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Steven Spielberg came to AFI in 1978 for a seminar with AFI Fellows. In this clip he talks about working with François Truffaut. CONNECT WITH AFI: *******AFI**** *******twitter****/AmericanFilm
28 Jul 2009
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*******videos.lainformacion****/arte-cultura-y-espectaculos/cine/truffaut-fantasia-arte-y-locura_W7kaDFhViuOyXa8j4GqgE/ Se cumplen 25 años de la muerte de Truffaut
21 Oct 2009
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”Deux de la vague” ist die Geschichte einer Freundschaft. Einer Freundschaft, die in so vielem die Geschichte des franzöischen Kinos und die Geburt der Nouvelle Vague verköpert. Jean-Luc Godard wurde 1930 geboren; Francois Truffaut zwei Jahre später. Die Liebe zum Film bringt die beiden zusammen als sie für das selbe Filmmagazin schreiben In den 1960ern unterstüzten sich die beiden gegenseitig wo immer es nur geht, begründen die Nouvelle Vague. 1968 kommt es dann zum Bruch aufgrund unterschiedlicher politischer und geschichtlicher Ansichten. Sie finden nie wieder zusammen ... Ein Dokumentarfilm von Emmanuel Laurent. Ab 28. April 2011 in Deutschland im Kino.
28 Apr 2011
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La Trampa del Bulevar presenta: QUI EST 'IN' QUI EST 'OUT' Cine francés 1959-1962 Muestra de cine León, México Café Bar Contrapunto (Av. Guanajuato 104, Jardines del Moral) Todos los lunes de enero 2009 a las 9 de la noche Entrada libre Lunes 5 de enero: "Los 400 Golpes" (Truffaut, 1959) Lunes 12 de enero: "Vivir su vida" (Godard, 1962) Lunes 19 de enero: "El año pasado en Marienbad" (Resnais, 1961) Lunes 26 de enero: "Zazie en el metro" (Louis Malle, 1960)
29 Dec 2008
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Release Date: 03/24/09 Gerard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve star as members of a French theater company living under the German occupation during World War II in Francois Truffaut's gripping, humanist character study. Against all odds--a Jewish theater manager in hiding; a leading man who's in the Resistance; increasingly restrictive Nazi oversight--the troupe believes the show must go on. Equal parts romance, historical tragedy, and even comedy, The Last Metro (Le dernier metro) is Truffaut's ultimate tribute to art overcoming adversity.
14 Apr 2009
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On Pnyx**** Retrospective "50 years Science Fiction". Selection 5/5: years 1960-1969 *******www.pnyx****/fr_fr/tags/50-ans-de-science-fiction/ 1-The Time Machine (1960) George Pál 2-Alphaville, une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution (1965) Jean-Luc Godard 3-Seconds (1966) John Frankenheimer 4-Fahrenheit 451 (1966) François Truffaut 5-Barbarella (1968) Roger Vadim 6-Planet of the Apes (1968) Franklin J. Schaffner 7-Night of the Living Dead (1968) George A. Romero 8-2001 A Space Odyssey (1968 ) Stanley Kubrick - Complete 50 years Science Fiction Retrospective: - 1/5 years 2000-2009 - 2/5 years 1990-1999 - 3/5 years 1980-1989 - 4/5 years 1970-1979 - 5/5 years 1960-1969 - Your Best Of, Your Opinion, … it's on Pnyx****
15 Jun 2010
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John of Best Movies by Farr recommends Francois Truffaut's "Shoot the Piano Player" as part of a month long tribute to this great French director. Based on the novel by David Goodis, "Player" is a brilliant tribute to film noir and the French New Wave.
9 Feb 2010
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Director: François Truffaut Cast: Charles Aznavour, Marie DuBois, Nicole Berger, top100foreignfilms.mirrorz****
17 Mar 2010
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Imbued throughout with Truffaut's infectious passion for the magic of cinema, this wise, witty blend of comedy and drama is arguably the most charming of all his films. The title alludes to how our belief in movie storytelling is dependent on all manner of deceits, and it’s that gulf between reality and illusion which Truffaut - here playing the director of a melodrama being shot at a studio in Nice - delights in exposing and exploring. As the production proceeds, it's the job of the director to keep the chaos of real life off-camera - be it a diva repeatedly fluffing her lines, a feline extra's feeding habits, or the tempestuous romanticism of an immature leading man (Truffaut regular Jean-Pierre Léaud). Though behind-the-scenes gags abound, they never distract from the emotional truths of a script that constantly acknowledges the roles played in our lives by fantasy, anxiety and desire. A superb cast perfectly embodies the fleeting joys and pitfalls of teamwork, and Georges Delerue’s soaring score echoes the exhilaration of fertile creativity.
20 Feb 2011
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“The 400 Blows:” the first film by François Truffaut is a French classic. My film review here, which is part of the Best of the Best movies edition of reviews: --------------------------------------- Be sure to check out all of my reviews on my site and subscribe on Youtube: ***********/user/TheCinematicCynic Check out my website: *******thecinematiccynic.weebly**** Follow/like me on Twitter & Facebook: ********twitter****/CinematicCynic ********www.facebook****/TheCinematicCynic Find my podcast on itunes using the words “The Cinematic Cynic” and watch episodes!!! ---------------------------------------------- The 400 Blows: ***********/title/tt0053198/ *******www.rottentomatoes****/m/400_blows/
21 Jun 2013
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*******www.myspace****/luomocheamavaledonne L’Uomo che amava le donne
7 Dec 2008
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The Love Grenades are a great indie band from California who create hooks that will stay in your head for days. Their video for Young Lovers is inspired by the French New Wave and would make even Truffaut proud.
17 Nov 2008
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Cast: Jean-Pierre Léaud, Claire Maurier, Albert Rémy, Director: François Truffaut. For more information on this film and other great films, please visit me at top100foreignfilms.mirrorz****
17 Mar 2010
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Amis depuis 1949, les réalisateurs Jean-Luc Godard et François Truffaut, deux des chefs de file de la Nouvelle Vague, ont vu leur complicité tourner à l'affrontement et à la haine aux lendemains des événements de mai 1968, surtout en raison de divergences artistiques et politiques. L'acteur Jean-Pierre Léaud, découvert par Truffaut qui en a fait son alter ego dans la série des "Antoine Doinel", a également beaucoup travaillé avec Godard dans les années 1960. Pris entre deux feux, il a subi les contrecoups de leur farouche rivalité.
12 Jan 2011
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Cena de Farenheit 451 (1966) - François Truffaut *******o-corte.blogspot****/
15 Aug 2011
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