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Showing you a compilation of pictures I found on Google Images
23 Dec 2007
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This Video show picture of talking face animated. you can have different view in diferent distance. Sorry for any typo error! Also have a good moral not to believe anything you see. but make a wide source to judge!
3 Jun 2008
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12 Mar 2018
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Dont trust your eyes. Its magic.
6 Jan 2009
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"How much do you trust your eyes? How can you be so sure that you do see everything?Todays scientists proved that we can never see the real matter. There are lots of documentary films, books and articles about it. "
13 Dec 2010
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*******ologyworld**** Learn how to do the Disappearing Dots trick featured in the latest Ology book Illusionology! Illusionology by Albert Schafer Can you trust your eyes? The newest discovery in the 'Ology series amazes and thrills as the closely guarded secrets of the illusionologists are revealed! Do you wonder how Harry Houdini performed his amazing escapes? Are you burning to learn the art of making a beautiful woman appear to levitate? Look closely, for the secrets of the world's most famous magicians and illusionists - from the ancient Egyptians through the early twentieth century "Handcuff King" himself - are contained within! More than a fascinating history of magic through the ages, Illusionology is an indispensable guide unveiling step-by-step instructions for more than twenty-five astonishing feats. Master the classic cups-and-ball illusion! Mesmerize your friends with mindreading card tricks! Along with sundry flaps and booklets, readers will find props for their own sleight of hand, including: - A magical "dematerializer" - A set of trick playing cards - A pair of "disappearing spot" paddles - A "levitating" card!
1 Mar 2012
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----- iTunes - ************/gb/album/glados-is-to-blame-single/id559606721 Bandcamp - *******harrycallaghan.bandcamp****/track/glados-is-to-blame ----- THIS IS APERTURE - ***********/watch?v=JZIVmKOdrBk IF I WERE A CORE - ***********/watch?v=4U RvUYINpo THE WHEATLEY SONG - ***********/watch?v=Di2wDDwxqHg ----- A Portal parody of Katie Melua's 'The Flood'. This was mostly made in Source Filmmaker and was actually the first thing I ever started with it. I've been working on it on and off for about a month and learning the SFM as I went along. Hopefully you like it. ;) ----- [UPDATE] - a lot of you complained about not being able to see the subtitles in the video. In hindsight, I should have made them slightly brighter to compensate for different displays, however if you are unable to see them, it is likely that your monitor is too dark. =) ----- Lyrics: Broken turrets get recycled, At least I hope I will! Sometimes we're thrown off the pathways! ...They thought that was their way home! They were wrong...I know. I'm not afraid of dying, I will be rebuilt, But Android Hell may be my prison, And my weapons may be gone... ...Back to where they came from... Blame! GLaDOS is to blame! As deadly as the toxic pools, Here comes the gas again! See that gun that you hold onto? Is it gonna save you when she sends the neurotoxin? How long can you hold your breath? Imagine if you let go... Blame! GLaDOS is to blame! As deadly as the toxic pools, Here comes the gas again! Run away! The gas will melt your brain! Head towards the light! Your freedom lies above! Don't trust your eyes, It's easy to believe them! Believe in your heart, That you can escape this prison! Don't speak your mind! She is always listening! Defend you life! And make it your only mission! Blame! GLaDOS is to blame! As deadly as the pools, Here comes the gas again! Blame! GLaDOS is to blame! As deadly as the toxic pools, Here comes the gas again! Ooooohhhhh.... ----- Music ¦ Vocals ¦ Video ¦ Animation ¦ Lyrics ***********/user/Harry101UK Original Song - Katie Melua ¦ 'The Flood' ***********/watch?v=4E4-9yKTv I ----- Follow me if you want: =) Facebook: *******www.facebook****/Harry101UK Twitter: *******www.twitter****/Harry101UK Tumblr: *******harrycallaghan.tumblr****/ -----
23 Mar 2013
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