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There are just some things which shouldn't even be attempted, like trying to explain what the hell is going on here.
21 Aug 2019
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28 Mar 2011
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I have had reoccurring dreams about Jim Carrey for 10 years. Here I try to explain why I think this may be happening.
12 Jul 2007
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People ask me all the time how I do video blogging. Here I try to explain the magic behind the revolution.
12 Jul 2007
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Nothing like recovering from a minor concussion, getting poor sleep, having to drive home in a snow storm for the first time, and then trying to explain that, "yeah, it was kinda hard to see with all that snow." (You'd think us Californians from the Bay Area have never seen snow on a windshield before). Grizzled snow storm veterans allege that you have to alternate A/C + heat/cold to "slush" the ice on the windshield to avoid "Decorative Wipers" syndrome.
7 Mar 2007
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He was the political advisor of former President Bill Clinton for his 1996 campaign and he is giving now his prognostics on the French presidential election. He said Mr Sarkozy is going to win and he tried to explain the “Bayrou” phenomenon.
12 Mar 2007
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I did walk on the street, when 2 cars crashed. I made a video about the next few minutes. Watch the guy, how he tries to explain to the policeman, what happened. There were no injuries, fortunately. (P.S. poor cars...)
2 Apr 2007
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First let's talk a little about the word "Gay".Here I see a trick of Antichrist system trying to explain that homosexuals are happy. Before all you have to answer the question" Why do we live?".The Antichrist will answer this as being happy with eating,drinking,travelling,shopping,consuming sleeping sex,drugs.The answer that has been given by religions is "to appreciate God'sexistence and pray him".( See my vid."QURAN(Koran,Kuran,Qu'raan) AS A GIFT TO HOMER SIMPSON BRO. ) That means in certain periods of the day you must pray to him to remember and keep alive the reality of his existence in your heart and brain.As you know if u eat and drink too much you will have many chronic diseases like Diabetes,Obesity,High cholesterol,high blood pressure etc.. .(Watch my vids How to quit smoking cigarette(unlawful in Islam) ,REFRESH&RECHARGE&RELAX WITH ISLAMIC NUTRITION 1 ,GETTING OVER CANCER ,Getting Over DM Type 2 - Part 3 ) If you do many tricks to gain money and buy big houses,cars,nice dresses,gold or other goods they will all stay herein this world after you die.Sex is also like this if you allow free sex after a time people will be bored and look for new pseudo tastes like homosexuality.The reason of sex is simply for new generations and you must not exaggerate it but simply do it in the legal way by marrying. So for detailed answers for coping with Antichrist watch my vids."WHO AND WHERE IS ANTICHRIST/DEJJAL/FALSE MESSIAH? ", "CAN WESTERN PAGAN IDOLS(MUSIC,TV,SOCCER,ETC)SATISFY HUMANS" and " WANTED = AC" / 10.000.000 US$ CASH REWARD" .and I know that I will receive a lot of swears so please watch my video"WHY DO AMERICANS/WESTERNS SWEAR?/IS'T A PART OF YOUR CULTURE?" on youtube. Now more concretely I see some musicians becoming gay or transsexual because they want to draw attention of masses and also music itself is a big reason for homosexuality..This easy way of gaining money and social position draws the to homosexuality because they have a big inner emptiness,Actually I think that even immortality is possible for rich people by organ transplantations and stem cell techniques but the world will finally end we shall all be judged.(Detailed info is on my vid.".IN OUR DAY IMMORTALITY IS ACTUALLY POSSIBLE .SO WHAT???!! ".).So if you don't have big desires and you are satisfied with your economical,social,racial,physical,sexual,ethnic being although all the people around you pull your leg you are the happiest, strongest and richest person of the world and you do not need to search hapiness in other especially strange ways.You can still do this although the capitalist Antichrist system is really very brute and it causes massacres like the recent Virginia Massacre or other massacres.See my vid." WHY!!! VIRGINIA MASSACRE&OTHER MASSACRES IN THE USA ". The concepts" sexual orientation,preference, suppressed homosexual feelings,born that way,genetic or hormonal desires,mental illness" are completely lies because you can see on Internet that people turned away from homosexuality, marry normally and have another reason for being homosexual/lesbian is because the lack of love in the capitalist Antichrist system and searching happiness in materialistic worldly things. The solution is as I told in the beginning to have to answer the question" Why do we live?".You can watch my vid" QUIT ALCOHOL,DRUGS,GAMBLING&ADULTERY BY SUFISM" which can be great help if you seriously live in the normal way being happy with your life and sex/gender. So my answer to this question is that Gays are nor gay /happy neither gay/ biologically homosexual from birth. (See my vid." AMERICANS ARE NOT IGNORANT,THEY'LL LEARN ISLAM"No subtitles" ") Best Regards Tags :lesbian Orchestral Manoeuvres Dark O.M.D OMD nagaehiro Enola 80's pride cinema paradiso Top Gun Tom Cruise quentin tarantino south park comedy naked jessica alba paris hilton sex tape spiderman superman Electric Six Bar Music Video hot blog fashion william sledd funny cute sexy adorable gap WmSledd now WilliamSledd Ask A Man : Closet Edition Only Eskimo Corky Juice Pigs Daniel Gonzales former homosexuals truth afa Exodus International exgay reparative therapy Nicolosi exodus boys robot Coulter military Rod Majors homophobia conservatives porn Matt Sanchez prostitute escort GOP Republicans NCAAemo boys kissing making out emo boys kissing making out
30 Aug 2007
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this is me trying to explain why i should be on the realworld.
11 Jun 2007
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Neat and CHEAP little science experiment to make clouds with hot water and a Dustoff can. Great for science teachers trying to explain basic chem and physics concepts on a tight budget (ie your department is too cheap to pay for liquid nitro).
22 Aug 2007
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An extract from the last episode of Weeds, season 1. Andy trys to explain geopolitics to Doug.
23 Aug 2007
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This video tutorial shows how to easily and simply hiding or "encoding" files in to a jpeg image. You need a jpeg image, any file, and any compressing software. I try to explain it the easiest way possible.
5 Sep 2007
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