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try to show off in front of girls..hahaha
19 Jun 2008
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These are a bunch of short clips of guys trying to show off their motorcycle riding skills but failing miserably.
20 Jul 2008
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Another kid trying to show off to his buddy. He is on a bicycle does a nice jump to start off the trick but his second more difficult jump falls a little short. His face luckily made it across though!
4 Aug 2008
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*******live.pirillo**** - Have you ever drawn one of those little flip books? I tried to show off my 'banana in a sand storm' creation, but I think it may have been lost on some of you. Thankfully, there's a great new App available for my iPhone to help me create some really cool flip things!
26 Nov 2010
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I was at home and bored. I was trying to show off the tan I had got from going to Florida for spring break. I dont really know how to dance, but I become the life of the party especially when Im drunk.
19 Oct 2008
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Trying to show off how cold it is. Clearly, I need more ice. Think they'd mind if I hosed down their parking lot?
16 Dec 2008
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An airhooker tries to show off his talent in floorball airhooking
21 May 2009
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*******www.motorcyclecrashes**** A Russian kid tries to show off his new ride to his friends. He probably should have practiced first.
21 Nov 2009
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See what happens when a hip hop poser tries to show off his Flux Deluxe move.
15 Apr 2010
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This dude tries to show off how cool he is by power sliding with his Audi r8 car in a relatively busy road. The result is a complete car wreck.
24 May 2017
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Guy tries to show off in front of friends by doing a 360-degree swing but ends up with a painful crash on to the nearby fence. Watch the painfully hilarious video here.
3 Aug 2017
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This is roleplay of Skyrim. Watch as you follow Lumina find her Uncle and try to show off her powers as a mage. I have a very long mod list, I don't know if I can get them all down Mods: Unofficial Skyrim Patch RaceCompatibillity ApachiiHair Lanterns of Skyrim RaceMenu RaceMenuPlugin IcePenguinWorldMap CharacterMakingExtended EnchancedCharacterEdit TheEyesofBeauty Brows KS Hairdos Weapons & Armor Fixes remade aMidianbom Skyforge Clothing & Clutter Fixes Battlemage Amour Book Covers Skyrim Alternate Start-Live Another Life JKs Skyrim Immersive Stables 2.0 Cloth Immersive Edition SkyUi Immersive Horses Immersive Sounds Wet and Cold and ashes Cloaks Immersive Armors v8 iHUD Navae Follower SofiaFollower Inido DanarielStombow ESO Altmer Armor Light Elven Armor AmazingFollowerTweaks Bags and Pouches UnreadBooksGlow Point the Way FantasySoundtrackProject REP_tattoes RealsticWaterTwo Skyrim Immersive Creatures Immersive Patrols II Immersive Citizens AI Hunterborn Better Harvesting 3DNPC 3dnpc Overhaul Sneakus Peekus Real Clouds Unique grasses Enhanced Lights Riverwood Hunter Cabin Battle Mage armor Realistic Needs Frostfall Campfire Forest Fantasy Overhaul Dark Fantasy Overhaul The honor Dead Better Free camera Climates of Tamriel HighRes TexturePack1 HighRes TexturePack2 HighRes TexturePack3
1 Oct 2017
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