donc dans le territoire indien afin de poursuivre Chaney et sa bande. En route, ils font la rencontre du Ranger LaBoeuf, qui veut capturer Chaney pour le ramener au Texas où il est aussi recherché.
15 Jun 2011
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TWO REGULAR DUMBY"s one named MONTY but we only call him MONY cause he got high of E Bologna....E Bologna is an EXCEDRIN>...but it was one from the 60's looked like MDMA adam i got PLAY i raise perception you drink to get drunk i sober occasion.
4 Mar 2011
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BY MAURICE SCARBOROUGH You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy Films most beloved bald guy is ready to find a new home... The 2011 Academy Award nominations are in and Hollywood is already buzzing about who will take home film’s most coveted award. Among this year’s front-runners, “The King’s Speech” - taking in a whopping 12 nominations, including Best Picture. Fans of “The Social Network” will “like” the Facebook biopic’s 8 nominations - also including a best picture nod. Both films came out of the gates ahead of the pack at previous award shows leaving some to wonder if this will be a two horse race? (ABC) “In the leading, the shows that lead up to the Oscars, do we get when we’re filling out our cards for lets say an informal pool. Does that give us a hint as to what the Oscars will do necessarily or no?” “You have to think it does give you a hint, but remember a lot of those are critics. We don’t really know what the Academy thinks yet, and that’s what makes this moment so surprising.” As the Huffington Post points out - among this year’s usual suspects, were some surprise nominations. “The biggest surprise of the ... nominations was the love shown to two films... True Grit and Winter's Bone...Winter's Bone, a … film that earned ravishing critical response but barely caused a ripple outside of the arthouse circuit is the bigger surprise... True Grit is less of a surprise... [I]t's a damn good movie.” Another surprise - Christopher Nolan’s Best Director snub. Despite a Best Picture nomination, a writer for New York Magazine seems to think the Academy has no love for one of Hollywood’s top-dogs. “Maybe the Academy isn't as enamored of Christopher Nolan as we thought? Sure, Inception scored a Best Picture nomination, yet Nolan couldn't score a Best Director nod... Sorry, Chris: Your Oscar hopes were just a dream.” Movies tend to be about people who live under extraordinary circumstances, but as an analyst on CNN points out - some of this year’s nominees are leaving out the extras. “You’ll notice that a lot of actresses and supporting actresses, the big roles this year, have been mothers - In ‘The Kids are Alright’, I think Melissa Leo in ‘The Fighter’, we seem to be thinking about motherhood a lot at the moment in our movies, and the nominees are that. On the male side, a lot of the nominees are playing real characters.” Another observation from the nomination post show... this year’s awards aren’t just for the film snobs. (Livestream) “David seems like it’s gonna be a very, I hate to dumb it down, but a very fun Oscars because you have young actors, you have a lot of movies that the public has really seen and embraced this year, a lot of high grossing films that are going to be celebrated. That’s right, and I think that even the movies that weren’t the big summer blockbusters people are really connecting to. A lot of people have seen Black Swan and The Kings Speech, so I think a lot of people are going to be finding that they have movies to root for at this year’s Oscars.” So what do you think about the 2011 Academy Award Nominations? More snubs or more surprises? Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
28 Jan 2011
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We countdown the best films of 2010 and decide on the winner of the Totally Rad Award for Movies!
27 Dec 2010
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Transcript by Newsy BY BRICE SANDER You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy She’s nominated for The Fighter, and now she’s putting up a fight of her own. Actress Melissa Leo is taking the Oscar race into her own hands by running personal campaign ads inside industry publications. Every year, studios and production companies buy ads to convince Oscar voters to pick their movies in all categories. But as one blogger notes, actors, well, don’t. “Taking out a personal trade ad is quite unusual, and Oscar watchers often advise against it because it can make a nominee look desperate and egotistical.” The ads show Leo dressed up in faux fur, leaning toward the camera, with just the word “consider” running above her picture. But with the amount of buzz surrounding Leo’s role, Tampa’s WFLA says running these ads seems like a waste of time. “Oscar noms are out and there are a couple of choice performances that are being pegged as sure bets in a mighty unsure business (FLASH) Melissa Leo is a three-time winner already having nailed the Critic's Choice, Golden Globe and Screen Actor Guild's nods for actress in a supporting role.” HitFix points out- there are two extremes actors take when securing Oscar votes, and Leo’s ads might not be that big of a surprise after all… “Leo has always seemed a bit ‘off’ and it's one thing not to campaign as her co-star Christian Bale is successfully doing, but it's another thing to appear greedy or to want it too much.” But as Deadline Hollywood discovered, Leo’s campaign ads don’t have much to do with the Oscar race... “She explained the ads followed months of her frustration at not being able to land magazine covers, even with all the awards and attention for The Fighter. Leo is 50 years old and she attributes the media’s lack of interest to ageism and because of that and other factors she’s not considered ‘box office.’” Commentators discussed Leo and her fellow nominees on Good Day New York, claiming later-in-life success is all the press an actress needs… MARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS: “You look at how much attention Melissa Leo has gotten this year. And she’s been doing really consistent work for years and years, and been nominated before. But, now she’s cleaning up - she’s winning all these awards, and that’s put her on a different track and in a different category." JOHN ROTHKOPF: “It can change the complexion of a career entirely, like someone like Jacki Weaver who’s a very respected Australian actress, but has never been nominated for an Oscar. Now suddenly she can consider Hollywood Films.” Whatever the reasoning behind Leo’s ads, at least one person won’t hold them against her… “Look, it’s a dirty business, the Oscar race…The fact that anyone would judge her for that and withhold their vote for THAT reason is yet more fodder for the general conclusion that the Oscars are nothing more than a popularity contest.” So, what do you think? Are Leo’s campaign ads a brilliant PR move, or desperately bizarre? Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
8 Feb 2011
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A guide through the films nominated for Best Art Direction at the 83rd Academy Awards.
16 Feb 2011
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All work & no play makes Danny a dull boy. So play Guess the Movies with him at *******guessthemovies****/ and *******www.facebook****/PassThePopcornGame
26 Feb 2011
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Tongue-in-cheek musical tribute to the ten Best Picture Oscar nominees of 2010-2011, to the tune of Best Song nominee "I See the Light" from Tangled. Movie clips are copyrighted by their original production companies and presented here for parody, educational and tributary purposes.
7 Mar 2011
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Tongue-in-cheek musical tribute to the ten Best Picture Oscar nominees of 2010-2011, to the tune of Best Song nominee "I See the Light" from Tangled. Movie clips are copyrighted by their original production companies and presented here for parody, educational and tributary purposes.
28 Feb 2011
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BY JENNIFER MECKLES Your'e watching multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. For all you movie buffs out there -- what is the only thing better than watching the Oscars? How about watching adorable kids re-enact the nominees? THE KING'S SPEECH: (AOL) “Repeat after me. She sells...” “Shshshshshe sells” “She sells” “Shhhhshhhsh” “You’ll never be a good king in time for World War II!” AOL's series “The Kids Act Out” created a parody for five of the Best Picture nominations. These pint-sized actors playing out Oscar roles have gone viral. BLACK SWAN: (AOL) “I think I’m going crazy!” A writer for TIME really liked the Social Network parody, saying these characters best fit their role: “Unlike the original movie, where adults act like children, AOL's version... features children acting like adults acting like children... This video is serious proof that kids just make everything better.” SOCIAL NETWORK: (AOL) “Mark, we were best friends!” “Were!” “Admit it!” “You stole it!" “I disagree!” “Pay us!” “Facebook changed the world!” “We were best friends!” “Great snappy dialogue.” The best part of that video? Mashable says its all in the delivery: “...[Social Network’s] Aaron Sorkin’s dialogue is given a whole new dimension when uttered by a cast of folks who haven’t quite nailed the intricacies of enunciation yet.” And about that enunciation -- see how well the Fighter kids nail the Boston accent: THE FIGHTER (AOL) “One day you will be like your big brother.” “Dickey, get away from him!" “Stay outta this Charlene!” “You-ah noo-aat family!” [Unintelligible Boston Accents] “Stop, I just want to fight!” The Washington Post reaches out to the Academy -- urging it to consider the clips before making the big decision: “Academy voters: Do not -- I repeat, do not -- decide which film deserves the Oscar for Best Picture until you watch the videos... Because you haven't fully processed the meaning behind the nominated films until you've seen them summarized in clips... that star little kids.” … Like in this parody of 127 hours, where a mini James Franco sums up the whole movie in just one line: 127 HOURSE: (AOL) "This is gonna be gross.” Creative Loafing said: “Smilestimes for at least a week.” And MovieFone is just happy to have a viral video that doesn’t drive us all crazy. “This adorable Internet trend is one we hope never fades out.... If you ask us, these super-cute little ones give tremendous, maybe even Oscar-worthy, performances.” Finally, the Weekend Today hosts just couldn’t get enough of the cuties: MELISSA FRANCIS: "I can’t wait to see those two do the Black Swan, right? Jenna, I like that move, right?” JENNA WOLF: “‘Oh no!’ -- That was great acting, right? Not overacting at all! That is so cute, sooo cute. ‘You are my best friend.' So adorable!” We want to hear your Oscar predictions -- kiddie version or real -- weigh in, in the comments section. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos Get more multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
1 Mar 2011
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